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   Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999 16:50:42 -0400
   From: "dan davis" 
Subject: Introduction

Hello everyone,

I am new to the list and would like to introduce myself.  My name is Janice,
and I have been diagnosed with UC for 4 years now. The disease began with
mild (proctitis), self-limiting symptoms, which didn't really disrupt my
life much. In Feb. '98, after beginning a course of antibiotics, the disease
became much worse, and I ended up with full-blown pan colitis. I was
hospitalized twice in 3 months, received blood transfusions, and was
extremely miserable and fearful of where this experience would end.

There is a book called "Breaking The Vicious Cycle", that I had repeatedly
seen in the book stores while I was browsing. The author claims that if her
diet is followed strictly for at least a couple of years, people suffering
from Crohn's, Colitis, Celiac's, and other intestinal disorders can become
symptom-free...and stay that way indefinitely.

I was skeptical, but ended up buying the book a year or so before becoming
extremely ill. I tried to follow the diet at that time, but failed. I think
it was because of a combination of things. I could not withstand the
skepticism of those around me, and all the eye-rolling and negative remarks
that made me feel foolish for thinking that something as simple as a diet
could help me. Also, my doctor certainly thought the whole thing was a hoax,
and he recommended against it. The other reason I think that I could not
continue to follow the diet was because I WASN'T SICK ENOUGH!!! I felt
pretty good, didn't need any meds, and had no idea how horrible and
devastating this disease could be...and would be for me in the near future.

So,about a year later I found myself desperately ill, unable to look after
myself or my family, and I finally found the motivation to begin the diet
seriously and stick to it strictly. I did not know whether or not it would
work, but figured that if I ended up having to face surgery, I didn't want
to be wondering whether or not I could have avoided it, and saved my colon
if only I had given the diet a serious try.

I felt that trying the diet was very low risk. A couple of very
well-respected GIs had reviewed it and although they did not endorse it
(they said that they felt it needed to be studied under controlled
conditions before it could be recommended), they had admitted that it was a
balanced, palatable diet. They published a review of "Breaking The Vicious
Cycle", in the Canadian Journal of Gastroenterology.

So, I followed the diet. I still suffered horribly for the first 4 months
that I was on the diet. After that, my bowel began to heal, and I found
myself feeling more and more incredibly well, energetic, better than I'd
felt in many years (even pre-UC.) Six months after beginning the diet, my GI
told me that my colon looked NORMAL. It has looked that way for the past

Just wanted to pass on my experience to others who might benefit from it.
The incredible part about this diet is that it is only a diet. There is no
magic supplement, or secret ingredient that someone is making tons of money
on. It's just a matter of feeding yourself good food, and putting an end to
consuming harmful stuff that most of us eat on a daily basis.

There are many others who have regained their health after following this
diet as well. Nine months after beginning the diet, I found the SCD list on
the internet, where there are about 250 others sharing information, and
support to newcomers, and many success stories.

Best regards,

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