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I have holes that run along the tonsils, food gets trapped in there and bacteria builds up. Is removal of tonsiles the only option?
Knowledge Base > Dentistry > Oral Surgery
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37 years old, had a tonsillectomy 5 days ago   by brendricky   10 year

I just had my tonsils removed 5 days ago. For the same reason. I called them tonsil rocks. They are horrible smelling and could always tell when one was ready to come out cause I could TASTE it, YUK. I came upon this site and thread when I googled a question about after having my tonsils removed. I do hope I do not get them anymore however, I see that some of you say you still get tonsil rocks even after removal of your tonsils? I sure hope I do not. Tonsil rocks are food and plaque that get caught in the pockets in your tonsils (not everyone has pockets in their tonsils, i called them holes, my dr called them pockets lol) well this food rots, and that is why you get the bad breath and taste in your mouth. And I can not see where it would be healthy to keep your tonsils if you have this problem like i did. I would get very large tonsil rocks, who knows if maybe some of my ailments are from getting ill from swallowing a rotten tonsil rock during the night? I also had a sore throat at least 6 times a year :( Yes the procedure was painful, but here i sit 5 days later and i just ate a croissant ;) (had been able to eat only Jello before today) Some of the scabs are coming off today, and i actually sound like an adult again. To those of you reading this thread trying to figure out what to do..... I'm glad i found this AFTER i had mine removed.

Good Luck!
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