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   Date: Fri, 3 Dec 1999 11:15:22 -0800 (PST)
   From: Angela Jones 
Subject: Methotrexate to floride........

Dearest everyone on this wonderful list....... I want to share my success
I have had Psoriasis & eczema for 15 years, I have been on Prednisone,Skin
cap (which worked wonders), cortisone creams and methotrexate (sp?) welp
these all cleared me up pretty good (75%) but as soon as I would stop taking
them or using them my skin would get even worse.Then about a year ago I read
the book "eat right for your type" and I am a changed person.My skin is
clearer than it has ever been even on methotrexate etc. I really want all of
you to feel as good as I do !!!!I went to a naturalpath and found out I was
allergic to tons of stuff including chlorine, so I have a filter on my
shower and on my kitchen sink,this has helped considerably.ROSE>>I recommend
you put a filter on the bath tub you can order them from (www.SELFHELP.com)
KATIE & DEBIE >>Please read up on Eat right 4 your type, it has really
changed my life !! Also Methotrexate cases liver failure so please be
careful anyone whom is on it, plus a liver biopsy is not my idea of a good
time. Best of luck to everyone !!!


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