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I will not talk about smoking, drinking alcohol, or using other drugs. That is old story. Everyone knows that smoking, alcohol and drugs are harmful for health.  I will focus on the rest of the story.

We are all different, and because of that every diet must take in consideration our individual differences. We are living  different lives in different bodies and the only right diet is diet adjusted for each of us, for each day, and for each season. Every single person could have need for special individual cures and diet.  Some cures works only on very few people.

But still, we all have a lot in common, and there is a lot of things that are the same for all of us.  For all of us is beneficial to avid known toxins, harmful lifestyles, and harmful foods. For all of us is beneficial to have perfect digestion. For all of us is beneficial to be physically active and to live in non polluted environment.

This page contain most of those practices that will not only help you preventing cancer, but will also help you being almost perfectly healthy.

I learned that cancer could have a thousands of different risk factors.  But in the same time all the people I came across have had the same three causes, and those three causes I call the main causes of cancer:



All the people suffering of cancer and other 'incurable' diseases ( degenerative diseases ) are actually suffering of the same three causes, and those three causes are the main causes of cancer:

Those three causes are very connected and cause each other.

Diet deficient on essential nutrients is affecting biochemical processes inside our cells.

It is also affecting digestion and preventing internal natural detoxification.

Incomplete digestion is causing poor absorption of essential nutrients, and poorly digested food is containing toxic substances that our intestines absorb in our blood stream. 

Internal pollution is causing malfunction of our vital organs, is depleting minerals from our body and is interacting with biochemical processes inside our cells that are crucial for our health. 

Of course, we should not forget psychosomatic causes of cancer, like stress, depressions, fear, anger, sadness, melancholy ...  but when we address first three causes, our psychological problems are also cured.   Our body is able to cure itself if given right fuel.


We are much more prone to depressions, fear, anger, sadness, melancholy.. if we consume every day meat and sugar and industrially produced  foods and drinks and if we are deficient on omega3 and  omega6 fatty acids, and if we are deficient on vitamins.


99% of people with cancer are deficient from at least 3 of the next essential nutrients :

- omega 3 alpha-Linolenic fatty acid ( 95% are deficient )

- selenium ( 95 % are deficient)

- calcium

- magnesium

- Vitamins  A ( or beta carotene ), E, C, B17 laetrile, B complex, D, K  ( 95% are deficient )

- copper ( 90 % are deficient )

- germanium

- chromium

- vanadium

- tin

- zinc

Essential nutrients deficiency is very common between people who have no cancer. 


Parasites could cause malnutrition, incomplete digestion and internal pollution, three main cases of cancer,  but I do not believe that parasites are important cause of cancer in every single case of cancer.


One of the most important things to do is to exclude from your diet harmful foods and drinks.

If a meal that you are eating contain some toxins, it may take you all from 24 hours to 24 years to remove that toxin from you body.  

Food is our greatest contact with our environment.  99% of our body (by weight) is made of foods and drinks that we consume.  That's why foods and drinks are so important for our health.  They are building blocks of our health.




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