Health & Beyond Weekly by Chet Day


Reports from the recently concluded 21 Days to Health & Beyond
program continue to come in. Here's a sample from Donna M. of
what you can expect if you put your mind and body through this
life-changing period of three weeks:

Dear Chet

Since completely quitting dairy products in May (even casein
and whey in things like spaghetti sauce) my 11-day menstrual
periods (complete with flow so heavy I couldn't leave the
bathroom for hours at a time, never mind leave the house) are
down to FOUR days with only moderate flow. They dropped by a
couple of days a month over the summer!

Following this 21-day program was the final "kick" my body
needed to get it to only four days long. I'm amazed!
My periods have been 7-11 days long since 1971, except for one
other time in my life when I cleaned up my diet and ate all rawfor two

Another dairy-free triumph: I can hum and sing now without
clearing my throat. I love to sing in the car, but was always
annoyed because I seemed clogged with mucus. Not ever badly,but
just enough to never be able to reach the high notes. Now my
voice is clear as a bell after 41 years of clearing my throatall the time.

Chet, if you ever use this letter in the future, I want people
to know I have never eaten large amounts of dairy to begin with.
No glasses of milk, no major portions of cheese. Dairy is so
harmful (to me) that even trace amounts were throwing my body
into chaos and I didn't even know it. Hunting down every last
trace of cow's milk in processed foods is something I never
tried until this year and I don't hear of people doing this very
often. It has turned my life around.Donna M.
I get to read wonderful reports like the above almost everyday of the week.

You can change your life and improve your health too -- just
try the 21-day program.

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