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Oil Swishing or Oil Pulling

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Can breastfeeding women do oilpulling? Will it be helpful in reducing preganacy weight and tummy?   12 year   0 answ.
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What oils cure what ailments? I've just started oil pulling and since I couldn't find sesame or sunflower oil at my local health store (I know what kind of store are they, but they were out of stock)so I picked up cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil after reading from others that also use this. Could someone please let me know what other oils my family or I should be using? We don't have any health problems accept one of my children has had mouth sores and this has seemed to have made them disappear, and my other child has acne. Should we be using other oils and if so what oils do what? THanks so much for your help!   12 year   0 answ.
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Is it okay to drink water just before oil pulling?   11 year   0 answ.
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Can I cure, treat or prevent bad breath by oil swishing?   11 year   0 answ.
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After about five days of oil pulling I suddenly developed a nagging pain in my left hip area, which I've never experienced before. Any possibility the pulling might be related to this pain? It's very odd   11 year   0 answ.
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Is it all right to use Cold pressed sesame oil that's been toasted to oil pull?(very lightly toasted! The color of the oil is the same as regular sesame oil...not dark) It barely tastes of toasting...but it's SO much more pleasant and when I spit it out, it's definitely turned white. Again...this is NOT the darkly colored sesame oil used for flavoring...but Cold Pressed Organic oil. Thanks so much fro your input!   11 year   0 answ.
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Why does oil pulling need to be done on an empty stomach. What happens if I do it 3 or 4 hours after supper (before going to bed)? ...and why? I'm a science teacher with eastern, holistic and western medical training, please be specific^.~ THANKS^.^   9 year   0 answ.
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I just started five days ago and I am using organic expeller pressed seasame oil. Is this ok to finish bottle or should I go to a different store and get cold pressed? Also, I read somewhere that it shouldn't be liquid form, is this true?   9 year   0 answ.
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Is there any reason other than a possible sick stomach that you have to pull on an empty stomach?   9 year   0 answ.
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How not to swallow the oil - I swallow saliva quite often?   4 year   0 answ.
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Hi I been using toasted sesame oil for 3weeks I heard its bad   4 year   0 answ.
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I been using toasted ss for 3weeks should I be worried? Help   4 year   0 answ.
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