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Master Cleanse

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Is it safe to do Master Cleanse / Lemonade Diet while breastfeeding?   12 year   0 answ.
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Can Master Cleanse help with elimination of eye floaters?   12 year   0 answ.
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Does the Master Cleanse have a lasting effect on your metabolism? Does it cause it to slow during and/or after the diet?   11 year   0 answ.
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When on the master cleanse, is it ok to do the salt water flush at night instead of the morning? Wondering why morning is the suggested time because the evening would be much better for someone who works during the day.   11 year   0 answ.
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Is MC dangerous for people who have problems with low bloodsugar ?   11 year   0 answ.
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Can you do a colonic before or during MC ?   11 year   0 answ.
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Can I use the SWF after the MC if I am constipated?   11 year   0 answ.
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Will I loose too much weight on a 28 day cleanse?   11 year   0 answ.
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Will my birth control pill still be effective during a cleanse? Is it a good idea to start the cleanse when I have my period, or will I be to depleted, I have a history of mild anemia.   11 year   0 answ.
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Is it necessary to do the whole 32 oz for the saltwater flush? I'm 5' tall with a very small build, and I can't drink that much of anything in one sitting. Will 1/2 or even 3/4 of the recipe be enough to flush out my system?   11 year   0 answ.
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I have gastric problems. Is it ok to to do the Master Cleanse diet?   10 year   0 answ.
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Will the metabolism slow down even if one is consuming at least 1300 calories a day from the drink?   10 year   0 answ.
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Can I add peppermint tea to the SWF to improve the taste?   10 year   0 answ.
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I am having surgery for hyperparathyroidism 6 days after I complete a 10 day cleanse. Is this safe?   10 year   0 answ.
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I have not had a regular bowel movement since I completed the Master Cleanse inOctober. I have to take a laxative to have a bowe movement. Is this normal.   10 year   0 answ.
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I wanted to do a gallbladder/Liver cleanse (1-2 day, not the long ones) then do the master cleanse... is that safe or is it too much cleansing?   9 year   0 answ.
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I started The Master Cleanse on Monday. Today is Wednesday. I realize there is to be no eating while on this diet and that one is to only consume the "Juice" and the salt water or laxative tea. However, each day I had a piece of toast one each day (3 days) (sourdough). After I realized I could have gone without. Either way I ate the toast and was wondering what to effects will be?   9 year   0 answ.
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DRINKERS!?i can stop for 10 days but would there be any serious reprocutions from drinkin alcohol after or am i basiclly starting over with a clean liver?   9 year   0 answ.
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I am starting the MC tomorrow. Is there anyone out there willing to give me some online support? I am a bit skeptical and afraid to be on such a restrictive fast.   9 year   0 answ.
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DAY 1 and 2 I had a severe headache and 2 days were great. First time cleansing...ever! Today my teeth started hurting. They are aching and are very sensitive...brought tears to my eyes when brushing them this morning....ever heard of this???   9 year   0 answ.
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when doing the MC can you make ice cubes (with purified water) and put them in a blender with the lemonade to make a slushie type drink? or is it best just to stick to the regular lemonade?   9 year   0 answ.
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I am on Wellbutrin for depression. I have gone off before and it is a dark you think it will prevent the desired results of the MC if I keep taking it during the cleanse?   9 year   0 answ.
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I was hit by a car about four months ago and had surgery to fix a compound fracture in my lower leg. Would it be safe to start the MC?   9 year   0 answ.
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I have a very high sensitivity to sugar- it makes me crave more and spikes and then drops my blood sugar- so it seems that the master cleanse would be a bad idea for me. At the same time, i like the idea of the cleanse and think it is a simple and cheap way to start cleansing. Any suggestions?   9 year   0 answ.
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I am on my 6th day of the MC and i have not had a bowel movement at all. Is that normal?   9 year   0 answ.
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i am allergic to orange juice and it says that when coming off the diet you need to drink orange juice, Is there a substitute i can use. please help.thank you.   9 year   0 answ.
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Can i take acne pills when Im on lemon juice diet   9 year   0 answ.
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I'd like to start the Master Cleanse, but I'm taking penicillin for a latent syphilis infection.. any limitation here?   9 year   0 answ.
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Can i do the MC if I have gastric? what sort of fruits can we eat during doing the MC?   9 year   0 answ.
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So, I've heard that one will experience extreme levels of fatigue during a fast of any sorts, and that it's best to get plenty of rest and not exert yourself. I'm a server, however, and constantly running around. I dont have the option to take off work for the sake of cleansing my body. Would I be safe to go ahead and fast reguardless?   9 year   0 answ.
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Should I drink the salt water flush every morning?   9 year   0 answ.
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Can children do the master cleanse diet?   9 year   0 answ.
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What will happen to my birth control on the master cleans. i get the shot. will it make it stop working? will i have to go and get a new shot when im done?   9 year   0 answ.
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I want to go on the master cleanse but i have a few challenges. I live in a landlocked Southern African country where I will not be able to get maple syrup or the salt specified for the cleanse (I may be able to get these products but at great expense which may outweigh the benefits). Can I substitute honey for maple syrup and refined iodised sea salt for the unrefined, non-iodised sea salt. It's been six months delaying the start of my master whilst I looked for these and nothing has been forthcoming. Many thanks.   9 year   0 answ.
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Is the Master Cleanse recommended if you have an issue with Candida?   9 year   0 answ.
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My 3 friends and I successfully completed our first 15 day master cleanse and are now very inspired to make an iphone application. We found one already but it's pretty awful and doesn't really stay true to Stanley Burrough's method. Do you think it's a good idea to make a really good app? If so, what would you like to see on it?   9 year   0 answ.
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Is it safe to do the Master Cleanse if suffering from Candida?   9 year   0 answ.
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I plan on doing the cleanse for maybe up to 40 days. I want to know if one can drink the laxative herb tea every night for the full 40 days?   9 year   0 answ.
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Is there a cure for eye floaters?   8 year   0 answ.
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Silly me - I should have put "can I substitute fresh chilli peppers (such as cayenne) for dried cayenne pepper", and "...contains NO caffeine" rather than " caffeine". (:\   8 year   0 answ.
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Is it safe to do Master Cleanse if i have acid reflux?   8 year   0 answ.
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Why does Master Cleanse make you constipate?   8 year   0 answ.
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This is my 3rd day on the master cleanse and im not sick yet how long does that take to happen I just want to make sure im doing everything right.   8 year   0 answ.
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When can we start the master cleanse again after the first cleanse? When can you start the second time?   8 year   0 answ.
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