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About Jaundice


Abnormal accumulation of bilirubin pigment in the blood resulting in lightening of the stool. darkening of the urine. or change in pigmentation. Jaundice is best observed in the sclera since elastin in the sclera binds bilirubin.

Normal bilirubin level<1 mg/dl
Jaundice = 2.5 mg/dl. usually observable depending on pigmentation of the individual.

Sources of Bilirubin

85% from the breakdown of old RBCs-the normal RBC survives 120 days, so every day 1/120 of your blood is turning over each day.

15%from other heme-containign enzymes, cytochromes, myoglobin, and immature RBCs in the marrow that get aborted prematurely (ineffective hematopolesis).
RBCs are degraded in the reticulo-endothelial system, typically the spleen.

The steps in the subsequent metabolism of the hemoglobin are:

Globulin fraction is removed from hemoglobin, leaving heme.

Heme oxygenase: Heme------->biliverdin

Biliverdin reductase: Biliverdin------> bilirubin
The bilirubin must now be transported from the RE system to the liver. Bilirubin enters the blood but is in the unconjugated (water insoluble) form. Therefore, it must bind to album in ordered to be carried by the blood.

At the level of the hepatocyte, metabolism occurs in three stages:

Transfer to the intracellular compartment. which involves freeing of bilirubin from albumin.

Transfer to one of 2 intracellular binding proteins called ligandins, which transport bilirubin to the ER.

Transfer of glucuronic acid residues to the bilirubin via glucuronyltransferase. The resulting bilirubin diglucuronide is more polar and water soluble and therefore can now be secreted into the bile.
In the setting of decreased outflow, one gets regurgitaion of conjugated and unconjugated bilirubin into the blood -----> jaundice.

Secretation into the bile is the rate limiting step to this process and is usually the problem in many clinical states.

Bile is dumped into the small bowel. The conjugated bilirubin is not absorped by the mucusa. because of its polarity. As conjugated bilirubin passes through the intestine, bacteria deconjugate and reduce some of the bilirubin to urobilinogens. 80% of the urobilinogens are excreted into the stool, and the rest is reabsorbed back into the enterohepatic circulation or go to the kidneys to be excreted with the urine. The goal is to excrete bilirubin which is a waste product of hemoglobin metabolism."

Conjugated Hyperbilirubinemia

Most common and clinically important

Defect is at the level of excretion of bilirubin either intrahepatically or extrahepatically

-- Three types of illness that can cause conjugated hyperbilirubinemia:

Hepatocellular disease (hepatocyte injury or necrosis)

Intrahepatic cholestasis (selective involvement of excretory mechanisms) = "medical jaundice"

Intrahepatic cholestasis (obstruction)="surgical jaundice"

Extrahepatic Cholestasis
True anatomical obstructive jaundice

-- Cholechodolithiasis: Stone in common bile duct
-- Malignacy
-- Post-op strictures
-- Ampullary stenosis
-- Sclerosing cholangitis-idiopathic condition characterized by stricturing of biliary tree: an inflammatory response in bile ducts; associated with ulcerative colitis.

This  Jaundice Prevention and/or Curing Protocol is for people who are ready to take the full responsibility for their own health.

"The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it."
Chinese Proverb.

The protocol incorporates lifestyle change, and implements healthy diet, body cleansing, exercises and different traditional and natural therapies. Protocol contains links to other pages that give detail explanation for each part of this program. Please, follow the links, to fully understand all the words. Remember: There is always something that can be done! The first thing to do is to change your mood. If you are depressed, if you are unhappy, you can not be healthy. Advice: start with the Laughing cure!

Laughing provides us with the natural inner massage, and through change of mood it can account for up to 30% of cure!


The Jaundice Cause

To understand The Jaundice Prevention and Curing Protocol, you should first get familiar with The Jaundice Cause

Now, I assume that you know something about what is causing Jaundice, so we can continue with the Jaundice program.

Jaundice Diet

Let's start with most simple part of this program: Jaundice diet. When it comes to diet, it is very important to avoid eating  Toxins  and   Foods that Kill. Please follow those links and learn what are The Toxins I am talking about and what are those  " Foods that Kill". Now, important part of your diet should also be  Water Cure.  Please, become familiar with  Water Cure. Your Diet should contain: Foods That Heal, Vegetable juicesFats that HealUnrefined Sea Salt. Also, try to understand food tolerance. You can not find the right Jaundice diet, unless you fully understand and learn about food tolerance.

Take some time to implement and learn all what you have read here, and then continue reading further.

Body Cleansing (Jaundice)

Now, let's start with body cleansing. Body cleansing is extremely important part of every prevention and curing program. You are guessing: "Dietary changes you made are also a form of cleansing." But, most people need more then this, especially when it comes to liver health. Body Cleansing is even important for children. Our internal organs can hold a lot toxins, and sometimes, it is impossible to get those toxins out, without doing cleansing. Our liver can contain hundreds of intrahepatic stones. Those stones will block bile flow, and affect the bases of your health, your digestion. Another problem are parasites. You must learn as much as possible about parasites. And, don't forget also dental toxins.

Let start with cleansing program. You are suppose to do cleansing in this order:

  1. Bowel cleanse with parasite cleanse
  2. Dental cleanup (if you can afford it)
  3. Kidney Cleanse and
  4. Liver cleanse.

Body Cleansing for Adults:

  1. Bowel cleanse and Parasite cleanse !
  2. Dental cleanup - dental work may be one cofactor of your disease: amalgam, root canal, nickel crowns, cavitations (pocket inside jaw bone left after extraction of the wisdom and molar teeth )
  3. Kidney cleanse
  4. Liver cleanse and Gallbladder cleanse -liver flush!

Make sure you visit those pages and get more info. Dental cleanup can take many years. If you have a lot of dental metal, do not rush to replace it all at once.
Bowel cleanse should be done at least once a year.
Liver cleanse is a procedure that, for best results, should be repeated at least 6 - 10 times, every 2 or 3 weeks.
Kidney cleanse is simple and cheap, many herbs can be used to cleanse kidneys. If you have no kidney stones, even Water Cure could be enough!

Body Cleansing for kids:

  1. Parasites cleanse

  2. Dental cleanup .. Kids older then 8 may need dental cleanup (amalgam) and liver cleanse:

  3. Liver Cleanse - flush

Physical Activity (Jaundice)

Physical Activity helps cleansing, it brings balance and relieves stress.
Psycho-physical activities will help you balance your body and will help you relief accumulated stress.  You will have to find a form of  exercise that suit you. I will just give you a few examples:

Mini Trampoline jumping - rebounding!
Walk or jog in the nature : Forest, Mountain , river /   sea / lake side, beach ... fishing, photo-safari, rowing, riding, golf, ...

Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Meditation ...
Yoga - Hatha, Meditation, Chinese Yoga ... 
Martial Arts: Karate, Judo, Kung Fu, Teakwood, Budokai, Uechi, Aikido ... 
Dancing, Aerobics, Gymnastics, Stretching ...
Swimming in non-chlorinated water !  ( Best in minerals rich water - Ocean ! )
Weight lifting,  ....

Do not exhaust yourself !

Do not exercise with full stomach !  (You may take a walk!)

Do not hurt yourself !

Sweating (Jaundice)

Sweating is powerful way to cleanse your body from accumulated toxins.
- exercise with a lot of clothes
- Sauna
- drink warm tea in a hot room ...
- eat CAYENNE pepper! ...

It is known that some modern industrial toxins and pesticides can leave your body only through sweat glands!

Psychotherapy and Spiritual Therapy

Human body is not just this what we can se. There is more to it. To treat other level of us, to treat soul and to treat mind and unconscious parts of us, I suggest you Hellinger's therapy.

Get in Touch

If you have questions, or if you would like to get in touch with people who are dealing with same problems, then you should visit Public Discussion Board.

There, you can read messages, ask questions and give answers.

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