By BERNARD JENSEN D.C., Nutritionist


Not only are many bowel problems and surgeries avoidable through proper nutrition, but chronic diseases originating in the bowel can be prevented by a correct diet. Dr. Denis P. Burkitt, a famous English surgeon, told a group of 200 prominent U.S. physicians that problems like obesity, diabetes, hiatus hernia, appendicitis, diverticulosis, colitis, polyps and cancer of the colon are virtually unheard of among rural East Africans. The rural East African diet is high in fresh fruit, vegetables and coarse-ground cereal grains. The rough bran from the grain absorbs water, increases the bulk of bowel wastes and speeds up elimination time, keeping the bowel clean and healthy. Conspicuously absent in the rural diet are white flour, white sugar and other refined carbohydrates so common in Western countries and urban areas of Africa. Burkitt’s conclusions are based on data gathered in the Congo, Kenya, Uganda, Sudan and other underdeveloped parts of the world. Evidence from cancer studies at the University of San Francisco indicates that a toxic colon and constipation are linked to the appearance of abnormal cells elsewhere in the body. Proper bowel care, according to Dr. Burkitt, through right nutrition is the key to preventing much disease.125 and needless surgery. Overconsumption of refined carbohydrates, it is believed, is respon-sible for arteriosclerosis and diabetes, while absence of sufficient fiber content allows in-creased pressure changes in the bowel which lead to colon diseases. Excessive refined car-bohydrates favor the growth of putrefactive bacteria in the bowel, alter bowel chemistry and invite ulcerative colitis, polyps and colon cancer. Dr. Burkitt apparently believes that low builk in the diet and the excess intake of white sugar and white flour products contributes to or causes many of civilization’s diseases. Bowel transit time for a Bantu native is more than twice as fast as that of the average Englishman, according to Dr. Burkitt’s research. The length of time food wastes remain in the bowel deter-mines how putrefactive they get, how much the undersirable bacteria multiply, how much fat is absorbed through the bowel wall and what sort of chemical toxins develop in and pass through the bowel. Dr. Burkitt pointed out that African natives who move to cities for work tend to change their diets and get more diseases. They eat more white sugar and flour, less fiber food, and the effects soon show up in the bowel and elsewhere. Sir Arbuthnot Lane, physician to the Royal Family in England earlier this century, also believed bowel conditions were related to diseases elsewhere in the body. Lane was impressed by research he observed in the laboratory of Nobel prize winner Dr. Alexis Carrel at the Rockefeller Institute in 1911. Carrell was growing “live” tissue cultures on microscope slides, and as long as the living tissue was fed every day and the wastes were washed away, the tissue thrived. If the cell wastes were not washed away, the cells gradually deteriorated and eventually died within four days. Lane became convinced that much disease is caused by the body’s response to its own toxic waste product particularly in the bowel. It is significant that surgeons and physicians are beginning to understand the importance of bowel care in the prevention of disease. We cannot have a healthy body without clean blood, and we cannot have clean blood unless we have a clean bowel with good tone to move wastes along promptly. A toxic bowel is the source of many health problems.


We have not treated nor do we claim to treat any disease In our tissue cleans-ing program. We claim only that It Is an effective means of cleansing the bowel. 

The following testimonies have been voluntarily submitted by persons who have taken the 7-day cleansing program. 

Patient Donald Bodeen, DC, Poughkeepsie, NY

All my life I have been plagued with a sluggish colon and the constipation which attends it. On occasion, severe pain would occur as spasms would come and go. I can’t begin to relate to anyone the myriad of problems this has caused in my life. I feel it has directly, and perhaos even greater, indirectly, been associated with more mental and physical anguish than I care to recall. Not until the colon cleansing program, as taught by Dr. Jensen in his book, TISSUE CLEANSING THROUGH BOWEL MANAGEMENT, was accomplished was relief and healing made possible for me. I could not have hoped or dreamed for anything better. It is now a part of my life, and has been incorporated into my daily practice in my chiropractic office..126

Patient Gerona Alderin, Breast Lumps

For years, I have been cleansing by various methods. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on colonies, medications, vitamins, seeing a lot of doctors and nutritionists with very little results. It wasn’t until I took my own health care into my own hands that recovery started to happen. I had gallstones and kidney stones and got rid of them without surgery. Last summer I discov-ered lumps on my breasts. January 13, 1982, was the most traumatic day in my entire life when my entire body broke out in an extremely itchy rash. Nothing alleviated it. I trembled inside and out, felt hot and cold, couldn’t concentrate or meditate and had no energy. Iknew I had to do more than I was already doing, which was a lot. Each “expert” I spoke to advised another vitamin or supplement or something to “try.” I had heard about Dr. Jensen’s books, and was doing a lot of reading on self-healing. During the January 13 trauma, the only thing I could think to use was the lemon juice, cayenne pepper, maple syrup and water cleanse which I did for one week while I was scurrying around getting a colema board and making numerous phone calls to find out where to get the supplements for the cleanse. I had no one to advise me on anything as no one in my home area knew anything about it. Needless to say, I learned the hard way. That 7-day fast was followed by a 7-day intensive cleanse, than the usual maintenance program advised by Dr. Jensen. I couldn’t remember feeling so terrific for a long time. My energy was great, the color came back to my skin and my eyes started to turn blue again. Rest is advised during the cleanse but as I was self employed, I found those weeks to be the busiest weeks of my entire career. I had so much energy I’just did not want to rest. I do Latin-American and ballroom dancing and on those three Saturday evenings during the cleanse, I danced from 8 pm to 1 am nonstop. After the first week, I was asked if I had been to Florida as people said I looked so rested and had such good color. When I told my friends what I was doing, most panicked and were full of good advise as to what I should or should not do. They said it wasn’t good for me to go without food; I would get too weak; I would get too thin; and I was even told I would die. They had to admit that I looked terrific, but still the pressure came forward. I had to be really strong and know that I was doing the right thing. I have done six intense cleanses (Jensen’s method) since January 1982. When I start to feel lethargic and ache all over, I know I have another build up of toxins. I get bored of doing the cleanse (taking the supplements mostly) after the 6th day and want to stop, but when I see what I am expelling, I am motivated to continue. If I can get rid of lumps on my breasts, restore the color of my eyes to blue, have great skin color and tone, abundant energy and generally feel great, anyone can.

Patient M.T., Male, Degenerative Bowel Condition

/ began the tissue cleansing treatments on September 8, 1982, and have continued with one colema every day since that time. I have had a degenerative bowel condition for some time, and the most spectacular result of the tissue cleansing has been the unbelievable ma-terial I have passed from my bowel.

Patient R.D., Male, Psoriasis

Since 1971, I had has psoriasis of the head area. On the fourth day of my tissue cleansing program, about 80% of the scales came off. This has never happened to me before..127 I was happy to have a small healing crisis during the 7-day tissue cleansing program at Dr. Jensen’s Ranch. When the fever, headache and eye aches began, I took a colema and passed much mucus and rubbery material. I felt much better, but later it returned. Another colema was taken, and this time about one or two quarts of rubbery fecal material passed out, leaving me free of symptoms. That night I passed mucus from my eyes, with a slight eyeache, but no fever or headache.

Patient A.M.B., Female, Rheumatoid Arthritis

When I began the tissue cleansing program, I could hardly use my hands. My left knee was so swollen I couldn’t move it. During the program, my hands became more flexible, and the swelling and soreness in the palm of my right hand improved. The swelling in my knee decreased until I could walk without pain. My back is not aching all the time now and seems stronger. My feet aren’t so tender on the bottoms.

Patient V.P., Male, Heart Condition

Before I took the tissue cleansing program, I had had a stroke, and my left arm was para-lyzed. I arrived at the Ranch in a car driven by my wife. I was sitting in a reclining position from which I couldn’t get up without severe stomach pain, and my face was pulling on one side as if stretching my mouth up. Only a few days before, I would wake up in the morning upset because life just didn’t seem worth facing. In four days I was able to climb into the shower by myself, put myself on the colema board and get off unassisted. I was able to get around without my cane. I began to wake up happy in the mornings, able to get up from a reclining position without pain. My legs seemed smaller, not as much swelling. It was hard for me to believe the stuff that was coming out of me during the colema. Toward the end of the program, I seemed to develop a little feeling in my paralyzed left arm. At the hospitals and nursing home, I never felt better, but during the tissue cleansing pro-gram at the Ranch, I continued to improve steadily.

Patient M.S., Female, Degenerative Lymph Condition

Three years ago I was told that I had a dangerous lymph condition which was treated and went into remission. I was very thankful but disappointed from the fact that although the condition had gone into remission, the cause was never explained, nor was it treated, but merely the symptoms. A short while after this I happened to hear about Dr. Jensen’s tissue cleansing program. I read his book on the subject and, in my opinion, everything made sense. I went on the program in December 1982. The elimination was unbelievable during my first 7-day cleanse. I have since been on two more 7-day cleanses using the maintenance program in between each. The results were amazing! I no longer felt lumps under my arms or in my groin. My breathing was clearer. I felt as if my whole body was becoming unclogged. My eyes became brighter and my skin softer and smoother. The veins in my legs are disappearing. I very rarely have depression as before. My hair and nails are in the best condition ever. I know I will never get any degenerative disease again as long as I eat the proper foods and keep my colon clean!

Patient H.E., Female, Scleroderma.

128 / was diagnosed as having scleroderma in 1972 by a doctor who surgically removed a large calcified lump near my elbow. Scleroderma is a progressive skin disease often involv-ing the internal organs such as heart and kidneys. I had a thickening of the skin and underly-ing tissue, great sensitivity to cold, a raw throat, dryness of lips and mouth, shortness of breath, fatique and vague joint and muscle aches. In 1974, a doctor prescribed Potaba capsules, and this, in conjunction with biweekly chiropractic treatments, was effective in softening the skin and reducing muscle spasms. On April 17, 1982, I started Dr. Jensen’s 7-day cleansing program. By the end of the week, I noticed my skin was softer, the swelling had reduced in my hands and fingers and the red areas on my legs had faded. On the follow-up maintenance program, I found my mental outlook im-proved and I had increased tolerance to cold weather.

Patient S.D., Female, Anemia

When I started the tissue cleansing program, my lab blood test showed a red blood celt count of 3.84 (normal is 4.8) and a hemoglobin of 10.7 (normal is 14.0). I had been tired much of the time for the past several months and had lower back and neck pains. Chiropractic treat-ments didn’t help. At the end of the 7-day program, my back felt much better, and I began taking supplements recommended by Dr. Jensen. A month afer my first blood test, a second blood test showed my red blood count was up to 4.47 and my hemaglobin was 12.8. My energy is much better, and the fatique is gradually leaving.

Patient E.P., 70-year-old Female, Arthritis

The doctor who treated me said that drugs would bring the only relief for the terrible pains in my neck. So I took Percodan and Bulazolidin for pain; Phenylbutazone, a steroid, once a week and Ascriptin daily. I was told to eat anything I wanted, that coffee and diet had nothing to do with arthritis. I took these prescriptions for one year and still was not getting much relief. Then I changed direction. I started a nutritional program, an elimination program and natural food supplements. I was asked to drop all drugs, much to my reluctance. I started trembling, and withdrawal symptoms developed. Nevertheless, I went right into the program outlined by Dr. Jensen. Within a week, I found myself free of pain and feeling very well without drugs. One-and-a-half months later, feeling exceptionally good, I suddenly developed a fever of 105 degrees, swollen face and eye, with a headache such as I had never experienced before. I thought my whole world would collapse. I was told it (the healing crisis) would only last 3 days-and it did! Then I felt so good again, just as Dr. Jensen said I would. During and since the crisis, there has been excessive elimination of mucus. After nine months, my neck is still pain free without the use of drugs. After 5 years, she has no return of pain. This case has not been cured, but there has been no return of pain. This patient was takina 20-40 aspirin per day, according to her doctor’s pre-scription.

Patient, S.B., Female, High Triglycerides

The first time I took the tissue cleansing program, my laboratory blood test showed a triglyceride reading of 938 (normal is 50-200 mg’dL). In a week’s time, it dropped to 253. Nearly three years later, after a year of living under high-stress conditions, my triglycerides shot up to 1403 mg/di. I went through the tissue cleansing again and the level dropped to 325. I realize there is more work to do, but I am delighted with the rapid drop of triglycerides following the 7-day programs..129 NOTE: The triglyceride count and how they were reduced in this patient in just one week’s tissue cleansing treatment.

Other Cases Male, Prostrate Trouble.

Lost 12 pounds on his first 7-day cleanse, prostrate problems cleared up, stiffness in hands disappeared. Can play musical instruments again.

Female, Constipation.

Did not have bowel movement for 12-14 days, despite use of laxatives. After 7-day program, she stopped using laxatives, felt great. Bowel activity improving rapidly.

Female, Breast Lumps.

One-and-one-half months after taking the tissue cleansing pro-gram, the breast lumps were gone. Also, lab tests showed liver function and alkaline phosphates were normal.

Female, Uterine Condition.

A Paps test reading of 4+ and diagnosis of uterine growths were made before the 7-day cleansing. Three months after the program, a repeat Paps test and examination showed the condition was gone. The Paps test was negative, and no sign of uterine growths could be found.

Male, Psoriasis.

This man had spent $7,000 on specialists, going to doctors all his life for psoriasis, before trying tissue cleansing. Arms and legs bleed periodically, and he has been a heavy drinker of alcoholic beverages. He has not taken the full 7-day cleanse program, but has been using the bulk and Bentonite and colema board. Skin condition has improved considerably.

Female, Memory and Vision Problems, 60 years of age.

This elderly vegetarian woman complained of poor memory and poor vision. She took the 7-day cleanse and was astonished at the improvement in both.

Female, Uterine Fissure, 32 years old.

Patient reported great pain for years from a uter-ine fissure, with no help from doctors. She took the 7-day cleanse as a last resort, but stopped at 5 days. She reported, “The pain all disappeared. I can’t remember when I was last free of pain. I had forgotten what is was like.” Some comments from patients who have taken the tissue cleansing program. “/ can’t imagine any better way to detoxify the body.” A.C. “/ think everyone should have the good fortune to go through this program so that they will know what really being alive feels like.” E.B.C. “A tremendous value to humanity.” M.S. “A wonderful start for your recuperation.” E.N. “Very necessary for renewed health.” E.A. “Great!!! Lovely staff also.” P.M. “After the week’s program I felt hopeful! and excited about the potential for healing. I have learned so much.” A.M. “/ liked the program very much as I felt better as the days went by.” C.C. “A positive and realistic program.” O.S. “Very good, wished I had done it sooner, would recommend it to anyone.” J.E.W. “Reasonable solution to good health.” M.K.M. “This is imperative for nearly everyone I know. Having studied a lot along this line, I feel it is as simplified as can be and still be effective. I shall never forget this time in my life.” R.A.. “/ feel more positive and hopeful. That I will learn what is missing in my diet and will follow through.” C.M. “After this program I feel energized! My body feels good, ready to go.” S.M. “/ felt light and feel like exercising. I feel like a new person with hope in my heart.” M.P. “I feel light, optimistic, energetic. I’m looking forward to continuing on this program.” L.D. “/ feel wonderful! Lighter and more energized than ever! On the road to greater health.” W.J.R. “(Before the program) I felt very tired, morose (that’s not quite depressed) and a little caged in, because I didn’t know how to properly handle the healthy aspects of life. (After the week’s program) I was more than pleased with the program. It’s excellent!” D.D.H. “Before the program, I felt tired; had problems walking; pain. After the program I had less swelling; walked better; less joint pain. This wonderful program is lifesaving. I met many won-derful people. Many thanks to everyone for support.” K.M. “Before the program I had a definite need to learn bowel management, cleansing of tis-sue, etc. I know I need to improve my health or suffer consequences very rapidly. I felt very toxic; had memory /oss and pain in the head. Pain in right side near ribs. Terrible broken veins in legs. Tired much of the time and would depend on coffee to stimulate. After the program I felt much better, There is still room for improvement, but I feel very encouraged. The program is terrific. There should be more programs throughout the States.” M.F.W. “/ attended the program after reading the book. Thought the treatment might help with various symptoms (sore breasts, fibrocistic), water retention, tow energy, easy weight gain and some joint discomfort and neck kinks occasionally and occasional headaches. All of these symptoms affected my disposition and attitude. After the program I felt better! The breasts are softer, a bit less sore; abdomen smaller; energy still low; water retention still evident; didn’t lose much weight.” H.F. “/ attended the program because I was so tired; had leg and hip problems (limped); no one knew how to help. Doctors said I was healthy, but I knew I was not. I knew this program was right for me. After the program, I know how to care for me. I am very thankful for the privilege of attending. If I had not seen the filth expelled, I would never have believed it was in my body. I am looking forward to a healing crisis. The program is marvelous. People think I am out of my mind. Nevertheless, I am happy!” E.L.W.

A 78 year-oid-man from Manitoba (Canada) phoned to ask if I would help him. I had previously helped some of his family members. He had been bedridden two years with ulcerated legs, the ulcers oozing pus. He was scheduled to have his legs amputated at the hips. I sent his daughter down with the equipment and supplements for the 7- day cleanse, and he was faithful, and redid it two weeks later. The result was excellent. The last I heard of him, he was Jacking up his garage to move it so he could have a bigger organic garden. It only took two weeks to get him mobile, and he’s a happy man. British, Columbia Canada.  

Acid-forming Foods. Alkaline-forming Foods.

 Avoid entirely while on cleanse Consume freely. Alcohol All fresh fruits Black Pepper All raw vegetables Bread (wheat) All salad greens Cake All sprouts Canned and frozen food Apple cider vinegar Chocolate Dates Cigarettes Dried apricots Coffee Dried figs Complaining Appreciation Cooked whole grains, except Millet Dulse Distilled vinegar Fresh, raw juice Eggs Fun Foods cooked with oils Grapefruit Meat, fish, birds, shellfish Nuts and seeds Honey* Pasta Joy Popcorn Melons Processed cereals Millet* Salt Molasses* Fruits that have been glazed or sulfured Lima Beans* Soda crackers Potatoes* Soft drinks Raisins Dairy (butter, cheese, ice cream, milk, etc.) Sugar Tea (except herbal, caffeine-free tea) Tofu and soy products Wheat products * These foods will slow down the cleansing process, reduce the amount of plaque removed and herefore should be limited. W hile on any of the phases, eat no meat, dairy products, salt, sugar or foods with added sugar in them. Get into the habit of reading labels; this will help you know what you’re actually consuming. Have no fried food or foods cooked in oils. Limit your oil intake to cold-pressed organic olive oil or flax seed oil. Honey, real maple syrup and date sugar sweeteners are acceptable. Eat all the fruit, salads and raw or cooked vegetables you want. Try to have at least one raw meal per day and plenty of fresh vegetable juice and fresh fruit juice. Drink water as often as you like. It is a wonderful addition to the cleansing process. Limit grains, beans, or potatoes to only once or twice a week and make sure to soak them overnight before you lightly cook them. Millet, though an alkaline-forming food, should also be limited to once or twice a week. Carrot Juice is a wonderful, nutrient-rich food choice-but it is high in sugar. Therefore, those who need to restrict their sugar intake may need to dilute it with water or other vegetable Juices. Fruit Juices may also need to be diluted. You can eliminate Juice entirely if you choose. If you follow these suggestions, you’ll condition your body for cleansing in a gradual way and that may keep you from feeling down, sluggish or toxic.