Subject: Cancer - Brain tumor, Tapeworm, Parasites

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From: "Johanne Wayne" 
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 1999 07:25:39 -0600
Subject: [cancercure] Re: Cyanide Poisoning??!]

Hi everyone,
    I would also like to find a good source of apricot seeds. I was
wondering if there is any study pointing to benefits of laetrile for brain
tumors. I've been fighting mine for 10 years without radiation and chemo but
I keep wondering if apricot seeds would bring me much benefit. I'm also
curious to know why people can eat laetrile in seeds but it is illegal for
doctors to use B17 in cancer therapy. Could it be because the laetrile they
would use would  be synthetic instead of natural? I have been doing
everything Dusan recommends for more  than five years now and I know that
I've benefitted from it but I need more now. I can feel the hormonal
imbalance from my pituitary tumor and the headaches are slowly returning.

    Another question I have about parasites. I was wondering if there are
any treatments powerful enough to cross the blood-brain barrier. I've done
the Hulda Clark treatments several times with minimal success, I've done
Clear from Awareness Corp. with medium success and somehow I'm convinced
that my tumor in the brain is a nest of parasites.

 Yesterday, a long tapeworm came out of me and it was horrific.
I do not eat meat or fish or dairy, I wash all my organic veggies properly
and we hardly eat out because organic restaurants are next to none.

I know my immune system is down because of this.

All of the suggestions that Dusan writes have been followed and continue to

What can I do more?

From: "Johanne Wayne" 
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 1999 12:48:00 -0600
Subject: [cancercure] Re: Non-Hodgin Lymph-cancer

My daughter two years ago was diagnosed with lymphoma here at Children's
Hospital. She was 5 years old. Because of my own battle with a brain tumor
and the education I've received along the way trying not to fight it with
radiation and chemo and because of having been an RN, I knew better than to
just accept that. Nine professional and respectable doctors diagnosed my
Valerie with lymphoma and were ready to administer chemotherapy. My husband
and I gathered our four children and drove to Mexico, unbeknownst to the
doctors  here in Colorado to ask for a second opinion  at American Biologics
and if it turned out to be cancer, we only wanted a biopsy. Well, I am
pleased to report that Valerie never had cancer. She had an infection in the
lymph nodes and a 10-day treatment of antibiotics took care of the two
massive tumors on both sides of her neck. As a side note, our family doctor
gave us colloidal silver to treat Valerie in a non-toxic way before
proceeding to the cancer diagnosis and silver never worked otherwise the
antibiotics wouldn't have been needed. It was an expensive way to find out
the validity of silver. It was good quality stuff but not effective for
lymph node infections! Anyway, life is a learning experience, isn't it?


Date: Fri, 26 Mar 1999 16:32:26 -0000
Subject: [cancercure] Supplement validity

Hi everyone, I want to know something that maybe anyone of you may be able
to answer. Does anyone have documentation or website access on the purity
of supplements? The reason I ask is that three years ago I had active
cancer and went to a good nutritionist that gave me products from
Metagenics and Professional Health Products. I became very ill and almost
died while taking these. One other thing is that my brain tumor grew from
.5mm to 2.5mm during this time of taking glandulars. I had tasted a bite of
turkey and attributed the growth of the tumor to that. Now I'm not so sure.
Taking glandulars when you think about it is the same as eating meat
(assuming the meat is without hormones or antibiotics) right? I took my
health in my own hands since, got my nutritionist degree and am embarking
the doctorate program in holistic nutrition at Clayton. I stopped all
glandulars and when I did, started feeling much better. My tumor is now
.1mm at the last exam and I truly want to be free of this. Joan here on the
list offered to help me with the emotional aspect of cancer and disease and
I truly believe that there is a big connection between emotions and

Right now, I take GNLD products which are whole food and organic and
I'm doing quite well on them. They support my body and I do not get sore


From: "Johanne Wayne" 
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 1999 12:04:14 -0600
Subject: [cancercure] Re: Supplement validity

Hi Dusan,

    I appreciate you taking the time to answer my note. All that you
suggested I've done three years ago and have lived this way since.
Everything..... I've read Hulda Clark's books and even been in Mexico to
visit but decided not to be treated in her clinic.

We chose American
Biologics for my Valerie that was diagnosed with lymphoma at the time and
detoxification therapy with laetrile for me..

I have a zapper also.
I haven't found the greatest success with all that she suggests but I found
some important information that did give me a breakthrough in my healing. We
got rid of all carinogens within proximity of our home. I make my own soap
and shampoo.

I have noticed that starving the tumor through a natural
shampoo has made all the difference. My body isn't healing as fast as I
would want and I know that the brain tumor that I have grows back when taken
care of conventionally. I refuse that route but ever so often, headaches
come back and my hormones get imbalanced and my liver shuts down. Those
times happen to be when I decrease my supplementation with the whole food
supplements that I was talking about. My husband believes that I don't
nourish my body enough so supplementation is a need. We have four children
that range in age from 4.5-8.5 years old and we homeschool them all. This is
not an option. We've been criticized for the stress that this brings but our
convictions are strong and we do not consider this an option. It does
detract me though from thinking too much about this brain tumor. This is a
positive because the headaches are very frightening to go through. Seizures,
brain swelling, loss of speech and sight, tachycardia not to mention other
frightening things happen. We have a very pure diet and the children and my
husband all follow it with me. They are all convinced that this has kept me
alive and well for this long. I do not look sick at all. I am considerably
thinner (I'm 5'2" and 103 lbs)  because of the vegan diet but I'm fine with
that. I guess that until one goes through a brain tumor episode, it's hard
to relate. I haven't met any survivor of brain tumor that have embarked the
alternative route. I have met brain tumor survivors that have done the
conventional route and do not have a vivacious, fruitful life now. They are
slaves to the synthetic hormone replacement therapies. Headaches plague them
along with seizures and extra weight along with other symptoms not to
mention that the brain tumor grows back eventually more often than not.
There are no brain tumor success recorded in alternative therapy literature
and we fully realize that we are going at this alone. From our observations,
tumors and cancers, even in their most advanced stages respond very well to
all the things you suggest on your website. We know of very few but some
people that are willing to commit to such a lifestyle have success. More
people rather cheat in one thing or another because of family pressures, or
that they have more trust in the conventional system or they don't want to
put out the effort. We do put the effort. There is no cheating here. We
actually enjoy this lifestyle very much. My children eat seaweed and other
things other children would never try. It makes our family special in a
sense. I started supplementation three days ago and again the headaches have
subsided considerably. I know that you probably can't answer more than you
have but I  wanted to share with you my situation. I appreciate so much all
the work you've done for everyone. I believe in it all. I have to find a way
to increase this healing mode I'm aspiring to. I'm realizing that it will
take more than diet although in our family, diet is the main way to healing.
If you have any other suggestions for me, I'd appreciate them. I trust
Yeshua (hebrew for Jesus) will lead me into the right situations. He has so
far and I praise Him for that.

Have a good day,

Sincerely,          Johanne Wayne