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Why lab tests almost always come back negative in mercury toxic people?
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The implication that lab tests are almost always useless in mercury-toxic people is simply not true.

And it's also untrue that HAIR ANALYSES won't show any excretion of any mercury, if you're mercury-toxic.

Through local health food stores I ordered many hair analyses many times and in many cities. And ALL of my hair analyses were excellent. They detected even a heavy metal (titanium) in the sunscreen I was using at the time.

Medical labs ARE also able to measure a portion of your mercury load. What they CAN measure is the rate of excretion. And the rate of excretion is never zero in mercury-toxic people.

The rate of excretion depends on many things.

Your test results will ALSO depend on what kind of lab test it is. What I'd recommend is the 24-hour urine test.

The problem is NOT that the medical lab is unable to detect your mercury load.

The real problems are the arbitrarily established reference ranges. The problem is the LAB (that is their management team), because they arbitrarily decide what is "normal" and what is not.

For example, one lab may arbitrarily decide that, as to a 24-hour urine test, your rate of mercury excretion should be LESS than 160 mcg -- when, if you really think about it, anything more than ZERO should be a reason for concern.

A few years ago, with 6 or 8 Amalgam fillings and no fish or seafood on the menu, my medical lab detected 60 mcg Hg over 24 hours, in a 24-hour urine test.

A week later, right after replacing all of my Amalgam fillings, the lab thought something was wrong when they measured zero (0) mcg Hg in an identical 24-hour urine test.

The topic of medical labs is a fascinating subject because they have a tremendous power to influence your doctor. And, thanks to the typical medical lab, you can and will waste a lot of money on medical doctors who will have a convenient excuse. Thanks to the typical medical lab, MDs can conceal their ignorance, collect your $500, AND at the same dismiss you by saying, "The lab tests are negative!" See

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