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I have holes that run along the tonsils, food gets trapped in there and bacteria builds up. Is removal of tonsiles the only option?
Knowledge Base > Dentistry > Oral Surgery
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Had 'em removed   by mp06011999   13 year

I too had food particles getting stuck in my tonsils causing slight constant discomfort and bad breath. It was gross. It was years ago when I had really good insurance (remember those days?). So, I decided to remove the tonsils.

The doc told me that there was a slight chance that I could bleed to death as tonsillectomies were not as safe for adults as children. I was about 28. "Screw it", I said, "let's do it". I had been "milking" the food particles out of my tonsils for months. It was nasty, annoying and just generally not how I wanted to live the rest of my life.

Anyhow, as you can guess the surgery didn't kill me. I'm 41 and have not had a tonsil problem in years. God riddance to 'em. Didn't need 'em anyhow.

And, although I am no fan of dying, had it happened I would have been knocked out anyhow and never known it. We all gotta go sometime. Living with that crap was not an option....and I'm glad I did it.

How important is it to you? Only you know that answer...
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