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Why aren't all people cured after removal of amalgam fillings? Some even got worse!
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Again seemingly good, but in reality poor argument   by entrance_to_reality   18 year 2 of 3 (66%)

This is the common mistake people make: they expect to get cured after only removing their Amalgam fillings.

The fact that very few people get cured is used as an argument by healthcare workers when they're convincing people that dental Amalgam isn't dangerous. But the truth is that only removing your fillings isn't enough, not at all. It's not the mercury which is still inside the fillings that is hurting you. It's the one which has already leaked out and has already accumulated inside your body that is doing the damage. And that mercury stays there even after the removal of amalgam.

It is true that some people do get better after only removing their fillings, but this isn't the case for everybody (It depends on which parts mercury is accumulated in, and how hard the person's body is holding on to it.).

When I had my fillings removed, there was a slight improvement in some of my Fibromyalgia symptoms, but it made absolutely no difference in others.

The proof that only removing the source of exposure isn't enough, are again mercury mine workers and Minamata villagers.

Those mine workers who got sick, didn't get cured after they stopped going back to mine. In fact, doctors told them that mercury already caused permanent damage in them and they'll never get cured. They had to file for disability and retire.

And with those Minamata villagers who got sick was exactly the same. They also didn't get cured after they stopped consuming toxic fish. Their condition was also considered permanent, which you can check here

So can you see the inconsistency?!

When a person removes his dental Amalgam and doesn't get cured, then doctors use that as a proof that his condition isn't caused by mercury from fillings. But when mercury mine workers and Minamata villagers didn't improve, then doctors took that as a fact that mercury already caused permanent damage in them.

So how can they at the same time expect people to get healthy after only removing dental amalgam?!

Why is it not possible for mercury from fillings to cause permanent damage as well?!

You'll realize that amalgam dentistry and mainstream medicine always spin the truth the way it suits them. They just make a decision on something and that becomes a "scientific fact".

At first they decided that amalgam fillings don't leak mercury, and when it
became apparent they were wrong

then they changed their story and started saying that mercury does in did evaporate, but only in nontoxic amounts.

They came up with this ridiculous claim that proteins in saliva coat the surface of the fillings and prevent mercury from evaporating in excess amounts.
Another argument was that amalgam is very stable material and the amount that evaporates is insignificant, and too small to affect anyone.

But the reality is that mercury has actually affinity for proteins in saliva because it gets stuck to thiol groups. That's why you get even sicker if you take chelators while still having amalgam in your mouth. These chelators, which also contain thiol groups, get from the blood into your saliva and mobilize huge amounts of mercury from the surface of your fillings.

And another thing here is that World Health Organization determined there is no such thing as a safe level of mercury. You see, on one hand they're saying that even the smallest amounts are harmful, and on the other they claim that amounts which leak out of the fillings aren't dangerous. This is just another paradox.

And do you know that once amalgam fillings are removed from a person's mouth, they suddenly become toxic waste and must be handled properly. It's illegal for dentists to dispose them in waste basket, the environmental protection law says so. But dentists and doctors don't see these inconsistencies because they don't even think about them. They just blindly follow their books and keep on quoting the same lines over and over and over again.

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