From: "Dirlam, Cordelia" 
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Date: Tue, 29 Dec 1998 13:09:02 -0500
Subject: [ER4YT-A] Indigestion Help

From: "Dirlam, Cordelia" 

Before I started the A diet I had severe indigestion, heartburn, and
acid reflux.  Since eating according to the A plan I no longer have any
problems.  I am single and and always on the go so it is tempting not to
bother cooking.  However, I started making vegetable soups in my
crockpot using all the HB root vegetables plus sometimes some broccoli,
beans and other HB vegetables.  I just slice up a bunch of vegetables,
throw them in the pot with water and some parsley, bay leaf or other
herbs for flavor, turn the pot on low, just let it simmer while I sleep
or do other things.  I don't use purchased broths as most have MSG and
other additives that bother me.  Sometimes I throw in some turkey or ham
bones for flavoring.  I also now make lentil and other bean soups too,
but originally I reacted to the vegetable soups best.  When the soup is
done, I put it in smaller containers and freeze it.  I bring a container
to work and heat it up in the microwave oven or heat it up at night when
I am too tired to be bothered cooking much.  I eat alot of salads with
HB greens, carrots, broccoli, mushrooms, onions, garlic, feta cheese.
Sometimes I bring these to work.  I also steam up a batch of rice which
I again package up in small containers for other meals.  It is good with
stir fried vegetables and tofu.  I bring pears and apples to snack on.
I also make tofu, fruit and fruitjuice shakes for quick breakfast or
snack.  Also youghurt for a snack.  A small can of salmon is always easy
to add to a salad.  I find I have to stay away from wheat.  It causes
asthma and also acid reflux and weight gain...the puffy water storage
gassy kind.  I really don't spend alot of time cooking, but I am eating
home cooked meals that I know what the ingrediants are and I feel very


ASTHMA story.

From: Marcia Fradkin 
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Date: Tue, 29 Dec 1998 12:47:13 -0600
Subject: [ER4YT-A] Re: Indigestion Help

From: Marcia Fradkin 

Thanks for your comments - the tofu shakes sound like a good idea.

I also have had problems with asthma from wheat.

Have you noticed a problem being more sensitive to certain foods, since
starting this food plan?

Marcia Fradkin

Allergies, Eczema, Digestion

From: "Knabenbauer, Sandi" 
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Date: Tue, 29 Dec 1998 14:00:37 -0500
Subject: [ER4YT-A] Re: New and curious

From: "Knabenbauer, Sandi" 

Listening to all the various "problems" people are having with a diet so
specific to our blood types, I'm beginning to wonder if there aren't
variations in our blood that science has yet to discover.

Tomatoes - I love them but they give me gas. I avoided them for a few weeks
then ate pizza one evening. The tomatoes were the only avoid food on the
That night I was intolerable!

Sweet 'n Low - I use it but too much upsets my stomach. Usually one or two
packets, if any, are all I might use in a day. I have ordered some Stevia
and am eager to try it.

Peanuts - To even my own amazement they act as a laxative for me. People
think I'm crazy but I know they are "highly beneficial" to my system.

Allergies - I had eczema as a child. The tests basically labeled all the
"avoid foods" as those items I should avoid (oranges, wheat, milk, etc.)
ER4YT was a revelation to me explaining "why" I was so allergic. At age 7 I
went through extensive desensitization vaccinations but as an adult the
allergies started to return.

Understanding the blood type issues has freed me to make decisions wisely.

I believe that a "healthy diet" will not cause digestion problems or
illness. If the food is in the wrong category for your system, change it -
or at least find out why!

Peter D'Adamo's research is definitely on the right track and I'm very
curious to see how new scientific
discoveries reinforce and/or modify the concepts in this book.

Sandi K-
mailto:  sknabenbauer@ikon.com


celiac symptoms

Date: Tue, 29 Dec 1998 19:43:27 -0500
From: Shelagh McGuire 
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Subject: [ER4YT-A] Re: Shelagh

From: Shelagh McGuire 


I feel for you with celiac desease.  When I was a toddler, I suffered
celiac symptoms  and was put on a  gluten-free diet for about 9 months till
I appeared to recover.  You  are fortunate these days to have more choices
than my mother had for me in a small  prairie town way back then.  The only
 "bread" that I ate was a wheat starch loaf.  I  made it recently just to
see what it was like.  Pretty blah! I don't seem to have a
problem with gluten any more, but I do live with a certain amount gas not




Date: Tue, 29 Dec 1998 17:15:37 -0800
From: Lori Tostado 
To: ER4YT-A@onelist.com
Subject: [ER4YT-A] first post & stuff :^)

From: Lori Tostado 

Hi!  My name is Lori and I'm in Sacramento, CA. I've been reading the
list for about a week now and just read all the archives too.  Thanks
for starting this list--it's very helpful.

 I've been trying to do the A diet since around August.  I was pretty
much a vegetarian already, just occasionally eating poultry and some
fish, but since having a hair analysis done in Oct. that showed I was
low in taurine and cannot digest simple carbohydrates effectively, and
my adrenals are low, the testing lab suggested that I should eat meat,
take enzymes, and so I buy some more chicken (free-range, organic) from
the co-op and modify that into my diet.  Probably I eat some chicken 4
or 5 times a week and have cut out a lot of the avoid foods, and I try
to eat more of the HB's.  I've also been taking milk thistle (caps) and
nettle herbal tea to help detox the liver....man, I have so many
supplements!  I started taking lots of extra vitamins and minerals years
ago because I was so tired all the time.  Now I add herbs and this diet,
which I've actually gained weight on (and am now like 20 lbs
overweight!) but I have more energy and that's great for me because I
work full time and I'm a mother of a 2 1/2 year old sweet little boy who
is also type A.  Getting him to eat things on the HB or even neutral
list is practically impossible.  Heck, getting him to eat *anything* is
a miracle.   He is extremely picky.  So is my dh, and he doesn't know
his blood type.  I suspect he's A like us just because of the way we all
have similar allergies, get infections easily, etc.  He could be O
though.  I wish he'd find out, but even if he did and was type A, I
couldn't get him to eat tofu for the life of me.   He doesn't like my
vegetarian cooking at all.  Oh well.

Personally, as far as tofu goes, I only really like the silken tofu.  In
my stir-fries it'll get to the consistency of cottage cheese and take on
the sauce's flavor and I like it very much.  Trouble is all that soy,
and other veggies like broccoli, don't set with my intestines very
well!  Why is it that all these foods that are supposed to be so good
for us wreck havock with the gut for some of us?  I think I found an
expensive (yeah, expensive--but since I've had a relative die of colon
cancer, it may be a price I'm willing to pay) cleansing method and
dietary aid.  Digestive enzymes that contain a-galatosidase (the enzyme
that is in the Bean-o brand supplement--but I don't like Bean-o much
because of the other stuff it has in it, like cottonseed oil) seem to
help.  I recently found a broad spectrum enzyme supplement with herbs in
it too that is under the name "KAL" and yesterday I took 2 of them with
a stir-fry meal that usually gives me terrible gas and bloating and had
no problem!  And, last year when I was doing colonics (yeah I know it
sounds gross but it worked) that really cleansed the colon and helped
with my digestive problems.  I read (in my various readings on health
and nutrition--I just don't remember the source) how your liver will try
to release toxins through the digestive system, and cleanse them out of
your digestive system too, but if your bacteria in your colon are "bad"
ones, the toxins keep recirculating, and your liver gets very taxed!
Then it can't do it's other 500 or so functions, and you can get things
like allergies, acne, arthritis, eczema and lots of problems.

My son has had allergies since he was born--mainly food allergies--the
worst were to corn and peanuts!  But I found an acupuncturist here in my
city who does Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques (NAET --
check out www.naet.com) and it doesn't use needles--just acupressure to
treat and kinesiology muscle testing to diagnose substance
sensitivities, and we've had marvelous results!  My son can eat all the
foods again that formerly caused him to have rashes, eczema, and
asthma,  with no problems anymore.  We're not finished with the program
yet, but soon will be treating his environmental allergies.  The NAET
treatments are supposed to last a lifetime.  I am so amazed what they've
done for me too.  In combination with the A-diet (well, I probably stick
to it about 80% of the time... and let's not talk about the holidays
though, uh?) and NAET, I don't get heart palpitations anymore, so don't
have to take my heart medication anymore.  I didn't ever suspect my
heart palpitations were due to allergies before--but they were.  You'd
be amazed by what could be an allergy.  Please check out the site if you
have any allergies at all.  Especially to any HB food--you might get the
great relief we have with NAET and be able to stick to the diet better
and get more benefits from it.

I have more energy now and I have been so impressed with the results of
NAET and acupuncture, and this diet, that I feel like I will be ready to
go back to school next fall, like I've wanted to do for a long time, but
was just too wiped out and stressed out to even consider it!  I'm
applying to Bastyr University (Dr. D's school) to get a Master's degree
in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.  It's a 3 1/2 year program.  I am
currently a chemist working in the field of air pollution (oh, you are
what you breathe as well as what you eat!!  My fair city is not so nice
in this respect, unfortunately...sigh.)  But I have done so many courses
in personal growth and development, and have a gift for healing, so I've
been told, that I know I have to persue this, it calls to me...I really
want to help people, so, please wish me luck on my application to

BTW, regarding soy milks--I use Vitasoy in my coffee with a few drops of
the liquid stevia extract, and it tastes pretty good!  Not as good as
the Coffee Mate, yeah, I kind of miss that too, hehe.  I get Soy Dream
Enriched Vanilla for my son to drink as "milk" and he likes it a lot. I
used to use Westsoy Plus which he liked too, but the Soy Dream is
fortified with even more vitamins and minerals, and since it is so hard
to get my son to eat "good" foods, I feel better knowing he's at least
getting a nutritious soy drink. I got my husband to switch to organic
cow's milk at least, instead of the regular stuff that has BGH and all
those antibiotics.  I haven't drank cow's milk in 4 years and don't miss
it much.  There are some really good soy drinks out there, IMHO.  They
take a little getting used to....I miss lots of cheeses though! 

A comment:  I was reading someone's posts in the archives that claim all
the avoid foods are based on their having harmful lectins.  But I
remember in the book reading that some of the foods, such as vinegar,
were listed as avoid simply because they were too acidic and could
easily upset the stomach of a sensitive type-A.  So I just wanted to
mention it's not completely all about lectins.  Well, I'm one who always
wants to know *why* something is the way it is...so I'm actually looking
forward to Dr. D's "technical manual" I guess you could call it, with
all the research and scientific stuff that backs up all his work.
That's going to be pretty fascinating to me to read.

Does anyone know anything about leaky-gut syndrome?  I have a suspicion
my son and I might have that as one of the problems of our allergies

Well, gotta go for now.  Thank you!  You're neat people here.

     Lori Tostado         |    .
     lorazz@inreach.com  \|/ .
     *The Michael*     . /|\   .
      *Teachings*         |

Date: Wed, 30 Dec 1998 06:35:51 -0800
From: Sandra Vandygrift 
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Subject: [ER4YT-A] Re: weight loss

From: Sandra Vandygrift 

I have been on the program since Oct. this year. I lost 4 lbs. the first
week. I have now lost 14 lbs. I like the way the plan makes me feel so I
stopped watching the scales so much. I could tell by the way my clothes fit
that I was losing inches and lbs. without weighing. I have gone down a size
in my clothes. I started the plan to lose weight but after two weeks it
didn't really matter if I lost because I felt so much better. I had gotten
to where I was really tired and stressed all the time.
Now I have a tremendous amount of energy.
Please don't get discouraged.
The plan is great.


From: "wildlily" 
Date: Wed, 30 Dec 1998 14:57:39 -0500
Subject: [ER4YT-A] MSG

From: "wildlily" 

My answer to this is to simply eat whole foods, and eat simply. It's very
easy to avoid all excitotoxins such as MSG by doing such. It is an
adjustment...also a change, but not impossible. The AMA & pharmaceutical
companies don't make $$$ off of healthy people. It's disgusting how we have
allowed, and continue to allow manufacturers to poison us.

My family has chosen to buy "organic" when available, each fresh veggies or
frozen, and avoid all snack foods with the exception popcorn & some corn
chips. We drink water, and beneficial juices only, & occassionally soy
milk. We do cheat on occasion, but we also pay for it. :) The key is in the

We have noticed a HUGE difference in immunity this year, and New Year's Day
will make 1 year since starting ER4YT. It's made a HUGE difference, and it
worth the extra work to make home made mixes, foods, and meals ...cheaper




From: CJagow@aol.com
Date: Sun, 3 Jan 1999 11:09:51 EST
To: ER4YT-A@onelist.com
Subject: [ER4YT-A] Allergy testing....

From: CJagow@aol.com

Have been reading all these letters with interest, and before I got the Dr.
D's book, had allergy testing.  Strange that he found about the same things
was sensitive to, that are bad for type A.  Could not believe I was
to green peppers, tomatoes, and potatoes.  Being of Irish descent, that was
insult.., and even sweet potatoes, which my own doctor said was necessary
for fiber.  Haven't been able to eliminate everything, but the major
I now understand.

The only things I see different that bother me is soybeans, goldenseal and
chamomile, which I hope in time as the body de-toxes, won't be a problem

Thanks for all the sharing of experiences.  Pick up so much information!


To: "ER4RT-A List" 
From: "Jeanie Knight" 
Date: Tue, 05 Jan 99 15:15:22 PST
Subject: [ER4YT-A] Milk Products & Eczema

From: "Jeanie Knight" 

Hi Rosie & all --

>Did you by any chance catch the link at the bottom of that page?

Yes, thanks for calling my attention to that!  I was particularly intrigued
by the "anti-dairy coalition" link, which in turn prompted me to do a
search on milk in general happily, my six-year-old has decided that he
prefers my homemade "peanut milk" on his cereal, while my eight-year-old
now *requests* soy over cows' milk! :-)

I came up with something which might be of great interest to those of you
who have suffered from some type
of skin eczema as I have, off and on, throughout my life.

>From an article at


entitled "Eczema: Dermatitis" --

"Broader Context of Treatment:
"If dietary triggers can be identified, it is essential to avoid them
completely.  Often the specific food restrictions that are called for can
be a challenge to adhere to.  This is especially the case with young
children. . . . Even if there are no obvious food triggers, it is always
worth excluding milk and milk products.  It seems that this is especially
the case with children who were not breast-fed, or weaned too soon.
Researchers at the Hospital for Sick Children in London have shown that
children often develop eczema when weaned from breast milk to cows' milk or
other foods.  Goats', soya or sheep's milk rarely trigger allergy problems.
 Common eczema triggers that are relatively easy to exclude include:

Cows' milk
Food additives"

Suggested therapeutic supplements include Vitamins A and E, Zinc,
Quercitin, Evening Primrose oil and flaxseed oil.


for more info: