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O3 - Ozone Therapy: What is Ozone Therapy?
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Ozone provides a form of oxygen cancer therapy that has been widely used in Europe for many years. Ozone (O3) is a highly active form of oxygen. Because it has powerful antiviral properties, it has been used more widely in recent times as a treatment for AIDS. However, a number of practitioners and clinics continue to use ozone for an alternative cancer therapy.

In the body, ozone gives off O which kills viruses and bacteria. It also creates an oxygen-rich environment that may force cancer cells to shift from an anaerobic metabolism to an aerobic, or oxygen-based, metabolism. Ozone also produces molecular oxygen (O2), in the same way that hydrogen peroxide does.


Methods for administering ozone vary according to the disease and its severity.

Major Autohaemotherapy
Mixed with blood and introduced into the body intravenously.

Minor Autohaemotherapy
Mixed with the patient's blood and injected intramuscularly.

Ozonated Water
Mixed with water (ozone is 10 times more water soluble than oxygen) it is either used topically, as in a dentist's office, or drunk.

Ozone Sauna
Ozone is administered through skin exposed to Ozone inside Silicone box covering body.

Rectal Insufflation
Ozone is administered through the rectum.

Vaginal Insufflation
Ozone is administered through the Vagina.

Ozone Gel
Ozone in olive oil used to cure burns and wounds.

Ozone Bath
Taken for a specific period.

One of the most common forms of ozone therapy involves the withdrawal of about 50 to 100 ml of a patient's blood, by bubbling ozone through the blood and reinfusing the blood into the patient.

Rectal insufflation is another form of administration. In this approach a lubricated tube is placed into the rectum of the patient and then ozone gas is introduced into the patient's rectal cavity for thirty to sixty seconds.

Medical ozone therapy is recognized in Bulgaria, Cuba, Czech Republic, French, Germany, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Romania and Russia. It is currently used legally in 16 Nations. Eleven in the USA like AK, CO, GA, MN, NY, NC, OH, OK, OR, SC and WA have already passed access-type bills to ensure that alternative therapies are available to consumers. Physicians here can legally use it and other safe effective non-conventional treatments as an alternative treatment in their practice without being persecuted.

Efforts are also underway in CA, DE, FL, KY, NJ, MA, MO, VA and WY to pass similar legislation. The bill HR-1964/S1378 will provide greater access to our health freedoms allowed by our federal government.

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