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Good afternoon everyone.

I was paralysed by MS in 1989.
I nearly died from Crohn's Disease in 1994.

In both cases, I had to take control over my own recovery.
Without doing so there would have been no recovery. It takes
single-minded determination to make recovery happen. The battle is won or
lost on the battleground of the mind and spirit. From DAY 1, I decided I
was going to win. I didn't know how, but I knew I would. I decided that I
would not succumb to the inevitable decline that people with MS are
conditioned to expect by neurologists and the MS Society. I have an iron
will. I knew that my will and whatever intelligence God gave me would lead
to success. I told this to my neurologist. He looked right through me. He
gave me neither answers nor hope. Nor did the MS Society. I had to find
both on my own. And I did. I started by giving up going to neurologists.
And I stopped asking the MS Society for answers.

Mercury is the most toxic non-radioactive element on Earth. Just think
about it for a moment. Mercury ranks with plutonium on the scale of
toxicity as the most poisonous thing on Earth you can expose yourself to.
And 80% to 90% of the population is carrying a mercury time bomb around in
their mouths which leaks mercury into their central nervous systems and all
their body's tissues every single day. Information about the toxicity of
dental mercury has been accumulating for over 150 years. The first cases of
MS were recorded shortly after mercury was first used to fill teeth in the
early 1800's and they were recorded in those who had mercury in their
mouths, not in those who didn't. You will never read about this in the
information package on dental mercury that the MS Society disseminates. In
fact, their package defends mercury to the hilt.

Years ago the Society never talked about dental mercury. Today, they can't
avoid it.. There is too much publicity implicating mercury with MS.
Nevertheless, the Society has no intention whatsoever in admitting that
dental mercury causes MS, no matter what evidence is presented. To do so
would mean the end of the MS Society. So, they print the reports of a group
of third-rate researchers to support their claims about the safety of
mercury and cross their fingers that the public will fall for it. Here's a
sample. The symptoms of mercury poisoning are identical to the symptoms of
MS. Mercury causes mercury poisoning. But mercury doesn't cause MS. Next,
in a study of 87 people with MS 83 had dental treatment prior to the onset
of MS. Dental treatment means mercury. But, because 4 people didn't get MS
after dental treatment the 83 who did could not have got it from the
mercury. These absurdities are so breathtaking you'd have to be brain dead
to believe them. Incidentally, I got MS shortly after I had 14 mercury
fillings replaced with new mercury fillings.

Dr. Hal Huggins who is a dentist and dental researcher writes, and I quote,
"The Multiple Sclerosis Society, has been averse to looking into this
situation. It is almost as if the organization wants to be looking for a
cause and cure for this disease, but not to find one. They have actively
campaigned against looking into the mercury issue. They have sent out
letters stating that they have thoroughly checked the literature and have
found no correlation between amalgam and MS. Yet Dr. Schwartzendruber (who
is a Ph.D. experimental pathologist at the University of Colorado) has
written about 20 reference articles …that show this relationship to be
valid.)" End quote. Dr. Zoltan P. Rona, M.D., says that "voluminous amounts
of scientific research" exist incriminating dental mercury as the cause of
MS and other related diseases. What does the MS Society do with this huge
body of evidence? They use money donated to the Society to manipulate the
evidence and to bury the truth. Dr. Rona declares, quote," The safety of
mercury-containing dental amalgams has never been proven…Mainstream dental
dogma dictates that any unproven treatment be labelled as
quackery…Supposedly scientific groups like the ADA and the CDA declare that
amalgams are safe…Based on actual scientific research, this is nonsense."
End quote. Dr. Jacob Swilling is a research scientist who has devoted the
last 24 years to the study of the causes of disease. He writes, and I
quote, "The evidence is overwhelming…When we submit to common dental
procedures... we submit to a source of toxic poisoning…that has no equal in
terms of…the resulting illness and disease, suffering and death". End
quote. Dr. Murray Vimy, a Faculty of Medicine dentist in Calgary, points
out that, and I quote, "the USEPA (The Environmental Protection Agency)...
views filling scrap as a toxic bioharzardous waste to be sealed in
leak-proof containers and carted out of the dental office by hazard control
experts in armored trucks. The dental profession considers it to be
absolutely safe when implanted permanently into your teeth." End quote. And
so does the MS Society.

Canadians for Mercury Relief is an organization of lawyers, scientists,
professionals and lay persons that is lodging the largest class action
lawsuit ever filed in Canada against the Canadian Government because it
knew in 1976 that dental mercury was a highly toxic substance that was
destroying the health of the Canadian people and it decided to cover up
this information instead of making it public. Here's what the MS Society
has to say about this in an email I received from Deanna Grotzinger on May
6, 1997.

"Thank you for the information about your efforts regarding Canadians for
Mercury Relief. This organization had not been brought to the attention of
the national office previously and it is useful to have the information."
End quote. (Now, does this mean that it is so useful that the MS Society
will be talking about all of this publicly? Have you heard them utter a
single word about it?) Then, the email continues, quote, "the question of
mercury especially as it pertains to dental amalgams and MS is a
controversial and not necessarily straightforward issue." End quote. (This
is the double talk of an Organization that is spouting nonsense and trying
to protect itself at the same time. If you ask the MS Society about dental
mercury they'll send you out information sanctioned by the Mercury Industry
and the College of Dental Surgeons. Mercury Incorporated doesn't see any
problem with dental mercury so that's good enough for the MS Society.) The
MS Society calls mercury controversial. Mercury is about as controversial
as a bullet in the back of the head. Their response to my email is that "it
is useful to have this information". I bet it is. I wonder whose back yard
they buried it in. The MS Society figures that people will believe the
Society's nonsense if they just keep on repeating it often enough.

The Society says that there is quote, "absolutely no evidence", end quote,
that removing dental mercury will cure MS. That is absolutely correct. But
it is a calculated and misleading statement that tells less than half the
story. Removing dental mercury alone will not cure MS. But, if after
removing dental mercury, an individual has DMPS and DMSA chelation , the
mercury will be flushed out of the nervous system. When you add the hormone
DHEA to this powerful detoxification program remarkable recoveries such as
mine become possible. DMPS and DMSA have been around for years. And the MS
Society knows it. These are sulphur-based amino acids, the building blocks
of protein. They have been used with great success to detoxify lead miners,
children suffering from lead poisoning and people suffering from dental
mercury poisoning. You will never hear the words DMPS or DMSA ever being
mentioned by the MS Society. They simply ignore the subject of chelation
completely, and the hormone DHEA completely as well.

The Society's moral bankruptcy should be obvious to everyone by now. The
Society refuses to acknowledge that even one piece of evidence exists
showing the link between dental mercury and MS despite massive and
incontrovertible evidence to the contrary. Their mission is to manipulate
public opinion so that the truth about MS is never discovered. In a moral
society they would be brought in front of a tribunal and be called to
account for their actions. But we don't live in a moral society. So the MS
Society is allowed to stay in business functioning as a servant of the
Dental Industry. The MS Society is allowed to operate behind a veil of

In a declaration that discourages those with MS and destroys all hope the
Society states that it has no idea what causes MS and that there is
certainly no cure for it. This declaration is an admission of failure by
the Society. MS is a condition of toxicity and deficiency. The toxicity is
metals or chemicals or both. Dental mercury is the cause in the vast
majority of cases. There may sometimes be a viral or bacterial component.
The deficiencies involve nutrients, minerals and hormones. The hormone DHEA
is one of the keys to recovering from MS. Studies have proven this beyond
question. That's it. That is how I approached my recovery and the results
are incontrovertible. 8 years ago I was bedridden. You can judge for
yourselves the truth about my recovery. Anyone who wants to find out more
can call me at 683-4047 in Vancouver. I'll be happy to talk to you.

The MS Society can't afford to have someone out there claiming they've
found a way to recover from MS. Recovery might become contagious. A cure
for MS spells the end of the MS Society. So, they have to explain away my
recovery. They declare that I am in remission. IN REMISSION means The
Disease has gone away for a while but, don't worry, it'll be back. We know
all about The Disease. They say that my story is merely anecdotal.
ANECDOTAL means it's only a story. It proves nothing. People's stories
aren't the truth. The truth is what The Medical Establishment says is the
truth. When these two reliable old standbys don't work, they resort to
their trump card: there's no proof. They can't lose with that one. They use
these three put-downs to patronize, to debunk, and to dismiss anyone who
dares to say they have recovered from MS. The MS Society says nobody
recovers from MS. They are really saying that I am either lying or that my
recovery was a freak accident. They'll say anything to try to discredit my
recovery. The MS Society speaks a language called Official Truth. When you
reject the Official Truth you can start to find the Real Truth. The Real
Truth is that MS is caused by toxins. People with MS have been poisoned.
The MS Society says it is the leader in finding a cure for MS. The Real
Truth is that this is a marketing slogan they have created to hide their
true mission - to suppress the search for a cure for MS. The only thing the
MS Society is a leader in is in raising money to sustain the Society. Run
for the cure. Ride for the cure. What a sad joke.

It won't surprise you that there isn't one single book critical of dental
mercury on the MS Society's book list. After this talk, I will give a list
of books and internet addresses that reveal the truth about dental mercury
to anyone who wants it. When you read the evidence you will be compelled to
conclude that the MS Society's position on dental mercury and their refusal
even to acknowledge the existence of chelation is criminal. There is one
more book you should read. Dr. Guylaine Lanctot, M.D., has written an
expose of The Medical Establishment called The Medical Mafia. The title
says it all.

Orthodox Medicine's idea of helping people with chronic illness is to drug
them. Millions of dollars poured into MS research every year are poured
right down the drain and into the bottom line of chemical companies. The
ever-elusive magic drug will never be created. No drug ever cured any
disease. No drug will ever cure MS. MS is not a prednisone deficiency or a
deficiency of any other drug. Drugs are chemicals. They are created to
suppress symptoms and to make profits for chemical companies. In the
process they kill thousands of people every year and destroy the health of
tens of thousands more. Modern Medicine is driven by corporate profit. Not
the health of the public.

It's no surprise that you will never hear the MS Society tell anyone to get
tested for metal toxicity or mineral and DHEA deficiencies. This only
involves simple blood and urine tests. Well, even simple lab testing is a
threat to the MS Society. If people find that they are toxic and deficient,
and they will, this would expose the Society. So the Society never utters
the words "lab testing". They have a mission - to protect themselves and
their friends at the College of Physicians and Surgeons and The College of
Dental Surgeons whose livelihoods depend on the MS Society helping to
perpetuate the lie about the safety of dental mercury. The Dental Industry
generates billions of dollars every year in revenue. It cannot afford to
have the MS Society oppose mercury. The dominos would start to fall. So, it
makes sure the MS Society remains solidly pro-mercury. There is too much at
stake here. The Dental Industry is totally corrupt and will do anything to
retain its market and its power. And so will their friends at the MS

If you want to find out the truth about dental mercury and MS you can take
my example and investigate the facts I have presented to you today. My
recovery was no accident. I ignored the advice of the MS Society and had my
dental mercury removed, had chelation and took DHEA. My recovery was
immediate and dramatic. I now help people with MS from all over the world
get the information they need to start on the path to recovery. I am doing
the job that the MS Society should be doing. They're too busy running for
the cure.

Kenneth H. Presner
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PHONE: (604) 683-4047

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