By BERNARD JENSEN D.C., Nutritionist



Dr. J. Doctor, you have just seen me go through a colema treatment. You have observed how the treatment works. Tell me what you think of it. 

Dr. R. To me, it is an eye opener and a verification of what I have believed and have tried to overcome in our own colonic machines; but Iíve never seen anything to equal the results that you are getting. I always felt it took weeks, if not months, of fasting and colonies to accomplish what you are getting in a relatively short length of time. 

Dr. J. Do you think the colema process is thorough enough to provide long-term benefits for the whole body? 

Dr. R. I am sure of it. Furthermore, when you are fasting, cleansing and eliminating, nature is squeezing her sponge. She is throwing these toxins into the intestinal tract, and you are able to bring them out in this spectacular way. 

Dr. J. Have you ever seen specimens from the bowel demonstrated as well as in this cleans-ing program? 

Dr. R. Never. In all my 50 yearís experience with colonies, Iíve never seen anything to equal this. 

Dr. J. From my experience with the tissue cleansing program, I canít help feeling it is a process that would help everybody. I think many people would profit from a good cleansing that would help keep them from trouble like hardening of the arteries, cho-lesterol deposits, high triglycerides and so forth. 

Dr. R. This is preventive medicine at its best, because atoxic bowel is the sewer of the body. It is the most important eliminative structure of the system, and to get this cleansed out and to give it a chance to function normally, I think is fundamental. 

Dr. J. We have to compensate for the junk weíve put into our bodies. I think it is almost a sin to have coffee and donuts, but God only knows I was raised on them. I grew up on Danish pastry. There must be something built into my body pattern that is still there to a certain extent, and I think that has to be cleaned out. This is one of those ways of going back and clearing out those toxins from polluted air, polluted water, junk foods and body acids induced by stress. To me, this seems the best way to compensate for all of that. 

Dr. R. Letís put it this way, it is the fastest and best way I know of. 

Dr. J. Donít you feel that this along with nutrition provides the fundamentals to start with? 

Dr. R. Absolutely. Clean out, and then build upon a sound nutritional basis. Most people only come to think senously of these problems through personal ill health and not.112 being able to find the solution. Then we start searching. Thank God, I landed in a naturopathic school. 

Dr. J. Well, I think it was a godsend that brought you here today to see this at the age of 78, after practicing 50 years. I am in the same position, up in the 70s, and now I see something that I didnít see before. Why wasnít somebody there to tell me? Donít you feel that same thing about this cleansing program? 

Dr. R. I am convinced of it. Itís an eye opener. It gives you a new dimension to your thinking, a realization that bowel function and bowel toxemia are very real and very constant problems. 

Dr. J. Have you ever seen anything like this before? 

Dr.R. Never!





Patient complained of leg and foot problems; ulcers (open, running and partially encrusted on heel, instep and outside ankle of right foot; heel and instep of left foot); swollen ankles. The leg problems began two years prior to time of examination. Conditions previously treated without success by several physicians. Ulcers worsened. Unable to wear shoes for over a year. Unable to wear stockings previous three weeks due to increasing number of eruptions from ulcers. Blood pressure 80/58. Patient complained of cold hands and feet. HISTORY. Severe diarrhea for previous seven and a half years. Seven or eight bowel movements per day. No relief from either drugstore medications or prescription drugs. Hospitalized with kidney stone attack in January 1976 (four years ago) with surgery recommended by hospital staff physicians. Refused surgery, treated self at wifeís recommendation with vitamins and nutritional supplements for two months. No recurrence of kidney stone attacks since that time. (Lab test after examination showed creatinine level at 0.6 mg/dl-within normal range.) Family history of foot problems. Paternal grandfather died of gangrene which first appeared on right foot. 

Physicianís diagnosis of grandfather included hardening of arteries, low blood pressure and diabetes. After right leg amputation, gangrene appeared on left foot. Amputation of left leg followed by recurrence of gangrene on stumps of both legs. Death resulted two years after left leg amputation. Patientís mother suffered from swollen right ankle during heat of summers in Midwest. Physician advised that problem was due to heart condition. Patient reported that his brothers and sisters all had varicose veins, as well as his paternal grandfather. Mother and one brother died of colitis. One physician who saw patient (an acupuncturist) diagnosed problem with feet as due to colitis, reasoning that male children inherit motherís problems, female chil-dren inherit fatherís problems. Patient left without taking treatments because the physician sim-ply assumed the diagnosis. In 1976, patient had complete medical examination with EKG, chest X-ray, usual lab tests and several biopsies of the stomach. Medical report was negative for cancer. Nothing was found wrong except kidney stones, for which patient came in. Patient stated he had always had circulation problems..

Black in intestinal area indicated underactive bowel with heavy toxic settlement there. Inherent weakness in kidney areas of irides. Adrenal glands underactive, showing that kidneys and adrenals were overworked due to toxic condition of blood from under-active bowel. Leg areas underactive. Poor circulation and enervation, together with underactivity in legs, indicated toxic settlements in leg tissues. 


Initially, Patient eliminated fried foods from his diet, reduced meat intake, in-creased raw salads and added several nutritional supplements. He reported, ďThe bowel has improved considerably...with bowel movements reduced from seven or eight per day down to twice a day. The feet, unfortunately, got worse.Ē Patient was then placed on a seven-day tissue cleansing program which included two colemas per day, morning and night. (Colemas are not as strenuous as colonies but are more effective than enemas.) Fasting diet included broth, herb teas, vitamins, nutritional supplements and juice mixed with bulk and clay water. 

Clay packs and aloe vera were applied externally to the legs. On the fourth day, Patient reported, ďThe swelling in my right ankle is gone. It is now normal. The seal ing or encrustations on my feet, ankles, insteps and heels, began to fall away. I would say there is a 60-70 percent improvement. I am elated over the results.Ē 

Examination at this time showed strong improvement of ulcerated areas around feet. Patient is usinq skin brushing and cold water packs on body. Goal was to increase circulation and life force. Dulse was used to quicken the thyroid, and Dren-C was used to improve circulation. Pancreas substance was taken to dissolve the heavy mucus lining in the bowel. The elimination of mucus from the bowel was an important step toward improved assimilation of nutrients from food after end of tissue cleansing program. When the seven-day program had ended, Patientís feet had cleared up almost entirely. Ulcers no longer draining. Skin healing, becoming clear. Patient had worked very hard, cooperating with the program entirely. When asked for his response to the results of the seven-day tissue cleansing program, Patient re-ported, ďIt is almost miraculous! My wife and family are going to find it difficult to believe what they see when they arrive.Ē Patient was advised concerning the necessity of changing former food and other life habits to an improved nutritional and exercise regimen, to bring about general upgrading of health and to avoid recurrence of ulcerated leg problem. He was told that he had a yearís work ahead of him. Although the ankles were now normal at the beginning of each day, swelling continued to occur around 11 a.m. or noon, particularly in the right foot. On the day patient returned home, he was able to wear shoes comfortably for the first time in over a year! 


Patientís complaints were psoriasis, diabetes and arthritis. HISTORY. Patient developed psoriasis 7 years ago. First symptoms were scaling of scalp and of facial skin under beard. 

Condition became progressively worse until 3 years ago, when fingernails began showing pits and creases. A year later, Patient developed diabetes and began taking insulin. Six months after the appearance of the diabetes, arthritis set in. First symptoms were fluid in the knee and inflammation of the elbow, A physician diagnosed the condition as psoriatric arthritis. Patient found that Western medicine could do nothing for his condition. He was taking 20 aspirin per day for relief from arthritic pain, insulin shots for the diabetes and the psoriasis was growing worse. He began to experience depression and hopelessness..114 IRIS ANALYSIS. Inherent weaknesses in bowel and bronchials. Catarrhal congestion in lungs. Lymphatic rosary. Kidney weakness. Nerve rings. Pancreas weakness. Toxic thyroid. Scurf rim. Drug deposits-iron, sulfur and iodine. PROGRAM. Patient was placed on a seven-day tissue cleansing program. From monitoring blood sugar level, Patientfound it necessary to reduce insulin requirement gradually from 18 units down to nothing by the fifth day when blood sugar level remained within normal limits (70- 110) without insulin. RESULTS. Arthritis improved dramatically. Patient had difficulty putting on socks before but can now do that without problems. Walking was painful and is now normal. The severity of the diabetes is reduced. Psoriasis has improved but will take time to get skin back to normal. Skin is moister than before. Psoriasis peels in larger areas; peelings come off easier and there is little bleeding. Patient is in excellent spirits, looking forward to bicycling when he returns home.


Subject has had cancer for the last eight years. This is a cancer of the breast. Surgery removed a lump and it was found to be very malignant. Mastectomy was advised. Patient re-fused any further surgery and searched for alternative treatments and cures. She first went to laetrille therapy. Soon afterwards was under the care of a natural hygienist for 5 years. She followed a very strict program during this time. Breast became harder and harder. At one point a lump appeared near the surface and ruptured leaving an open, bleeding unhealing sore. 

Patient had taken Dr. Jensenís lectures and courses in the past and at these times was advised to control a calcium deficiency and metabolic imbalance. Her doctor back home consistently refused the calcium control stating that it would be fatal for her to do so. She was afraid to not follow his advice and did not adjust the calcium as recommended. Patient has had over 300 colonic treatments during this time. She was advised by Broda Barnes to stabilize her thyroid activity as he felt it was out of balance. This could cause a calcium upset. At one point, X-rays were taken of the back, revealing it to be like that of an 18 year old. Patientís health deteriorated rapidly. She was advised at this point of advanced bone cancer. Her pelvic bone looked like Swiss cheese. She was told that she had 2 weeks to live and to go to Hawaii for her last days. Patient immediately started calcium treatments and looking after her calcium needs. By now the tumor had broken through causing unbearable pain. She was taken to a hospital and given morphine. Her condition warranted being put on a terminal list during this visit. She left the hospital and went to New Mexico and underwent heat treatments. During her visit there she broke her leg. By now the cancer was a large, oozing, bloody, open sore and was beyond a surgical remedy. During this period she gave her life over to the Lord and experienced a major turning point. She advises that holding any negative thought patterns or resentments is absolutely lethal to well-being. These things will cause death to approach and cannot be indulged in if recovery or healing is to take place..115 She started to take Dr. Jensenís advice wholeheartedly at this time. Combined with new attitude and nutritional improvement, the tide was turned and the tumor started to recede and heal. She has since taken the 3-day cleansing treatment. The tumor is gone and all signs of the cancer are gone also. Laboratory tests are nega-tive. This woman is a very good patient in that she did not give up and was willing to work hard and change her attitudes about life.


Phone call came today from a colema patient telling me that approximately the first part of November 1980, she started wheezing and coughing; also experienced aching all over the body. These were some of the past problems coming back. In August 1979, she had a bad cold with wheezing. October of the same year, had to go into hospital in New York with a chest cold; again in November, had to be hospitalized for the same trouble; got to the point she could not take care of child. She came here in February 1980 for a cleansing treatment, has had second treatment and has followed the maintenance program. When the past problem recurred, she stopped her solid foods and used only potato peeling broth and soup; during this time, she took two colemas a day. Within two days, she was feeling much better and is doing fine now. ďTell the Doctor thank God for the Colema!Ē


The following is a letter received from patient B.F., who received colema treatment in April 1980. Here is her report: ď/ am dropping this note to let you know that the Tissue Cleansing Regimen which I took the first week in April cleared up the cysts in the breast which had troubled me. I hope to see Dr. Jensen at the Nutrition Workshop that he is going to teach in New Lebanon, New York this summer from July 21-28. I plan to drive over for the day and, if possible, have Dr. Jensen examine me. He had wanted to do so and he will be able to see the changes in me since I have been following the colema regimen.


I had a call the other day from a man-a personal friend of mine who has been assisting in the care of an elderly lady, probably around 70. For the past couple of years she has had arthritis and last year she had to have an operation to have the spleen removed. They couldnít control the blood count unless the spleen was taken out..116 She got along fairly well after the operation but then her arthritis came back still more. She had extreme pains throughout the whole body to the place where she could not control it and she had to betaken into the hospital where they could not find anything wrong with her. X-rays showed nothing. The pain was so extreme they went into the bowel and found an obstruction. When she died, they said she died of septic shock. This is not unusual because it follows the pattern that we see with so many people.


Phone call in October. This person started the tissue cleansing treatment in June, the June before 1980 and her problem was degenerative disease in the female organs, principally the uterus. She was advised to have a complete hysterectomy because of suspicions of a very serious degenerative nature. Four months later this woman went for her Pap test and an elimination. They found every-thing normal. She has finally returned to work and is very thankful for what has happened.


Twenty-six-year-old mother of three diagnosed as having Multiple Sclerosis. She has not been given any hope of overcoming this disease from her doctor. They have offered her nothing, no dietetics, no nutritional counseling, and no encouragement. She has been told by her professional guides that she canít get well with any treatments. That she must accept her condition and live with it. With nothing to lose from this prognosis, she has been working with our system and reports that her vitality is better, she feels better and her nerves are much better; she is digesting her food better and her bowels are better.


This lady has gone through the tissue cleansing treatment twice. She has had considerable problems dealing with the spine, neck, joints, abdominal disorders, digestive disturbances, lung disturbances, bronchial problems; going through the change of life. The cleansing treatment was 11 months ago and the second was 7 weeks later, as we advised. Following that, she has been living a fairly good life from a food and mental standpoint; adjusting her job; trying to do as much as she can for herself; having more sunshine treatments during the summer; circulation treatments through Kneipp baths; and trying to readjust her life to such an extent that she built herself up to a healing crisis; that reversal process that we talk so much about. The healing crisis came and she developed pains and aches especially where she had been operated on for a disk in the neck. Then the pain went to the shoulder and different parts of.117 the body. The intestinal problem became a little bit unmanageable so she went on the tissue cleansing treatment again. We planned for 3 days due to the fact that most crises only last about 3 days and we thought that this would be enough, but she stayed on the program for the full 7 day period. She has had greater eliminations from the bowel during her healing crisis than at any other time. This is a very important thing to consider and I would like to discuss this for a moment. First of all, we find that disease is a result of catarrh, mucus and phlegm settling in various parts of the body; toxic materials that have been in our blood over a period of years that have developed the kind of shoulder; the kind of joint material that we have in our body now. We are reversing this, we are using an evolved way of eating; weíre going a better way from a health standpoint. The reversal process goes right out through the tissues when they are regenerated to get rid of the old and to allow the new to come in. In other words, weíre not building a new disease, weíre going backwards now and in going backwards, we call this the reversal method of cleansing; the reversal method of getting rid of any disease accumulation that may be in the body. In this case, we find that the second elimination treatment, at the end of 7 weeks, did not discharge much mucus or catarrh from the bowel. In contrast, during this crisis it was unbelievable what the tissue cleansing treatment and the colemas have brought down from the bowel. There were mucus strings and other materials that were unbelievable. They were of such a copious nature that there were two quarts at a time of this mucus membrane. It was foul and gave up a lot of gas. She had to resort to an extra colema treatment in order to take care of this toxic material that had settled in the bowel. After the 6th day, we found that the colema became clear again. There is still an excessive amount of material coming from the bowel. The greatest amount of toxic material came possibly the 4th, 5th and 6th days. It is beginning to ease up now and it is time that she moves on to the transition diet and the regular eating program once again. This case has been mentioned because it illustrates clearly that during the healing crisis it may become a necessity to go on the colema treatment once again. I will say that everyone who follows this treatment is going to have these healing crises develop. It will bring back the problems that you have had in the past, symptoms you had 10, 20, 30 years ago. It is at this time that the toxic material should be eliminated because the body has liquified the catarrh, liquified the mucus and it is getting to a running stage. At this time, you help it with the colema. After this is over, you will find that it will take 3 to 5 days for a complete elimination to occur, after which youíre ready to start a better life than youíve had in many years. The healing crisis can be a short one, it can be a little one, it doesnít have to take long. Anybody going through this tissue cleansing treatment will get a strong healing crisis. I feel that people overcome their troubles a lot quicker through this reversal process that they would any other way. You make more progress with this program than with any way I know of other than through extreme fasting..118


This man suffers from extreme flatulence and X-ray shows severe diverticula of the co-lon. He has had kidney operations to remove large stones, and has been told that there is a large mass in one kidney. He hasnít the will to live because of these troubles. Blood pressure was high (188/120), extreme digestive disturbances, heart attack, gout; taking drugs now. Does not smoke or drink alcohol. Barium enema shows number of diverticula has tripled in one yearís time. Iris examination reveals deep, dark and large lesions in colon areas. Kidney areas indicate extreme underactivity. Doctors want to take out sections of the bowel and have no other remedy. He came to us with these troubles. The seven-day treatment was started with the tissue cleansing regimen. Good things started to happen immediately. He was able to get the first decent nightís sleep in years by the third day. Flatulence has been reduced markedly. Patient says he hasnít felt as good in years. He claims that he feels like he has been given a new chance at life and is very optimistic about staying on the program. The opportunity to reverse his degenerative processes has given him hope that was not available before.


After taking treatments several months ago, the stomach trouble has left and the digestion is now better. We have not heard any bad results from cases taking the treatment.


Patient had hepatitis. Tests revealed an almost normal condition after one month of colema treatment. Chemistry panel showed alkaline phosphorous of 1760 (normal is 79 to 250 IUL) went to 82 during this treatment. She used no drugs, just foods and tissue cleansing system..119 CHAPTER 10 IN CONCLUSION ďShould the body sue the mind before a court judicature for dam-ages, it would be found that the mind had been a ruinous tenant to its landlord.Ē Essays of Plutarch I have devoted my lifeís energies to discovering the secrets of happy, healthy long life. Search-ing the world over for examples of these blessings has been quite an experience and Iíve learned a great deal. During the 50 years of practice trying to help people be and stay well, Iíve come to one certain conclusion. That the number one symptom that exceeds all others considerably is bowel disturbance. People in this society and culture are all suffering some kind of digestive or eliminative malfunction. It is epidemic in proportion. Our food and lifestyle are slowly doing us in by undermining the health and vitality of our great people. Sickness and disease are claiming a greater and greater portion of our energy, time, money and emotions. We are becoming health poor and vitality bereft. We have strayed from the right path and have been led into a dead end prematurely. This is unfortunate but not inescapable. By turning around and giving up the old; cleansing, rejuvenating and taking the higher path, we can once again enjoy the wonderful blessings of a healthy, vital life as the Creator intended us to have. We must defy the life-robbing habits and foods by refusing to partake of them anymore. We must be willing to cut loose of the old and like a little child once again learn the new, better ways. Surgery and drugs merely delay and antagonize the problems, rarely ever reaching the source of our diseases. One operation leads to another. Drugs are given to alleviate symptoms and mask over a deeper and often chronic condition that goes undetected and uncared for until it is often too late to correct. There is one sure way to deal with our health problems. That is Godís way. When we follow nature, we canít lose. Itís perfect and always works. It is beyond manís tampering and contains all the preconditions for long, healthy life. It takes a long time to develop a chronic, degenerative disease, and it takes awhile to reverse such conditions. But it is possible if the individual can attune his or her self to the task and have faith and perseverence in the natural healing powers of the body. Iíve worked in bowel management all my life. Iíve tried every natural method, product or technique known to man that would care for the bowel. Of all these things I can say that fasting and alfalfa tablets have done the most good of all. Now I want to tell you that the Ultimate Tissue Cleansing System is the greatest thing Iíve ever known to detoxify the body and clean the bowel. This is a recent development; one we have been working on all our lives. Now it is here when we need it more than ever before..


 Iím not saying itís a cure all, but that it is a very powerful beginning for a person who is working toward an eventual healing. Anything we can do to stop autointoxication is going to help slow down the disease process. 

The Ultimate Tissue Cleansing System is the best way I know of to accomplish this goal. By stripping down the old, toxic mucus lining of the bowel, we remove the number one source of disease in the body. In addition, we open up the bowel to a more efficient means of waste elimination and nutrient absorption, both of which are essential to any lasting healing process. This is also the first step toward normalizing the bowel so that the friendly bacteria will return to keep the colon safe from putrefaction and further autointoxication. Doctorís wishing to learn this work may inquire about classes being given. Likewise, pa-tients are being taken upon review and inquiry. 

Here is a short story you might enjoy about one of the longest lived men in Western history. ďWestminster Abbey was begun by King Lucius in A.D. 170. 

The vaults are crowded with illustrious dead whose monuments cover the walls of the vast church. One of the smallest slabs- more interesting than all the fine marbles to princes and poets-says: Thomas Parr of ye county of Salopp, born A.D. 1483. 

He lived in ye reigns of ten kings: Edward IV, Edward V, Richard III, Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary, Elizabeth, James I, Charles I. Buried here November 15, 1635. Aged 152 years.í Before Parr was interred in Westminster, his history was carefully investigated. The parish register of his native village proves he was baptized in 1483. Legal documents and court entries show that he inherited a small farm from his father in 1560, and that he took a wife three years later when eighty. He married again in 1605 at the age of one hundred and twenty-two. When over one hundred and thirty he pleaded guilty, in court, to the charge of being the father of an illegitimate child. He was a farmer all his life. His great age attracted the notice of the King who invited him to the palace for a visit, as the King wished to investigate his exceptional longevity. Parrís last days were spent in the palace. History says his perfect faculties and marvelous memory made him a matchless entertainer. No wonder-what reminiscences a man, who lived in ten reigns, must have had! After Parrís death, Harvey, who discovered the circulation of the blood, made an autopsy, by order of King Charles, to find out why he lived so long. 

The great surgeonís report in Latin, still preserved, states that Parr died from acute indigestion brought on by indulgence in unaccus-tomed luxuries. All of the old manís organs were in perfect condition and Harvey describes the colon as normal in position and in other respects like that of a child. 

Modern microbiologlsts say that in this report Harvey unknowingly reveals the secret of Parrís long life, because his minute description of the intestines proves that the congenital, pro-tective flora had not been lost -Pandoraís Box-What To Eat and Why J. Oswold Empringham, 1936 Today is a new day. We no longer have to carry skeletons in our closets. We no longer have to function on 2nd grade information or even 12th grade information; we can choose what grade.121 of consciousness we want to live in. 

The Muscular Dystrophy campaign phrase ďYour Change is the Key to the CureĒ has more portent than we realize. 

I would like to hand people a pair of invisible scissors and ask ďWhat is that to thee?Ē Use those invisible scissors, cut it off and be free. Loosen it, let it go. ďHe leadeth me beside the still waters...Ē Do you know where the stillness is? Get rid of the confusion and mental chatter that youíve had in the past. Be still and know...take a little time out...find out who you are...go forward with a sign on your back that says ďUnder New Management!Ē Meet the new day with a refreshed spirit!