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Beating Breast Cancer With Nutrition

Anne Frahm


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Beating Breast Cancer With Nutrition - Anne Frahm

Laura Lee show


Ann Frahm: I was assured at that point that I had nothing to worry
about, so I went home greatly relieved but over the period of time of the
next 11 months I became in more and more pain to the point eventually where
I was not even able to roll over in bed.

Laura Lee. Did your chest hurt?

Ann Frahm. All over, mostly in my back. I would have these huge muscle
spasms that where just gripping and would just take my breath away.
Sometimes I would wake up 10 times a night. The tiniest twitch would set
off huge muscle spasms and I would actually wake up screaming. It was just

Laura Lee. That must have prompted you to go back to the doctor.

Ann Frahm. Many times. I kept going back and he seemed to think it was a
kidney infection somehow, and I got on six courses of antibiotics over
several months, I was seeing him for this, but of course nothing was working
and I finally was admitted to the hospital for a couple of days of testing
and found out to my shock that it was cancer, breast cancer that had already
spread throughout my body. I will never forget seeing a light board with
my skeleton displayed on it and seeing tumors covering my skull, my ribs,
my shoulder, my sternum. Virtually every vertabrae on my spine had tumors
on them. In one place it had actually eaten right through my spine, I had a
broken back, my pelvic bones had quarter size holes eaten through them.

Laura Lee. So this was a bone cancer.

Ann Frahm. It was breast cancer. That was where it metastasized, where
it spread.

Laura Lee. How long was it before the initial diagnoses of a cyst that
was harmless, not cancerous, to the time you knew you had cancer that had
spread all over your body?

Ann Frahm. Just 11 months.

Laura Lee. And could it have spread that quickly, or did this first Dr.
not pick
it up.

Ann Frahm. Well I think the initial small lump I had found was probably
the original site of it, and it spread from there. That tiny lump had turned
into the size of a golfball without me even knowing it.

Laura Lee. What did you do at that point?

Ann Frahm. Well, nothing can really prepare you for that. The first thing I
went through was shock, me and my husband. Then we let ourselves grieve that
I might die. I had two small children who where 7 and 10 at that time. I
really wasn’t ready to check out, so I decided I was going to fight, and
even though the doctor at that point didn’t expect me to live more than a
few more months. I decided I was going to make a go of it, and even if there
was one person out there who beat the odds, I was determined I was going to
go for it, and I went through at that point the only thing I knew how and
that was to do everything the doctor recommended, so I went through a
mastectomy immediately, went through chemotherapy. I got chemotherapy every
10 days for a year, and also in the beginning several weeks of radiation to
reduce some of those larger tumors so I could begin to walk again, and over
the course of about 9 months into that program that I became resistant to
one chemotherapy. They tried me on a couple of different kinds but my
cancer was growing back so quickly that my doctor said, well there is one
last hope for you and that is to do a bone marrow transplant.

Laura Lee. That’s where they kill all the bone marrow in your body and
then inject new marrow that goes back to the original bone marrow site
inside the bones.

Ann Frahm. I was donating my own bone marrow basically, but they give you
up to one hundred times of what you would normally get in one dose, of all
this chemotherapy. They saturate your body with it for a week, while you
are in isolation, and I spend 52 days in isolation, and I nearly died
there. My kidneys where 50 percent shut down. I quit breathing out of one
lung. Pneumonia. Covered from head to toe with fungus. I was a real mess.

Laura Lee. Why would fungus set in?

Ann Frahm. Well because of all the antibiotics I was on. I had three tubes
sticking out of my chest. Through one I was getting constant antibiotics
because they knew the slightest germ could kill me, with no white blood
cells, and I had around 100 blood transfusions over the course of the next
few months just to stay alive, well at the end of 52 days more tests,
and they came back in a couple of days and said we are very sorry but it
did not work for you, it is hopeless, and I was sent home to die at
that point. I still had no white blood cells, and was very weak after
going through all that for 52 days and you know, I think I would have
dispaired but I believe in God and knew
there was always hope, so, at that point someone sent me a book on the link
between nutrition and cancer, and I love to do research and began reading
everything I could on the subject and it made sense to me that all of us
have some cancer cells in our body, and it is our immune system that
constantly keeping that in check fighting those cells off. Well, somewhere
along the line my immune system had become so weak that cancer had been
allowed to thrive in my body, so what I wanted to do at that point was start
on an immune building program and I found myself a really good
nutritionist who was willing to guide me through that whole process, and so
I started on this program. I remember the day before I started I went
into my oncologist, and, at that point my cancer rate was doubling, it was
going up very quickly, and I said I am going to do this nutritional thing.

Laura Lee. You had nothing to lose.

Anne Frahm. Right, he assured me that my cancer had nothing to do with
nutrition. My cancer had nothing to do with nutrition, but I knew this was
a man who ate candy bars for lunch and sodas all day long, so I took that
with a grain of salt and five weeks later I came back to his office for my
next checkup and he was absolutely flabbergasted.

Laura Lee. You made that much improvement in five weeks?

Ann Frahm. There was no trace of cancer.

Laura Lee. Oh, come on, your cancer had disappeared? Within five weeks?

Ann Frahm. Yes he couldn’t believe it.

Laura Lee. All the chemotherapy and radiation and bone marrow transplant
in the world didn’t do anything to your cancer but,

Ann Frahm. It kept me alive long enough, I mean that’s what my oncologist
had told me from the beginning and I think this was a very enlightened man
in saying this but he said I can’t cure you but maybe I can keep you
alive long enough for you to cure yourself. Well, that was very
interesting. What he was doing was admitting that what he had to offer was
very limited and I was not to rely on him, you know, if I was going to beat
the odds.

Laura Lee. You can’t call medicine an exact science these days. We know
one out of three people have or will come down with cancer in their
lifetime. Of those only half are cured by the conventional means. That means
the other 50 % aren’t cured, they are in your shoes where the conventional
means just don’t make a difference. What were you doing in those five weeks

Anne Frahm. Well, it was a very intense program. I started out a two week
juice fast where I bought myself a juicer, and started juicing fresh
fruits and fresh vegetables. So, I was sometimes drinking juice on the hour
every hour, and I did that for a couple of reasons. First of all I needed to
clean out. A little spring cleaning I guess you could say. I was so toxic at
that point that during this process I was actually having chemotherapy
coming out of the pores of my skin. I could taste them on my tongue. They
would come out of the pores of my skin and my skin would hurt. Even to the
touch my skin would be hurting that much from the stuff coming out of me,
and the smell was terrible, I would have to take showers a couple times a
day, and I was doing enemas every day to remove this poison that was coming
out of me as quickly as possible. I also did something ---- coffee enemas in
particular once a day because I knew that it simulated the liver to start
producing bile, and so all the toxins that might have been stored in my
liver were coming out with the bile that was being produced, so I was doing
that every day. There was a few supplements that I took at that point, not
many because 40 percent of all cancer patients actually die of malnutrition.

Laura Lee. 40 percent of all cancer patients die of malnutrition?

Ann Frahm. Yes. So, at this point what I needed to do by drinking these
juices with lots of nutrients, and I was able to absorb it, so along with
that I took a handful of supplements. Not many in that first two week
period. I was taking some things along with my juices like vitamin C powder,
and I worked up to 16000 mg a day of that.

Laura Lee. 16000 mg, wow.

Ann Frahm. And a little bit of aged garlic, Kyolic, into my juice every
day, couple times a day, because now they know that Kyolic has an anti
tumor affect in the body, it is amazing I think.

Laura Lee. They have done amazing studies on garlic.

Anne Frahm. I also took a green drink every day. I wanted to make sure I
was getting lots of chlorophyll and my nutritionist had me start with that
Kyo green because I could mix it with my juice and it was rich in
wheatgrass, barley green, all these good kinds of chlorella and chlorophyll
which actually have an anti tumor effect again, so these things were
actually helping my body fight the cancer. I was rebuilding my immune
system to fight the cancer like it should have been all along. After the
first two weeks I went into a rebuilding program where I was doing about 80
percent of fresh raw fruits and raw vegetables every day, and then about 20
percent raw grains. There were certain foods I had to avoid because it
was actually feeding my cancer.

Laura Lee. What foods were those?

Anne Frahm. Well, one of those was sugar and they know that even small
amounts of sugar reduce our immune system capability by up to 5o percent,
and I could not afford to have a weakened immune system. I also had to
avoid meat and dairy products. Now that was hard for me to change that in
my life because I grew up in Iowa. My brother still runs a hog farm there
and I lived in Wisconsin, the dairy capital of the world for nine years so
I literally had meat and dairy in my system, but these foods, the meat and
dairy in particular. The meat and dairy were very acid producing in the
body. all foods burn down to an alkaline or acid ash in the body. I think
the closer you get to death the more acidic your pH level becomes and a
healthy body is more alkaline, and I was way to acidic at this point. What I
needed to do by eating fresh raw fruits and vegetables, those are very
alkaline producing foods, but the meat and dairy are very acid producing,
so, that is one of the reasons why I wanted to avoid that. It was also all
the production chemicals which I had seen with my own eyes that go into the
feed and so forth.

Laura Lee. What kind of production chemicals are we talking about?

Anne Frahm. We are talking about pesticides, herbicides, also I was getting
hormones. Breast cancer is very hormone related, so I was getting that in
the milk products and the meat.

Laura Lee. The hormones fed to the cattle?

Anne Frahm. Right to keep the cattle lactating. To keep the cows putting
on more weight and so forth, that’s why they give them these things. It is
very hard for the body to break down the meat and milk. My body could not
handle the concentrated protein. Any processed food for all the chemicals
involved. Certain fats I had to avoid and certainly I had to eat a low fat
diet at this point.

Laura Lee. So you did that for two weeks of your fasting on juice, and
two weeks of rebuilding, what did you do for the fifth week?

Ann Frahm. Well that’s when I found out, actually I continued eating this

Laura Lee. It was in five weeks from the time you were sent home to die
that you went back to your doctor and he couldn’t find any cancer in your

Anne Frahm. Right, I was even surprised that anything could happen that
fast. I knew I was starting to feel better but I was amazed too.

Laura Lee. And so how long has it been. Do you get regular checkups?

Anne Frahm. I sure do. It has been 3 and a half years cancer free. I
just went in and had more tests taken and they were better than ever. The
oncologist says I get better every time I come in his door. He is just

Laura Lee. You would think some of these oncologists would then be
prescribing to their patients, you know, continue with the traditional
standard therapy but also you do have a choice as to what you eat and don’t
eat, and the kind of immune system boosters that you participate in. Wouldn’
t you think more doctors would be going ---here are some supplemental
activities you can be doing?

Anne Frahm. Well I think there are some doctors out there who are starting
to lean that way. My doctors reaction would be--- well it happened with her
but that was just a fluke and, you known, even though he admitted it had to
be your diet or divine intervention. We said both, but you known,
serendipity is what he called it.

Laura Lee. How could your immune system that was so devastated by all the
chemotherapy and the bone marrow transplant. How could your immune system
make such a comeback? Were you tested after five weeks? Do you still have
holes in your pelvic bones and your spine?

Anne Frahm. Yes, the bones all grew back. Now certainly after a year and
a half of all that chemotherapy and radiation I still have a lot of
damage from that but I am gradually seeing more and more improvement each
time and even though I was able to get rid of the cancer in five weeks, to
go through something like that and come out Scott free, so their are things
I am still working on but you know I just continue to see improvement. I
have so much more energy. I am 40 years old now, I have a lot more energy
then when I was 20. I don’t get as sick as often. The family has changed
their diet too and they have got rid of a lot of chronic things too.

? Health Quarters, PO Box 62130, Colorado Springs, CO 80962, USA. Tel: 001
719 593 8694. Fax ---488 1196. Anne Frahm advice & support centre.
Apart from changing her diet (vegetarian, Hay diet)she adopted
detoxification methods, juicing, supplements of Vitamin A (emulsified to
increase intake), beta-carotine, B-Complex, vitamin C (at one time 50 grams
IV once a week), vitamin E (emulsified), Minerals (copper, magnesium, zinc,
selenium), EPA-DHA (fish oil), Glutathione, fiber cleanse, melaleucas oil,
green-drink (chlorella, blue-gree algae, wheat grass, brown rice, kelp),
garlic (Kyolic), desiccated liver, pancreatic enzymes.


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