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I have holes that run along the tonsils, food gets trapped in there and bacteria builds up. Is removal of tonsiles the only option?
Knowledge Base > Dentistry > Oral Surgery
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Tonsil food particles   by KSW   17 year 1 of 1 (100%)

I to have the same problem, not really knowing how bad my breath was until some very embrassing situations. I have not had my tonsils removed at this time, I have decided to follow a very intense hygene routine. I have a syringe with a flat tip that I use to spray out the tonsil area. I use a flash light to illuminate the area, and actually spray out both sides of the tonsils several times every other day. This appears to work for me. I have not had any embrassing situations with my breath, and I don't experience a foul taste when drinking water or at other times. I actually spray in, around, up and behind the tonsils. The particles usually flow from the hidden pockets. This is now just like the routine of brushing my teeth. If you decide to try it, I hope it works for you too.
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