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The Liver Flush Survey Results
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Explanations submitted by users who selected the next option:
1  Have you regretted doing liver flushes?
1 Yes, I regretted I started liver flushing. 37 of 1215 3%
1199  It was not what it said it was. Olive oil turns into what they call gallstones.    17 year ago  
1530  I had a very severe reaction to a liver flush. I was so ill I felt I needed to go to the emergency room. They were not sympathetic there. Afterwards I began having problems with eye floaters and I also got a severe yeast infection.    16 year ago  
2545  Liver Flush did not cure any problem. Like bloating /allergies and I continued to do them due to all the forum support. Finally stopped the insanity, when I collapsed in the bathroom. It was very scary.    16 year ago  
2555  I did a liver gallbladder cleanse without doing a parasite/colon cleanse first. The result was I passed about 60 gallstones and all the poisons along with it were dumped into my system and about a week later brown patches appeared on my cheeks and forehead and my skin erupted and was bad for about 4 months afterwards. I am still trying to get rid of the brown spots. I have tried meladerma - helped a little, downloaded the skin lightening report - it had some good tips - one of which was the blueberry jessner's peel which I have just done this week. I can see that it will be a gradual process but it does peel without leaving red marks behind. I hope to be brown spot free within 6 weeks. Apple cider vinegar and bentonite clay (liquid) applied topically have also helped with the red and brown marks and have cleared up my acne. I have been taking ACV internally along with olive oil and am now doing a colon cleanse for 8 days. I should be back on track soon!    16 year ago  
2622  I had several days of diarhoea!    16 year ago  
3632  The harshness of the mag. citrate (I had substituted this for epsom salts.) was too much for my body, and I developed a hemorrhoid from passing so many liquid stools.    15 year ago  
3667  Okay, I want to clarify that I regret doing the liver flush as suggested by Hulda Clark. I was in the hospital for a day because taking 4 tablespoons of Epsom Salt made me severely dehydrated and unbalanced my electrolytes (even though I did drink plenty of water).

However, even in the hospital I was actually feeling a lot better after the flush, so I decided that I would try it again but this time be careful about balancing electrolytes and use less Epsom Salt. I read the back of the Epsom salts that I purchased and they say not to exceed 1-6 teaspoons in 24 hours. Hulda Clark recommends 4 times that much in a 12 hour period. Here is my recommendation for anyone who decides to do a liver flush: DO YOUR FIRST FLUSH WITH NO MORE THAN 4 TEASPOONS OR EPSOM SALT NOT 4 TABLESPOONS. If you are okay with this amount, then you can slightly increase the dose for your next flush.

Also, anytime you do a liver flush, make sure that you replenish your body's electrolytes by eating natural foods high in NATURAL sodium and NATURAL potassium (do not take sodium and potassium supplements as these can be dangerous in high doses and may cause your body to rehydrate to quickly, if you take supplements take them in small doses spread out throughout the day).

I have done one more liver flush after the first one using a reduced dose of Epsom salts and making sure to get the proper nutrition before and after and I had no problems with the flush. If you follow my instructions for a modified flush you should have a safe and productive flush.    15 year ago
3927  I feel like my eczema has gotten worse ever since I did the liver flush. Not sure why since I have changed my diet and have also been exercising lightly.    14 year ago  
4167  I did my first liver flush recently. No stone went out. I felt quite sick for many days, and I now feel like my gallbladder is blocked (4 days after), I have all the symptoms of a blocked gallbladder, which I didn't have at all before the flush. I need to go to the hospital as soon as possible; Don't try this!    14 year ago  
4316  This is the dumbest home remedy I've ever tried. I should have known drinking a half a cup of olive oil after epsom salts on an empty stomach would make me sick as a dog. I really thought I was going to die. Could not stop throwing up. Would not recommend, even to my worst ennemy!    14 year ago  
4389  It made my already struggling body sicker. There are many other less invasive ways to clean the liver. Dehydration like that is not good for the body, period!    14 year ago  
4507  The liver flush was not worth the expense, discomfort, and post flush side effects. If you don't really really need to do it, don't. Once you start, you have to keep doing it. It can be a painful process.    13 year ago  
4640  I received information in the mail written by Loren Biser. This was his health bulletin no. 10 I think -which was a four to six page paper on doing the liver flush by a method recommended by Jim Dews. Mr. Dews produces some health giving supplements at the Dews Twenty First Products company & he is a biochemist. I had been having gall bladder pains so I was VERY interested in what Biser was saying about that liver flush protocol. The paper by Biser was mainly an interview with a woman chiropractor in Hawaii and was very convincing. She had been quite ill and was virtually bedridden until she had taken Mr. Biser's advice in an earlier news letter.

Then she had done a liver flush and had immediately felt much better! That interview sounded very true and I was convinced it was wholly accurate. Finally I bit the bullet and so did my mrs. We were astounded at all the liver stones that were released - especially in MY case. This was before we bought a digital camera and we were out of film so no photos were taken. When I awoke the morning after doing the first liver flush I felt absolutely great. but at first I could not imagine how the flush could have caused that great super feeling to occur. Later it was realized those stones WERE already out of my liver and gallbladder. But it was not realized then because no stones had yet been seen to leave the body.

Later the massive WAD of stones seen in the toilet when mine came out (on the second trip to the throne) was the size of a regulation SOFTBALL. After that I quickly began feeling MUCH MUCH better and my vision actually improved a lot!

When I would drive in darkness at about 4:30 a.m. I found the tail lights, stop lights and neon signs were now extremely brilliant. The colors were SO brilliant I could NOT even remember seeing such strong colors in my whole life. Probably that was because my liver had been damaged as a kid of about age eleven when I accidentaly drank a small amount of gasoline.

Later at work I then was suddenly able to recognize people who were 150 feet away in a large gallery at our company. Driving in rainy weather - I now could drive more quickly and with confidence because my vision was and surely my mental functioning had improved so much.

Also in the cars I would pass on the road it then became possible for me to tell things such as when a woman was wearing large earrings. All the other flushes I've done were also beneficial too. But the results of that first one were TERRIFIC.    13 year ago
4785  I woke up three hours after drinking the oil and grapefruit juice to throw it all up. The next day I feel worse than i did before. I feel stopped up and ill. The purple (bruising) around my eyes have gotten worse. Better yet those are not Gallbladder stones that are coming out. All you have to do is send them to a lab and you'll find out that it's just from the oil and acids.

I feel i have damaged my health by doing this and i'm pissed.    13 year ago
5081  I hadn't had a herpes outbreak in 20 YEARS until I tried a liver flush. I had a horrible time during the flush, had no positive results and no stones that people talk about. Had a really horrendous outbreak starting the day after the flush and continued to have them regularly for about 5 years afterward. I only have gotten things under control in the last 3 months or so.

   12 year ago
5377  I wish I read the opinions by actual medical doctors before I did these cleanses; however, I was desperate for help. Dispite what people claim about liver flushing and how it helped them - it is only a typical psychological reaction to such an ordeal and wishful thinking you can read about in any modern psychology text-book. The apparent gallstones are only reactions with the oil and juice that you drink NOT GALLSTONES. All I ask is that you research some skeptical views before submitting to such quakery.    12 year ago  
5689  The epsom salts were disgusting and I couldn't bring myself to take the last dose.
Otherwise I had no problem with the method. Drank a mixture of oil and grapefruit juice which I found perfectly palatable.
However absolutely no success ensued.    11 year ago
6105  i took fieldway bitter herbs im and it flushed out my medication causeing me to hallucinate    9 year ago  
6371  I survived only 3 out of 8 liver flushing. It was a very nasty experience . I wish I had done some reading before I got into doing it. I have been informing myself about the subject and will never try it again    7 year ago  
6607  I have lots of problems: depression, anxiety, headaches, tinnitus, interstitial cystitis, PCOS, acne, and a slight sensitivity to gluten. I thought this would help. It didn't, and I'm thoroughly disappointed.    3 year ago  

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