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Meditation and Visualization
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While a discipline- one pointed concetration   by #65602   18 year 1 of 1 (100%)

may not take "a lifetime" to do an hour. Here's the short cut- get to a place where meditation has been taking place for many years- the air hums at a very slow vibration. Try your first meditation as a guided experience- with a leader taking you deeper inside yourself. One you find "the place" then it is easier to reproduce the place.

Once you are able to find the place, do your meditation with a group who is experienced or at least at a place of slow vibration hum, it will carress you into or lull you into the one pointed conciousness.

Develop a spiritual practice that includes a tribe or community so the group can bring you into the Oneness

It is the connection to the source. You are the source.
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