Date: Tue, 29 Dec 1998 09:09:34 -0500
From: Shelagh McGuire 
Subject: [ER4YT-A] My success story so far...

From: Shelagh McGuire 

Mine is a success story so far. I started the diet by cutting out dairy and
red meat.  I  know that some dairy is allowed for type A, but my homeopath
said that I should cut it  out completely.  My cravings for sweats
disappeared in a couple of days. After 3 weeks I  began following the diet
closely.  Over the 1st 7 weeks, I lost 15 pounds without  reducing my food
intake at all.  I seem to have stabilised now but we will
se what  happens in the new year.  I would like to loose another 15 pounds.
I am nursing 2  children which probably contributes to fast weight loss,
although I had not lost any  weight for the last 7 months prior to the
diet.  I feel looser in all my joints and my  skin disorders are much
better.  Is that a result of the diet or the homeopathic  treatments?

  Probably a combination of both.

My greatest challenge is getting enough sleep.  It is a vicious cycle.  A
child brings  in a virus and keeps my mostly awake for several nights.  A
sick child is very close to  me physically coughing in my face, sticking
fingers in my mouth.  I inevitably catch the  virus because I am so run
down from lack of sleep and catch it bad.  I find myself  craving food and
nibbling all day for the quick burst of energy.  My skin
reacts with by  breaking out all over the place; psoriasis, eczema and
other mysterious rashes.  The  whole cycle is a lot more vicious in the
winter.  We live in Canada so we do get winter.

My family of 5 As had been healthy for the last 2 weeks and counting.... I
am sure that  we need to give it a year.


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