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   Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1999 00:17:34 EST
   From: Jomma@aol.com
Subject: Re: Re: Cleanses really eliminating stones?

Hi all,
Just a note about my experiences.  I have had tons of bowel problems....and
have been shrugged off by most doctors as "Crohns Disease" or "Irritable
Bowel Syndrome", both of which have no cure and very little help available.
I also had a terrible endocrine disorder, a borderline diabetic state
(resulting in Polycystic ovaries), lowered immunity......etc.  I researched
so many things and tried so many remendies....the best one, was the day I
gave up sugar.  If there is a thing such as a sugar allergy, I must have it.
 Regardless, I have had liver pain and yellowness of the skin on and off.
One ultrasound showed no stones.  HOWEVER, my brother had terrible pain
(thought he was dieing) and went to the hospital on three occasions. All
three times they told him his gallbladder was fine.  The fourth time he
refused to leave until they found out what was wrong with him or put him out
of his misery.
His internist came did a fourth ultrasound and asked when he had his
gallbladder removed.  When he said he hadn't, they operated immediately.
gallbladder's blood supply had been cut off by massive stones and shriveled
up to nothing.

Some dependable ultrasound.

Also, I did three cleanses and never got anything out.  Frustrated, I was
lead to Julia and her wondrous Gold Coin Grass (however, apple juice all day
works well too!)
A congested liver packed with stones or debris will not eliminate stones.
This is important! I ate on apple products all day.  I drank tons of apple
AND the first time I took the epson salts I passed stones! This was even
before I drank the oil concoction.  The next morning I passed even more and
felt GREAT!
So, if the diet and cleanse are to blame...I am here to tell you , it is not
the oil, because I passed stones before I even drank the oil and

Just my two or three cents,