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Juicing: Vegetable & Fruit juices
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When you don't feel well, stop eating and go to juices!   by #56153   19 year 5 of 5 (100%)

"When you don't feel well, stop eating and go to juices."

"Juices are like a blood transfusion. A glass of fruit and vegetable juice takes very little digestion, if any. It goes right into your body. We look at juices in the same way a doctor would look at an I.V It's something that can go right into your bloodstream." ~ Dr. Richard Schulze : Juice-Fasting

herbal_juicer_champion2.jpg (7858 bytes)What do I need?

You need a juicer and vegetables. That is all!

Each cup of juice may contain one, two ore few of the following:

FRESH Celery (root and greens),
ginger, garlic, cayenne
wheat grass, barley grass, dinkel grass
parsley (root and greens)
dark green vegetables
and any other vegetable / fruit

You can test the following combinations or create your own:
Carrots, parsley and celery
Carrots, cucumber and celery
Carrots, spinach and kale
Carrots, wheat grass and kale
Carrots and small amounts of garlic, onion and ginger
Tomato, cucumber parsley, Celery and broccoli
Tomato, green pepper, celery, cucumber, parsley and a bit of Sea Salt

herbal_juicer_wheat_grass.jpg (9819 bytes)Tips on Juicing

Rare is the person who can make fresh squeezed juices each and every time they are hungry during the day on a juice fasting, or liver or kidney cleanse.
This could mean making a batch of fresh squeezed juice 5-8 times a day or more. If your lifestyle is such that you can juice as often as 8 times a day for 7 consecutive days, then it is best to do so. However, if this is not an option, then a close second best alternative has been found from the teaching of Rev. George Malkmus in his Hallelujah Diet materials.

Decide how much volume of juice you can usually drink at one time to be satisfied - 8 oz. or 16 oz. This is important. Next, go to a regular grocery store that sells canning jars made by Kerr. There are other companies like Ball who also make canning jars, and that will certainly work, but we prefer the ones made by Kerr, if available. Buy at least 2 cases (12 jars per case) of the size jar that is best for you to use - 8 oz. or 16 oz. The cost is usually around $6.00 a case.

Here is the trick: you get all your juicing materials lined up to provide at least 3 quarts of juice. As you make juice, fill up each jar to the very top so that no more can be added. The liquid will actually form a slight dome shape at the top of the jar. Next, hold the disk sealer just over the top of the jar and press down. Some juice should squirt down the side of the jar. This is good as it means there is minimal amount of air trapped in the jar with your juice. Now screw on the sealing ring so that the disk is securely in place. As soon as you complete your juicing project place all the jars of juice in your refrigerator. Take each one out as you need it. In this way fruit juices will keep almost as fresh as actually fresh squeezed for up to 5 days in the refrigerator, and vegetable juices last up to 3 days.

With this recommendation you can do all of your juicing needed to last an entire day or even 2 or 3 days. Warning! Be certain to make enough each time! If the supply is supposed to last one day, make at least 3 quarts (12 - 8 ounce jars or 6 - 16 ounce jars). When away from your home, you can put your jars of juice in a one handed cooler with blue ice (refreezable ice packs) in it to keep the juice cold.

IMPORTANT NOTE: once you open a jar of juice, you must drink all of its contents within a few minutes. The reason is that prolonged exposure to the air will destroy the enzymes in the juice. Within 20 minutes the enzymes are all oxidized. This is why you must use jars in a size that allows you to drink the juice quickly without having to wait to drink the rest later. You cannot get away with using store bought juice for the same reason – the enzymes are not present. Capturing the all important enzymes can only be done by juicing and drinking immediately or by sealing the fresh squeezed juice in the canning jar with the above method.

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