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Does amalgam cause permanent damage in all people exposed?
Knowledge Base > Dentistry > Amalgam
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If you want to get cured, then you'll have to get mercury out   by entrance_to_reality   18 year 2 of 3 (66%)

Mainstream medicine claims that mercury mine workers and Minamata villagers got permanently damaged by mercury, but that's not true. Those people were just chronically poisoned, which means that mercury was still inside their bodies doing damage. It's exactly the same story with you, and if you want to get cured, then you'll have to get mercury out. However, that's not as easy as it sounds. There are many different mercury detox treatments out there, but none of them actually work. Those treatments use many different kinds of supplements, medications, chelators, gadgets, diets.

But they're all ineffective and many of them are actually very dangerous. They can even kill you or leave you confined to wheelchair.

If you search the internet, you will find people who claim those detox treatments are helping them, but that's actually not true. The reason why those people are getting better is because they had their fillings removed. Like I said, many do get better after only removing dental amalgam. Because when they do that, the concentration of mercury in their body starts to drop and it keeps on dropping for a long time.

That's why they are constantly getting better, and not because of those detox treatments which they are using. Their health would improve even if they weren't using anything. However, only removing dental Amalgam isn't enough for anybody.

Even if the person's condition does improve, he will still never get cured completely. This is the proof that all those mercury detox treatments out there don't work. And the reason why they don't work is because they don't actually remove mercury out of the body. They just mobilize it, stir it around, and then dump it again in the most sensitive tissues. That's also why they're so dangerous. Using therapies like that is a lot worse than using nothing at all. Even if they don't hurt you the first time, they might still do so later. They're like Russian roulette.

For example, check what intravenous DMPS treatment can do to you:

There are also other treatments out there which aren't dangerous, but that's only because they don't mobilize mercury at all.

The bottom line is that all so called mercury detox therapies are useless and you should stay away from them.

However, there is one exception!

Andy Cutler's mercury detoxification protocol!
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