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Muscle Response Testing
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If a person's muscle is weak when a sample of a food item is ...   by #56153   18 year 1 of 1 (100%)

Muscle response testing can be used to determine what every individual person may or may not tolerate. It is also called applied kinesiology, and most often tested muscles are muscles of the arms. Compatibility test is another name. You are tested for compatibility with different foods, medicines or tooth fillings.

You can even be tested for compatibility with a certain house, compatibility with a certain room, compatibility with a certain bed, and just about anything else. You can't test yourself. Testing must be done by an experienced practitioner of muscle response testing.

If person's muscle is weak when a sample of a food item or medication is held close to his/her body, that indicates intolerance. If you repeat testing for many different foods many times, you can get very reliable lists of foods that you tolerate.

It is sometimes enough just to thik intense about some food, and it may affect your muscles.

For this test to be reliable ... you must be tested by someone else.

Person doing testing must be very sensitive and experienced, and must not have any previous knowledge about your tolerance, in order to come with the most objective test results.

When tester determines to what degree you are able to tolerate (or not tolerate) the tested food or object, result is written down.

There could be 3 different results: Beneficial (+), Neutral (+-), Avoid (-)

In the end, there will be a list of all foods, and beside each food item that you have been tested for, there is a sign explaining what is your relationship with that food. Once test is finished, you are allowed to see the list.

List can sometimes surprise person tested.

If this kind of testing is repeated several times, in the end you will have a reliable list of foods that you can tolerate or that you should avoid.
If you are sick, you should emphasize on eating only "beneficial" foods, with some amount of "neutral" foods occasionally.
If you are healthy, you can eat both "beneficial" and "neutral" foods, and occasionally you may taste some of the "avoids".
If you want to get sick, you eat only "Avoids" food.
Beware that our tolerance to foods changes with time ... and it is smart to repeat testing at least once a year.

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