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If amalgam fillings and vaccines were toxic, then everybody would be sick?
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Wrong Argument   by entrance_to_reality   18 year 2 of 2 (100%)

I always hear the argument that "if Amalgam fillings and vaccines really were toxic, then everybody would be sick".

But that's not the case and here is why. The half life of mercury in human blood varies a lot from person to person. Some people excrete it very fast, some very slow, and the rest are somewhere in between (This is determined by your genes).

In those people who don't excrete it fast enough, mercury slowly leaks from the blood inside the tissue cells where it gets stuck. And when enough of it eventually accumulates, then those people get sick (It's also important to know that mercury hurts you inside tissues a lot more than if it's in blood).

This is why one person can have full mouth of dental Amalgam and be perfectly healthy, and another one can be sick from just one filling. I myself had three Amalgam fillings and you wouldn't believe how sick I used to be.

Two examples of how some people excrete mercury faster than others are mercury mine workers and villagers of Minamata bay in Japan, who were consuming fish with very high mercury content. Not all of those people got sick even though they were exposed to the same environment. Only those were affected whose bodies were unable to clear the blood of mercury fast enough, and it therefore had time to accumulate inside the tissues.

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