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What are the common stages of water fasting and what occurs at various stages during the fast?
Knowledge Base > Therapies and Remedies > Fasting > Water Fasting
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Perseverance in fasting (especially water fasting   by #210329   8 year 3 of 4 (75%)

I've been battling for at least a year and a half with all three kinds of fasting. Managed 3 days dry fast, 18 out of 21 juice fasting and 7 days waterfasting before I cracked. Every "expert" says that the weakness and lack of energy together with brain fuddledness doesn't last, but in my experience it has never subsided, and the main reason I stopped was that I just couldn't function in my everyday life and in my relations with the "outside world"  meaning mainly others. One can't stay in bed for ever or feel like a Zombie and unable to do any thing. I am not fat , in fact already thinnish and haven't abused of junk food. Always liked veg and fruit.  The above dicussion had re motivated me to persevere. Thanks. It's the most complete explanation of symptomes that I've read so far!

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