By BERNARD JENSEN D.C., Nutritionist



I’ve given colonies to people who have expelled grape seeds and they had not eaten grapes for nine months! Where had those seeds been? I’ve seen popcorn come out of a person when they hadn’t had popcorn for three years. Where had it been? We accumulate these things in the mucous membrane that holds toxic material in various folds of the intestines. It was very hard for me to believe this could happen. Just a short time ago, I went through the Ultimate Cleansing process, and I can attest to the wonderful results I experienced. For those who have asthma, an extreme elimination program will help you more than anything; and for those who suffer with arthritis, 1 have seen many receive relief within ten days after participating in this program.’I can tell you about cases and relief that came to those who have taken care of the bowel. It is a means of keeping the body clean. “Cleanse and purify thyself and I wilt exalt thee to the throne of power.” Energy which flows through our body is dependent upon a clean body. For example, here is a case that was quite striking to me. One of the women on the program who is in her early fifties, had medical laboratory tests taken that showed a triglyceride reading of 938 mg/dl (Normal is 150-200.) and a cholesterol reading of 348 mg/dl. After one week on the Ultimate Cleansing Program, the triglyceride dropped to 253 and the cholesterol to 277; obvi-ously a dramatic change occurred. There is a mucous membrane that lines the last six feet of the intestinal tract of the large colon. I never believed this tract could be so mucus loaded, black and toxic, but I had the chance to see this while on the Ultimate Cleansing Program myself. In this process, you use an intestinal bulk. This bulk is mixed with clay water and is taken five times a day followed by a second drink of natural apple cider vinegar and honey. Hot water carries food or any material to the colon, while cold water and food stop at the stomach. This is why we do not believe in cold food or drinks after meals; this stops digestive processes at the stomach level. We find that hot drinks will get to the bowel and start things moving along. The instructions for the 7-day cleansing pro-gram are more detailed in the next section. Now there are ways of breaking down the mucous membrane. How did you happen to get this heavy mucous membrane? You were not digesting your foods properly. In those who don’t digest food properly, the pancreas isn’t working well, so they can get relief by taking Pancreatic tablets. Most of this heavy mucus, I believe, has been developed by undigested foods. By putting this excess amount of pancreatic material in the body, you can readjust what the pancreas should have done in the past when the body was overloaded with starches, sugar, etc. We are now going .0 readjust this so it will tear down the mucus that holds all of these materials. I believe the digestant will also help break off the mucous lining from the bowel wall. I believe this because I’ve been on several elimination programs and this one rids the bowel of the mucous lining. When the liver hasn’t been working too well and we are a wee bit on the slow side in moving the bowel, it may help to take beet tablets. Further, we may want to take Spring Green or Green Life tablets. No food will be eaten during this time. You have only a small amount of juice mixed.67 with the bulk and the rest is water. The vitamins and minerals in tablet form are all food, so you won’t feel hungry. You won’t lose much weight on your first cleansing elimination. There are more vitamins and minerals to take and I think one to be considered is niacin. This pushes blood to all the different organs in the body. Niacin will give you a hot flash and a flush; we want the blood to get to the bowel wall at this time. There is a product called Calphonite which is colloidal calcium and is taken twice a day, morning and night. At night, cod liver oil is added which will control and fix calcium in the body. Calphonite is a refined lime product with a very high absorption rate which promotes the dissolv-ing of precipitated calcium settled in the joints.


I would like to discuss one of the most important aspects of the bowel management pro-gram, the one most neglected and the one no one wants to talk about. I think we are all in a bowel mess because we grew up like Topsy. and now we have to talk about it. We have to begin to correct old errors by learning the right way to take care of the bowel. Cleansing, detoxification and elimination are words we all hear. but they are seldom used in connection with the bowel. When I look over all the programs that were developed to take care of the bowel and all the various techniques we’ve had in bowel cleansing, I have come to the con-clusion that a real cleansing process should be one that reaches every cell in the body. In gen-eral, we can say that the blood is only as clean as the bowel, and since the blood circulates through every organ in the body and reaches every cell in the body, toxins in the blood due to a dirty bowel contaminate the entire body. To properly cleanse the body tissue we must start by a thorough cleansing of the bowel. We have to utilize energy to rid the bowel of toxic material. We find, too, that the bowel has to take care of acids. Catarrh elimination through the bowel is actually part of our own body being eliminated. Now, I’ve heard the bowel called a cesspool and I’ve heard it called the dirtiest part of the body. I point this out because the average person doesn’t want to talk about it; such discussion is thought to be socially unacceptable. Bowel problems should be discussed, how-ever, because most people need some help. There is nothing to be ashamed of in discussing the bowel. It is merely a natural part of the body. Care of the bowel should be a routine part of a total health program. Bowel action is one of the end results of metabolism: the elimination of broken down cells and tissue plus the fermented and putrified food wastes. Bowel action is far worse when there is a lazy colon. The colon is made up of muscle structure that moves toxic materials along by peristaltic motion, and if there is flabby muscle structure throughout the body, you can be as-sured that the bowel is even flabbier.


In managing the bowel, there are ways to get good results, and first of all, we must change the diet. Unless we do this, we will become “doctor shoppers.” The symptoms just stay with us because we aren’t dealing with the cause of the problem. Every organ in the body works with every other organ. The body is a community of various organs working for the good of the whole human being..68 A short word on intestinal cultures before the story. While I was at the Battle Creek Sanitarium, Dr. DeFoe, who delivered the famous Dionne quintuplets in Canada, telephoned Dr. John Harvey Kellogg and said he was about to lose two of the babies because of their poor bowel conditions. Dr. Kellogg immediately sent off an acidophilus culture, and a week later, Dr. DeFoe called to say the two babies were much improved. He felt that Dr. Kellogg had saved the babies’ lives with the acidophilus culture. In discussing the many types of diets that are appropriate during the different stages of disease, we must be sensitive to what these stages represent in terms of digestive ability. For instance, we can’t immediately give a big raw salad to one who has colitis; we must first cleanse and give the bowel tonicity in preparation for more efficient digestion and absorption. Going through the 7-day elimination program will give us a head start. We must be able to absorb the nutrients that we are rebuilding our bodies with or those nutrients will be lost. Once absorption has been increased we take the body step by step along a graduated food regime. We may have to use broths and light soups at first, then go on to steamed, pureed vegetables and fruits. Raw, liquefied salads can be given as the bowel becomes able to handle more bulk. We must move slowly but surely along the tissue cleansing and rejuvenating system, keep-ing in mind that even as it took time to pollute our bodies to the point of disease, so it will take time to reverse the process.


Personally, I wonder if a toxic body can even absorb the right chemical elements at all. If body tissue is unable to function at the normal metabolic rate, regeneration and rebuilding would take a great deal longer than otherwise. Can digestion be good in a toxic body? It is impossible to build healthy tissue without effective digestion and assimilation. Nerve conduction is not as effective as it should be when the metabolic rate is low. It is entirely possible to have good nerve flow and nerve function in the body, but if the body chemistry is not right, improvement through rejuvenation will be limited and incomplete. A complete tissue detoxification program requires that we take care of all five elimination channels. Underactive tissue can not get rid of toxic wastes properly. I want to place a special emphasis on this. When we rid the body of toxins, we often notice a subsequent remission of some degenerative disease stage.


There are many therapeutic approaches to restoring or maintaining health today. However, the presence of toxic settlements in the body prevents any of these methods of treatment from being completely successful. If a treatment does not work toward complete detoxification, the rejuvenation of tissue will not take place as it should. The complete rejuvenation process in-volves the replacement of old underactive tissue with new, clean, efficiently working tissue. This is what brings a degenerative condition to a state of recession and remission. Many kinds of processes can be used to bring this about, and this is what the doctor must be alert for..69 The natural immune system can only be built up in a clean body, a body with a minimal amount of accumulated toxic material. The presence of significant quantities of toxic material in body tissue means that the body’s natural defenses have been overcome. When health is re-stored through a tissue cleansing program, the immune system will also be restored as we return to a healthy diet, exercise, fresh air, sunshine and a positive outlook on life. Most people believe that tissue rebuilding depends upon a nutritious diet, and this is basi-cally correct. But it also depends on good nerve force, good circulation and adequate rest. We have done experiments to show what can be accomplished by tissue detoxification. In a period of only seven days of fasting, taking nutritional supplements and bowel cleansing, al-most unbelievable results have been observed and recorded. As these methods are further understood and tested; we may hope to find them in hospitals and sanitariums in the treatment of disease. In order to reverse the disease process, we must consider Hering’s law of cure, which states that all diseases are cured from within out, from the head down and in reverse order as their symptoms first appeared in the body. This means we have to return over the same ‘track” we traveled to get the disease. No disease can exist without toxic material in the body, so the first step toward remission is detoxification. To administer drugs in response to a disease condition brought on by toxic accumulations can only add to the problem. Although temporary relief may be obtained, the residual drug settle-ment will, over the long term, simply increase the toxic burden of the body. Please remember that this program is designed to be part of a preventive health care sys-tem in which the results of bad habits may begin to be reversed. No good results of lasting quality will be had as long as destructive habits are continued. This prog ram is for the person who is wanting and willing to start over anew. Taking up the life-generating practices marks the beginning of a new day toward the harvest of renewed health and vitality. Throughout this book, we have stressed the importance of cleanliness as the vehicle by which health is regained and maintained. The degree to which the colon is inhabited by harmful bacteria, parasites and other dangerous organisms varies greatly among individuals. What one person is able to hold in the bowel without obvious effects may be hazardous to others.


Contamination by one individual of another must be avoided.

This important point is best accomplished by each person having their own personal colema board and tip.


Microscopic organisms are very easily transferred to the colon by the use of unclean colema rectal tips. Store your rectal tip in a bottle of germicidal solution when not in use. Sterilize the interior tube to which the rectal tube is attached before use to ensure against infection. We have endeavored to make this system as easy as possible to keep clean by making it simple and uncomplicated. Thorough cleansing of the board after each use is essential to avoiding compli-cations. It is very important that this instruction be adhered to for your health and well-being.

Do not be lax In this regard.

One of the nice advantages of this system is that colonic debris never flows back through the colema tubing, as occurs in nearly all commercially available colonic irrigation equipment. In.70 this way, contamination is kept to a safe minimum. It is a good idea to occasionally cleanse the hoses of the colema by running a germicidal solution through the bucket and tubing to cleanse the passageways of any possible infestations. Also, always keep a protective lid on the colema bucket to avoid settlement of hair, dust, dirt or other contamination into the bucket. Always thor-oughly rinse the bucket before and after each use. Another important consideration that you should be aware of is the quality of your water supply. Contaminated water can cause severe bowel distress. If you are working with well water in your colema, it is a good idea to make certain the water is safe for colonic irrigation by having it tested at your local health certification agency. If in doubt, it is suggested you take measures to sterilize the water by some means such as boiling or passing it through an antibacterial filtration. Chemical treatment should not be used unless there is no otherchoice. Chlorine, such as bleaching agents, will sterilize water but is unfit to use immediately. If chlorinated water is used, it should be allowed to stand vented overnight so the chlorine vapors dissipate. There should belittle or no chlorine residue left in the water when it is used for the colema treatment. It is possible that your water supply is irritating to your bowel. To help solve this problem, we suggest that flaxseed tea be used. Flaxseed tea, as prepared on page 79, is a very soothing, healing and lubricating substance when added to the colema water solution.

THE ULTIMATE TISSUE CLEANSING SYSTEM Unlike Any Other System in Cleansing and Regenerating the Body! ACKNOWLEDGMENT

Bowel cleansing and healthy bowel management has been studied extensively by Mr. V. E. Irons. Mr. Irons is a leading specialist on bowel problems, and for 42 years he has endeavored to understand the workings and needs of the healthy bowel. He heads the V. E. Irons Company of Natick, Massachusetts, where VIT-RA-TOX products are distributed. He is a leading advocate in the use of natural substances, believing strongly that the body is fully capable of healing itself when given the opportunity. His experience has shown that very few people have normal bowel function. Mr. Irons and I have been working together for many years and see eye to eye that the bowel is the basis for most of humanity’s ailments today. While it is necesary to take care of the bowel it is only one aspect that must be cared for to bring on perfect health. We consider Mr. V. E. Irons to be one of our best friends. He is one I am indebted to for the ideas worked out in this colema program. After many years of using this, we consider this program to be the fastest, easiest and least complicated tissue cleansing program available today. One important point to remember, however, is that some people cannot go through the whole 7-day program. The seriously III pa-tient or the elderly may only be able to go on this program for one day. Kay Shaffer has contributed much time, effort and creative energy into developing this pro-gram. She is a tireless worker in bowel cleansing-management and has worked with Mr. Irons for many years. She has had outstanding results and has seen some of the most unbelievable symptoms reverse as a result of this treatment..71 Sylvia Bell has coauthored this book with me and has worked consistently on all the treatments we have given at our Ranch-Sanitarium. She has assisted greatly in bringing this work forward.


The following information is a step-by-step, detailed instruction on the procedure and operation of the Ultimate Tissue Cleansing System as it is used at the writing of this book. We endeavor to employ the most thorough, efficient and natural means available toward the goal of tissue detoxification and cleansing. Therefore, ongoing research and development are in progress toward this end. Our goal is to serve humanity by exploring and revealing those methods, products, pro-cedures and creative insights as they are presented to us for the express purpose of relieving pain, suffering, disease and premature aging. We strive to learn the ways to reinstate the natural, God-given gifts of health, vitality and longevity to those who seek them in these days of unprecedented toxic pollution. During the many years of helping people correct poor bowel conditions, it has become very obvious that most people are not capable of taking good care of themselves. There is no reason to be afraid of this treatment because it is safe, gentle and comfortable on the body. There is nothing mysterious about its workings and anyone who can read and follow simple instructions can do this work for themselves. On a limited basis, we conduct classes and training for this treatment. At the moment, we are working with a seven-day experimental live-in program designed to give practitioners a first-hand experience of the system in action. Write for details. I am convinced that this treatment makes nutrients available to the body faster than any other system I know of, because the bowel is cleaner and the colon muscle tone is stronger. When the bowel is toxic laden, it becomes lazy, loses its ability to function in all capacities and soon loses its muscle tone. It takes an internal manipulation to restore good bowel function once it is lost. The colema treatment does this work because it is an internal massage which develops muscular tone in the bowel. It takes a year to build good tone by this method. I don’t know of any other system that can give you these results any quicker. Compared to other treatments, this ultimate tissue cleansing system is exceptionally cost effective, making it within reach for a great many people. I want to make this system of cleansing and healing available to everyone and this is the main reason for this book. Whether it is handed to someone in the wilds of Canada or the jungles of South America, they should be able to understand this book and go through this treatment to help overcome disease and illness. With this system of tissue cleansing, we’re going to take the buildup of mucus and catarrh which has become sticky, congested and hardened, and liquify it so that it will run out of the body. This is the beginning of the program. The real work in healing the body is going to come later when there is a transformation in tissue integrity resulting in a higher quality body. This process brings on the healing crisis and.72 may take 6 months to bring on a complete elimination. This will result in cleaner, purer tissue that is able to accept and handle the good, vital foods you’re feeding it. This program is not just a colonic-it is much more. We call it a colema because it’s a combination of an enema and a colonic. This program involves more than just taking Core of the bowel. We must prepare the body’s elimination channels for the housecleaning that is on the way. If we build the body up to cause a cleansing to occur, then we must open up the elimination systems to handle this discarded ma-terial. It is common for old, toxic substances to flow not only from the bowel, but from all channels; lungs, mouth, nose, ears, skin, kidneys, lymph, vagina; all possible channels must be ready and capable of handling the flood. In preparing for this occurrence, I strongly advise that you become more familiar with the process by studying my book which explains the healing crisis in detail, titled Doctor-Patient Handbook. One of the usual occurrences for those who have experienced this system is the extreme elimination of feces. One patient explains that she could have a complete bowel movement and then take a colema and have still another bowel movement and, after an hour or so, have another complete bowel movement! Many people think that they are cleaned out when they have one movement. Unfortunately, most people are as many as 10 meals behind in their eliminations! They are holding many meals in the ballooning, pocketed portions of their bowel. The colema treatment will loosen up this material and make it flow. It will also restore tone and activity to that part of the bowel that is distorted and underactive. We’ve had some people who are afraid that they are losing part of the bowel because the material coming through is so unbelievable in its shape, color, consistency and odor. They can’t imagine the heavy mucous lining being so foul, thick and stringy. This is not a desirable thing to retain in the bowel because it is carrying the seeds of dis-ease and illness. It is loaded with old drugs, tissue and morbid substances. It is the favored environment for the disease-producing bacillus coli. As the body rises up from the old, we must work with it, support it and encourage the pro-cess. We work with less food, more broths, more rest. The body responds with revitalization and regeneration in all the tissues of the organism. This is why we call it a tissue cleansing treatment. It gets after every tissue in the body, not just the bowel. We realize by now that every tissue in the body is as clean as the bowel. This is due to the fact that every tissue is fed by the blood which is nourished by the bowel. When the bowel is dirty, the blood is dirty and so on to the organs and tissues. When diarrhea comes along, don’t stop it. Let it go, it is a cleansing process. Drink plenty of liquids to avoid being dehydrated. During the healing crisis, do not eat very much; nothing at all is best. Overeating during this time will possibly shut down the process and thereby delay that which you have worked so hard to make occur. Go instead to the vegetable juices, vegetable broths and light liquids. If there is any fever, do not use any fruit juices, especially citrus juices. Potato peeling broth is the best thing to use at this time. A fever indicates that the body is hard at work burning up toxic substances. Let’s not.73 interfere with it by forcing the body to divert needed cleansing energy into having to process food. The bowel is like a vacuum cleaner bag. It filters and filters until it is all clogged up and doesn’t do its job anymore. In fact, a clogged up bag causes damage to the motor by allowing debris to pass by where it finds its way into the delicate machinery. It also places a very heavy load upon the motor, which is trying to draw air through the dirty bag. The colema treatment unplugs the filter, so to speak. This treatment will be relatively new to a lot of people. It can be used by young and old alike, as well as so-called healthy people. Practically any disease, discharging, infection, catarrhal or bowel disturbance and lowered hormone balance due to toxins can benefit from this treatment.


In diverticulitis we find that there can be severe reactions resulting from the painful condition that already exists in the patient. There may be abscesses forming. We might have a perforation of the bowel and we must be very careful in taking care of this. It will always be best to have a doctor’s counsel and to see just what is going on. We find that if we can cleanse the bowel without any distention, even though using large amounts of water in the enema, we will be help-ing these sensitive problems. We feel that the colema, which is one of the most natural ways of putting water into the bowel and eliminating it without any heavy distention, is probably the best way to take care of these things. However, we must make sure that we don’t have any symptoms that are really grievous to the patient, mentally or physically. We must also watch that the white cell count does not become very high because we find that this will be a sign of infection and possibly conditions developing other than the diverticulitis that couir be of a serious nature. Further, we have to consider that there could be obstructions in that bowel from a growth and that to expect anything to happen immediately from the colema and from the tissue cleans-ing treatment may be unrealistic. It is always best to have a doctor check over these conditions to make sure this treatment can be used in combination with his suggestions and with his diag-nosis.


Due to the fact that this can be considered the most powerful tissue cleansing treatment available today, some skill must be attended to persons given this treatment. It is well to have the cooperation of a doctor to handle the most severe cases. It is also advisable to have a complete clinical examination so that all and any tests can be monitored as patient makes progress. This is not to be considered a “cure-all,” but an adjunctive treatment. It is a foundation for thorough tissue detoxification by way of colon cleansing. It is well to have complete regulatory and competent advisory consultation with those giving and administering this treatment..74 A doctor knowing the “reversal process of cure” is to be desired. A disease in its reversal system will bring about different symptoms and can be responsible for elimination processes. Chemical, mechanical or nutritional assistance is also desirable and can be used with any other form of treatment favoring elimination and detoxification. A clinical examination should basically include: urinalysis, a complete blood count, PBI, SMA-24, acid-alkaline fecal test, test for acido-philus bacteria,

X-rays when needed,

and any other test(s) that can be used to show tissue or functional changes taking place during this treatment.

Any particular weakness of any organ or system that is underactive should be tested often, or as deemed appropriate by doc-tor in order to monitor the patient closely.



Diabetic, tubercular, cancer and extreme degenerative diseases must have guidance, sanction and assistance by the most capable minds and doctor. Diabetic cases must be handled with particular care in regard to the fasting aspect of the cleanse. Also all cases are not alike in their response to the detoxification program. Results may vary considerably according to individual constitutions. Frequent colonic irrigation will have an adverse effect upon the electrolyte balance of the colon. Electrolyte leaching is not a good process and must be avoided. The best way to prevent this occurrence is to be absolutely certain that adequate amounts of lactobacillus organisms are reestablished in the colon. To accomplish this task, refer to pages 51 through 55 in this book. When the body is properly fed with good quality foods containing organic sodium, potassium and magnesium, the electrolyte level of the colon will be replenished as part of the diet. We must eat properly along with colon treatments.




The following ingredients are used in the treatment for specific reasons. So that you may more fully appreciate the usefulness of these items, a brief explanation of their properties is included.


a-The difference between alfalfa tablets, Green Life and Sun Chlorella is that alfalfa has all the fiber material left it it from the stems and fiber structure of the leaves. These act as a bulk and a material for a ballooned or weakened bowel to work against the tone of the tissues of the bowel. This also allows a faster transit time for the bowel. This is one of the supplements I use for practically every patient who needs to overcome bowel disturbances. Alfalfa offers the proper bulk, but sometimes produces more gas as we stir up this lazy bowel to act, and, for this reason, we use a couple of digestive enzymes to get rid of the gas.

Apple Juic

e-Very good for the bowel because it is high in pectin, which is a moisture-holding substance.

Apple Cider Vinega

r-Very high in potassium and is good to relieve any mucus or ca-tarrhal conditions. It helps provide needed nutrients to muscle tissue.

Beet Tablet

s-A slight laxative that works well with the liver, promoting the cleansing of that organ..75


clay suspended in water. It is very useful in absorbing toxic substances. It can absorb 40 times its own weight in toxic substances. It acts like a sponge, mopping up undesirable debris.

Mucilaginous Bul

k-This material holds moisture well and attaches itself to the mucus lining making it soft and loose so it will move away from the bowel wall. This is a very important ingredient to the success of the treatment.

Cod Liver Oi

l-Provides lubrication and helps work with the liver in cleansing. It provides vitamins A and D which are needed for good elimination.


e-Stimulates peristaltic action in the bowel-driving down feces and stimulating bile production in the liver.


e-Quickensthethyroid gland and speeds upthe metabolism while bringing heat to the body causing the blood to circulate deeper.

Spring Green and Green Life Tablet

s-Brand names for very potent biogenic plant sub-stances. They provide rich sources of vitamins, minerals and enzymes that help in the cleansing process. We believe that Green Life is the finest supplements to be used with this colema pro-gram; however, if it is not available, you may use Sun Chlorella, in the same amount. Be sure to crush the tablets into powder form before taking.


d-Excellent bulk maker, and in extreme cases of ulcerated colitis, provides a soothing and healing tea to be put into the colema water. It also is a bowel lubricant. For one of the colema solutions to be used when any serious cases are confronted, such as colitis, always use flaxseed tea. You can also add a teaspoon or more of liquid chlorophyll to this flaxseed tea for the colema water. This can be taken by mouth as well. When taken orally, use one cup tea and one teaspoon liquid chlorophyll three times a day. This can be used in cases of extreme gas, spastic conditions, colitis, etc.

Liquid Chlorophyl

l-Very wonderful for the bowel. It is soothing and reduces inflamma-tion, swelling and pain. It disinfects and cleanses.


n-Produces hot, red flush and is used to push the blood deep into underactive tis-sues so that we can strengthen them with vital nutritents.


is the one thing that helps most to bring down the mucus lining. It is a powerful digestant substance and loosens the lining. Mr. Irons produces most of these products and they are very good. Nature’s Sunshine is also producing similar products. Please inquire for a very good all-around vitamin which is chemically balanced for both the adult and children. I have had many requests from strict vegetarians about the use of the animal products in this treatment. Specifically, the Pancreatin and Cod Liver Oil. For those so concerned, I wish it were possible to recommend substitutes that are as effective as these. Unfortunately, I am not aware of any at this time. It is particularly important to use the Pancreatin as it has the unique ability to dissolve and digest the heavy mucus encrustation that causes so much of the bowel troubles. Vitamin A is not readily available in a natural form other than cod liver oil. There are syn-thetic forms available, but I do not recommend their use. Vegetarian A is usually a pro-vitamin A and of low potency..76 I feel that the benefits of this treatment outweight the use of the animal products for the brief period that they are employed. Once the bowel is reestablished into a healthier condition, then use of these substances can be discontinued. Betaine HCL and herbal digestants have not given good results and are not recom-mended as viable substitutes for Pancreatin. Papaya tea or extract help. Huckleberry tea or extract may also be a substitute. We have not tried these and therefore cannot report on the effectiveness of them. If you suffer from an allergic reaction to any particular ingredient, then omit it from the program until it may be tolerated at a later time.


1. Two empty pint jars with tight covers. 2. Juice. (Your choice of fruit juice. Apple is preferred or vegetable juice or natural herb teas for a variety of special purposes.) 3. 10 ounces of intestinal bulk; or like amount of ground psyllium seeds. Also needed: 8 herbal laxative tablets or equivalent. 4. Two bottle Bentonite clay water, Veico 77, VIT-RA-TOX 16, Sonne7, Nature’s Sun-shine. (More needed if used in enema.) 5. Two bottles Spring Green or Green Life tablets preferred or liquid chlorophyll or eight alfalfa tablets. 6. One bottle wheat germ oil capsules. 7. One bottle vitamin C, 100 mg tablets. 8. One bottle beet juice tablets. 9. Colema board or enema bag with a long colonic tip (size 24 to 30, which is available at your drugstore). However, for the best results, a colema board is imperative. 10. One infant rectal syringe. 11. Calphonite or a calcium supplement like bone meal, etc. 12. Garlic capsules (used for certain conditions). 13. One quart apple cider vinegar (natural). 14. One pint honey. 15. Niacin (50-mg tablets). 16. Pancreatin tablets, quadruple strength, KAL brand or others. 17. Dulse tablets. 18. Cod liver oil, 1 pint-nonsynthetic, Norwegian cod is best. 19. Flaxseed, 8 ounces. 20. Coffee, ground (1 pound)-not instant coffee. 21. Rectal ointment: K-Y Jelly..77 The illustration indicates 3 inches only on the tip which is to be inserted into the rectum

USE EXTREME CAUTION Due to several complaints from colema users, we find it necessary to insist in the strongest possible language that ANY COLEMA TIP MUST NOT BE inserted MORE THAN THREE (3) INCHES PAST THE ANUS WHEN TAKING COLEMAS. The bowel bends at the sigmoid flexure, about four (4) inches from the anus in the average person, perhaps less in some individuals. INSERTING ANY TIP MORE THAN THREE INCHES COULD BRING EXCESSIVE PRESSURE AGAINST THE BOWEL WALL AT THIS BEND, RESULTING IN IRRITATION, PAIN AND POSSIBLE MECHANICAL PROBLEMS. THERE SHOULD NEVER BE ANY FORCE EXERTED ON THE BOWEL WALL WITH ANY COLEMA TIP. This is another reason why we urge that our 7-DAY TISSUE CLEANSING PROGRAM be taken under the supervision of a doctor, colonic specialist or one versed in the proper use of enemas. USE EXTREME CAUTION.



for the full 7 days,other than a specified,during the program. If you expe-rience a feeling of extreme hunger, you may drink herbal teas, clear vegetable or potato peeling broths or diluted fresh vegetable juices. Plenty of liquid is essential to the success of the cleansing program. The evening before starting the program, take 2 herbal laxative tablets. To ensure a more thorough elimination, use a baby enema syringe to inject 1 cup olive oil into rectum and hold until morning. If necessary in the morning, use an enema to make sure the lower colon is clean.


(Instructions on 90.) Your daily regimen should begin with skin brushing, 3 to 5 minutes.


The cleansing drink consists of two parts to be mixed separately and drunk in succes-sion. The two-part drink will be taken five times daily.


Part One: 2 oz Apple Juice 8 oz. water 1 tablespoon clay water

1 slightly rounded teaspoon intestinal cleanser

SHAKE WELL AND DRINK QUICKLY (mixture thickens). Part Two: 10 oz. water 1 tablespoon Apple Cider Vinegar 1 teaspoon honey


It is easiest to prepare the whole day’s supplements at the beginning of each day. The supplements are to be taken 4 times each day. Separate them into 4 containers, one for each interval. See schedule for appropriate times. There will be different proportions on days One, Two and Three. Day Three through Seven will be the same. The following supplements are taken in one interval. The daily intake will be 4 times this amount..79


Green Life 12 each time Niacin 50 mg each time Wheat Germ Oil 1 capsule each time Vitamin C 100 mg, 2 tablets each time Pancreatin tablets 6 each time Beet tablets 2 each time Dulse tablets 1 each time


Green Life 18 each time Niacin 100 mg each time Wheat Germ Oil 1 capsule each time Vitamin C 100 mg, 2 tablets each time Pancreatin tablets 6 each time Beet tablets 2 each time Dulse tablets 1 each time


Green Life 24 each time Niacin 150 mg up to 200 mg each time Wheat Germ Oil 1 capsule each time Vitamin C 100 mg, 3 tablets each time Pancreatin tablets 6 each time Beet tablets 2 each time Dulse tablets 1 each time Along with the pill supplements, you will be taking cod liver oil, Calphonite and a flaxseed drink, which appear in the following daily time schedule. To prepare flaxseed drink, soak 1 tablespoon of flaxseeds in ¼ cup hot water for 8 hours (soak your first drink the night before you begin the program). Strain and discard seeds; drink only the liquid..80


SKIN BRUSH 7:00 am: cleansing drink (see preceding page) 8:30 am: supplements and flaxseed drink, 2 tablespoons Calphonite 10:00 am: cleansing drink 11:30 am: supplements with tea or diluted juice 1:00 pm: cleansing drink  2:30 pm: supplements with tea  4:00 pm: cleansing drink  5:30 pm: supplements, flaxseed drink  7:00 pm: cleansing drink  Bedtime: immediately before retiring -2 tablespoons Calphonite, 1 tablespoon Cod Liver Oil. (Bedtime should be no later than 9:30 pm.) As you can see, your supplements are taken 1-1/2 hours after the cleansing drinks. The evening of your first day on the program, you will have the first colema at7:30 pm. Thereafter, you are to have two per day-one at 7:30 am and the other at 7:30 pm. REST ½ hour after each colema.


The secret of this cleansing program is to take a special kind of enema called a “colema” twice a day, and perhaps even three times. An inexpensive piece of equipment called a colema board is used which Permits the user to comfortably lie down during the treatments. It has a hole in one end which is placed over the toilet. There is either a 4 or 5 gallon bucket hanging above, over a shower rod, and inside the bucket is a tube which allows water to pass down the rubber tubing through a small plastic tube, which is inserted in the rectum. The plastic tube is smaller than your little finger, and we find that toxic material goes right by it and elimination can take place without having to remove the tube. So the water goes in and the toxic waste material comes out and into the toilet. This program involves taking two colemas a day. I first thought this would perhaps weaken the bowel; but I found that as the water went into the bowel, elimination was easier and a better tone developed in the bowel. It’s not a matter of how harshly you let water into the bowel, how ballooned you make the bowel or even how much you can hold. You eliminate as you need to, and that is what develops a bowel wall. The coleina board and associated parts represent a major advance for those interested in getting involved in their own healing process. Not only does it make a colon treatment possible at home, but it also makes for easier planning of one’s routine, time savings and puts you in control of the process. This equipment is light weight and inexpensive, easily stored and can travel with you. Cutting the board in half and hinging it will allow you to pack it into a handy travel bag acceptable to most transportation systems..81


The colema board has been designed to provide a safe and easy way to take a high enema. Once you are in the correct position, it is possible to relax and virtually enjoy the rest of the procedure. Both hands are free so you may massage the abdomen and colon. For best results, massaging is most important. Place body-temperature water in a four or five gallon plastic bucket; do not fill completely. The pail of water may hang on a hook, shower rod or be placed on a sink top or box. Make sure that your bucket is sturdy enough to hold 5 gallons of water and that your hanging point is strong enough to hold the full bucket. There should be approximately four feet between the colema board and the bottom of the pail. Add the mixture you are using (coffee and vinegar, clay water or garlic) into the water. Place the working end of the colema board over the toilet. The top of the board, where the head rests, may be placed on a chair or the side of the tub for convenience. To prevent splashing of expelled fecal matter, place the lid for the splash board over the end area of the colema board. Check to make sure the water can run freely through the tube which goes to the rectum. Place a folded towel or foam pad on the board so that it will be comfortable to lie on. Before inserting the colema tip into the tube on the board, rinse well. Apply a small amount of lubricant on the rectal tube so colema tip will be easily inserted, being careful not to clog the holes. Posi-tion your body on colema board in order to easily insert the colema tip into the rectum. Slide body down until the buttocks touch the wooden edges of the support. Open clamp to allow the solution to flow into the colon. You do not have to remove the rectal tip in order to evacuate. The fecal matter will bypass the tip, allowing normal bowel action. The colema boc-rd encourages normal peristalsis without producing bowel distension. Begin abdo-men massage. Start massaging upward on your left side. If you find any tender or sore areas, continue to massage until the tenderness is gone. Continue up to the ribs on the left, then across the abdomen and down the right side. This brings the solution to the ascending colon. When cramping or the desire to evacuate occurs, close off the water clamp (in-flow) and sir.ply relieve the bowel. The small, pencil-like tip will allow free elimination without being removed. Continue this procedure until you have eliminated the bulk of fecal mass or until you have exhausted the water contents in the bucket. This will normally take about 30 minutes. Be sure to clamp off tube before all the water is used, iin order to maintain the siphon action in the hose. Upon completion of the colema, clean the board and tubes with a germicidal solution. When removing the tip for cleaning, be sure to replace the piece of ¼-inch rubber tubing that holds the tip on the adjustable holder of the rectal tube. It is suggested that the tip be immersed in a germicidal solution and stored until the next colema.


To start the water flow in the hose you must siphon it. This is accomplished by putting the end that goes in the bucket under the faucet. Run water through it, past the u-tu be, then hold it up in the air so the water can run down the long part of the hose. Once it has run down, close the clamp, then start it in the same way you did before and your siphon will be working. The idea is that when water is pulled down the long part of the hose it will naturally draw the water up the hose from the bucket and around the u-tube. To keep the siphon flow, always clamp off the hose before.82 the bucket has run dry. This way you will retain your suction without having to resiphon. If the bucket does run dry, you must repeat the starting | procedure. Another way to drain the bucket is to attach a small plastic fitting into a hole at the base of the bucket. Attach the neoprene hose to this fitting and the other end to the colema board.


There are a few additives I might mention to use in the colema water. First of all, you can add a pint of coffee. Coffee helps bring down bile from the liver and stimulates the bowel wall to throw out the toxic material faster. You can also add clay water, which I believe has a great effect on the mucus membrane, loosening it and releasing it faster. Of course, this procedure is re-peated two times a day for the seven-day period. After the week, the Maintenance Program is followed for seven weeks. It is recommended that you follow this with another cleansing pro-gram. I feel this is the Ultimate Cleansing Program, a process which completely and thoroughly removes the toxic material from the bowel.


The Ultimate Tissue Cleansing System is very good at overcoming pain. Pain of all kinds from any part of the body, such as in arthritis, headaches, etc. In overcoming serious degenerative disease, it is recommended that the treatment be on-going and constantly applied for possibly one year and perhaps longer. It should be understood that this treatment cannot be considered a “cure all,” but rather is an important step for leading the body to detoxification and cleansing. Treatment must be given according to the patient’s responsiveness-watch for reactions closely. Three days may be all a patient can endure to begin with, especially with the elderly and very weak. One day may be all that can be safely administered if the patient drops in energy level severely. Please remember that reactions can set in quickly and must be attended to at once. This is the most powerful detoxifying program I know of. Approach it with respect. We are unleashing potent healing powers that may be overwhelming to the uninitiated.


Add 1 pint of coffee and 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar to a little less than 5 gallons of water. (To prepare coffee, allow 2 tablespoons of coffee to 1 pint of water; bring to a rolling boil; let stand 15 minutes before using. You may want to make a 2-day supply of coffee each time). Massage abdomen in rolling motion or use vibrator on colon, working from left side up to trans-verse colon, across abdomen left to right, down ascending colon the right side.

Evening Colema.

83 Add ½ to 1 cup of clay water to 5 gallons of water. Repeat massage or use vibrator.


If you think you may have worms, you can substitute garlic enemas for the clay water on the third and fourth days of the program. (Even if you do not have worms, this is a good bowel cleanser). To prepare, place four unpeeled garlic cloves (clean) in a blender with one cup of water; liquefy, strain liquid and add to the colema water; take the colema as usual. Molasses colemas are also good; add 2 tablespoons molasses to the colema water. No other ingredient is added. During the 7-day program, you may wish to have massages, foot reflexology or epsom salt baths; all are good.

Optional After Colemas

You may use rectal implants. All implants are placed in a baby enema syringe and squeezed into the rectum. For colitis or bleeding, use 1 cup of flaxseed tea and 2 tablespoons of liquid chlorophyll or use 3 to 5 crushed Green Life tablets, and insert as much liquid as can beheld. To assist elimination, add 1 heaping tablespoon of Green Life powder, 1/3 cup clay water and add distilled water to thin the mixture enough to let it flow freely through the syringe. After the 7-day program, drink acidophilus culture for one month. Use 1 cup morning and night; this should follow each 7-day program. (Recommended: Continental, Kovac brands or Eugalan Topfer Forte). Get specific instructions from your doctor with regard to future supplements. It is advised to go through the 7-day program again after 7 weeks.


In order to reintroduce the bowel to regular meals, it is suggested that the following program be implemented. This mini diet will prepare the digestive organs for normal functioning and make the transition from the cleansing treatment to regular meals very smooth.




Shredded carrots, slightly wilted.


Shredded carrots, slightly wilted.


Large salad; one steamed vegetable. SECOND DAY:


Fresh fruit or dried fruit, revived; cereal or soft-boiled egg.


Large salad; yogurt or cottage cheese or nut milk drink.


Large salad; one steamed vegetable: a protein. Eat lightly, slowly and chew well. Teas and juices are allowed between meals, as desired. THIRD DAY: Start regular diet MAINTENANCE PROGRAM AND ONGOING REJUVENATION SCHEDULE This maintenance program is designed to be followed after the 7-Day Cleansing Pro-gram. You will stay on this maintenance program for seven (7) weeks, then go back on the 7- Day Cleansing Program, then back again on the maintenance program, which you will now continue for six to eight months..84


Daily Skin brush, 3-5 minutes. CLEANSING DRINK Twice a day, morning and night. Part One: 2 oz apple juice 8 oz water 1 tablespoon clay water 1 teaspoon intestinal cleanser SHAKE WELL AND DRINK. Part Two: 10 oz water 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar 1 teaspoon honey SUPPLEMENTS Three times a day, with meals: Green Life Six Wheat Germ Oil One Vitamin C 100 mg two times a day Niacin 50 mg two times a day Pancreatin Two Beet Tablets One Dulse Tablets One Calphonite Two times a day, 1 tablespoon, morning and night. Cod Liver Oil Once daily, 1 tablespoon at night. COLEMA ONE daily. You may alternate with the following two: Coffee and Vinegar: 1 cup of coffee per colema with 2 tablespoons vinegar; or Clay Water-1/2 to 1 cup per 5 gallon water. (If you feel as if you need more than one colema a day during this maintenance, it is alright to have another. If you miss a colema during the 6-8 month period, it is alrighttoo.) REST Lots of rest during the day. To bed by 9 or 9:30 pm.


Here is a list of supplements that will greatly aid in the body rebuilding itself after the tissue cleansing treatment has been completed. Zinc, vitamin E (800 ID) daily, vitamin C (up to 10,000 mg daily), vitamin A (50,000 ID daily-not artificial, Norwegian fish liver oil is best), Brewer’s Yeast, Blackstrap Molasses (unsulfured), Lecithin capsules (2 to 4 daily). Vitamin A is especially good in all bowel disturbances, ulcerations, colitis and getting rid of infections. Combined with vitamin F, the two are the greatest supplements for all mucus linings..85 Use brewer’s yeast to obtain a supplementation of the B vitamins. For a little extra energy use a teaspoonful of honey in a glass of water. A good way to start the day is with two tablespoons of natural apple cider vinegar to one glass of warm water every morning before breakfast. It is also good for those who are trying to reduce weight because it is a fat reducer. Also it is very high in potassium which supports the heart, cleans up bladder infections and aids in changing the bowel flora toward the friendly side. Another good idea is to use one teaspoon of liquid chlorophyll in a glass of water before breakfast. Here is a list of the most powerful building foods. Sunflower seed butter, sesame seed butter, almond butter, raw goat’s cheese, cheese that breaks (aged), baked yams, whole brown rice, yellow cornmeal, rye, millet, sardines, tofu, avocado, cottage cheese, clabber milk, eggs, beans and legumes. Here are the most cleansing and infection-fighting foods. Green peppers, tomatoes, fresh peas, watercress, all squashes, all kinds of berries, melons, greens (parsley especially), veg-etable juices and fruit juices, turnips (juice of) and raw foods. After the treatment, you can use sauerkraut (saltless preferred) for a natural laxative. Use it also for any signs of constipation.


QUESTION For what particular reason is a flaxseed enema taken?
ANSWER It can be taken at any time, but in particular if you have a bleeding bowel, because flaxseed is very healing. Also for a bleeding bowel, add a couple of teaspoons of liquid chlorophyll to the flaxseed enema. This will help any in-flammation of the bowel.
QUESTION How many dairy products should we have?
ANSWER Too many dairy products produce mucus, catarrh and bronchial troubles. One or two glasses of milk a day will not cause much damage however. There are milk substitutes such as a nut milk drink that will not produce catarrh. You can also get a natural cheese made from raw whole milk.
QUESTION You told us to have white fish with fins. What particular fish is that?
ANSWER Sea trout, cod, sole, salmon, halibut-any fish with scales and fins. Frozen fish can be used, but fresh is preferred.
QUESTION In taking the niacin, I get such a flush and I itch and bleed, but this doesn’t happen when I take the time-release niacin.
ANSWER The program calls for 100 mg of niacin 3 times a day, so you can cut it down to 25 mg 3 times a day. Theflush is needed to force the blood into parts of your intestinal tract where there are infections. Just as you get a flush on the out-side, you will also get a flush on the inside.
QUESTION Should we take 1 teaspoon or1 tablespoon of cod liver oil, and should it be taken with the Calphonite to bypass the liver and go directly to the blood-stream?
ANSWER Take 1 tablespoon before the Calphonite. Don’t worry about bypassing any-thing. Followdirections explicitly and don’t worry about it..86
QUESTION Why is it necessary to take the Calphonite first?
ANSWER You don’t take Calphonite first. Take the cod liver oil first; it seems to sit better without gagging. Take the cod liver oil at night before retiring, so it will travel through the gall bladder and liver without much stirring up.
QUESTION How do you get off this fast?
ANSWER First, let it be known that it is not a true fast. A fast means complete absti-nence from nutrients. This is a cleansing program and the way to end it is with soft fruits like peaches or soft apricots. Shredded, wilted carrots can be taken and also slightly wilted apples. You should also have a cooked vegetable, carrots or beets. Between meals, you can have celery juice, carrot juice or vegetable broth. The day following, you may have cereal with revived fruits or a banana for breakfast. Shredded carrots, millet cereal and a small salad at lunch. In the evening, you may have another salad and a cooked vegetable. The next day, you can start on my regular diet.
QUESTION How should I conduct myself during the day while on this elimination?
ANSWER The more rest you give your body, the better. Take a short walk. Take your colemas and afterward rest at least half an hour. But rest is most important.
QUESTION What about eating shrimp and crab?
ANSWER Do not include these in your diet.
QUESTION Is it alright to have a coffee substitute with no grain?
ANSWER All coffee substitutes are poor; but if you must use it, try Pero or Sanocaf, both are made in Switzerland.
QUESTION How long are we on this elimination?
ANSWER I recommend the 7-day cleansing but the length of time is determined on an individual case basis.
QUESTION Is it better to use the colema in the morning or evening?
ANSWER I prefer morning-but do it once a day. After 2-3 months, you can even skip a day if necessary. Take the bulk and clay water twice a day, morning and night.
QUESTION Should we alternate between the coffee and clay water colema?
ANSWER Coffee is the best to take every day and just once a day.
QUESTION What other supplements should be taken?
ANSWER The supplements stated for this cleansing program should be taken because they are slanted toward cleansing. Supplements for building should be deter-mined by your doctor, according to your particular condition..87
QUESTION Should I take acidophilus bacteria while on the tissue cleansing and colema treatment?
ANSWER No, but take it afterward. Take it when you return home, perhaps as an im-plant. You can do it for a month or two after this program.
QUESTION I’m already exhausted; I feel I could be in bed right now. How will this be over the 7 days?
ANSWER This is the second day-and you are one of the unusual ones because of your past problems. The more elimination you have, the less energy you will have also. Cleansing requires a lot of rest. We will not take you the full 7 days due to your past history.
QUESTION I make goat milk cheese; should I drink the whey?
ANSWER Yes, whey is the greatest thing for the stomach to make hydrochloric acid needed for digestion.
QUESTION Is it too high in sodium for me?
ANSWER No, because you won’t be taking a large amount.
QUESTION On this cleansing, if I experience pain or gas, should I take another colema?
ANSWER Yes; in all cases of pain or intestinal distress, it is best to take another colema and it can be done in succession without any harm.
QUESTION Can chicken bones be used in the veal broth soup? And should they be raw or can they be from a roasted chicken?
ANSWER Yes, you can use chicken bones and raw is preferred: although roasted chicken bones can be used also.
QUESTION Why are we drinking the vinegar/honey mixture?
ANSWER It helps do some of the work that hydrochloric acid does in the stomach in digesting proteins. It stirs up the acid-alkaline balance in the body to throw off more acids through the urine.
QUESTION Will an overdose of calcium cause muscle cramps?
ANSWER Yes, it could.
QUESTION How do we control calcium?
ANSWER Good stomach digestion. Iodine controls calcium. Greens, tops of vegetables, also control calcium.
QUESTION I’m worried about my weight on this cleansing.
ANSWER Most people on this elimination diet do not lose much, if any, weight. You are not totally fasting, you are having juices and the vitamins and minerals which are all foods..88
QUESTION When should I take the Digestaid tablets?
ANSWER During your meals.
QUESTION Will you tell us about implants? What should be used?
ANSWER Implants are inserted with a baby enema syringe (about 1 cup of liquid) into the rectum at bedtime, and should be held overnight. The best implant is aci-dophilus culture. Use this for 2-3 months after the cleansing, skip 2-3 months and start using the implant again. We are replacing the friendly bacteria in the bowel using acidophilus culture. Of course, during the day, you can take aci-dophilus orally. We all have a lack of the friendly bacteria, but even more so in taking frequent colemas. Other implants to use are garlic oil in water: flaxseed tea: liquid chlorophyll: crushed Green Life tablets and water. Clay water is a very soothing implant to use occasionally. Aloe vera gel and water can also be used as a healer for the inflamed tissue of the colon. The implants should all be used at body temperature; the rectum will expel cold water quicker. Some doctors recommend yogurt or buttermilk as implants, these are fine, but when on the colema treatments, I feel the ones I’ve mentioned above are best. But-termilk implants can help remove extreme intestinal gas. Vinegar and water implants can help rid the bowel of acid and germ life. Garlic oil can help elimi-nate pinworms in children.
QUESTION Does the bowel become better using colemas, and will the water reach the small intestine?
ANSWER I believe the large intestine is best cared for through colemas and eventually it becomes stronger. The tone built up will be transferred to the whole bowel. The most difficult to care for is the ascending colon where the toxic material is thrown into the large colon. As you develop bowel tone, better bowel move-ments are attained and there is less toxic material to deal with, so the tissue becomes better.
QUESTION Can diverticuli be reversed?
ANSWER This condition represents a combination of inherited bowel qualities and im-proper diet/eating habits. It can be corrected with colemas, proper eating and proper exercises, using the slant board.
QUESTION Why do I feel weak, especially after the colema?
ANSWER Colemas are a cleansing treatment, and your body is working to remove toxic material. That’s why you’re weak and that’s why it is so important to rest for half an hour after each colema.
QUESTION Should we continue with the vinegar and honey at mealtime when we go home?
ANSWER Take the bulk, vinegar and honey twice a day, morning and night, when you go off the fast. This will continue for several months..89
QUESTION I’ve noticed my heart seems to be pounding: could it be overworking?
ANSWER It could be that you’re working more and you should rest. The pounding could also be caused by gas pressure.
QUESTION Is it better to crush the tablets we are taking now?
ANSWER No, just crack them once before swallowing.
QUESTION What can I do to make my body absorb proteins better?
ANSWER Emotional strain breaks down this ability more than anything. Then, of course, we have to get sodium back into the stomach wall to help digest protein. Take the more easily digested proteins also.
QUESTION Clay water seems to constipate me in taking the colema. Coffee seems to work better.
ANSWER Clay water does have a tendency toward constipation-but it is very soothing to an irritated bowel. It absorbs 90 times its own weight of acid excretions in the bowel, so it is the greatest cleanser available. It attracts material to be eliminated. The coffee enema is a stimulant to most people. You can’t be constipated very long on this treatment.
QUESTION Can I mix coffee with the clay water?
ANSWER It’s best not to mix the two, because they have separate effects. Clay water is quite alkaline and coffee is acid. That’s why you use cider vinegar in the cof-fee enema.
QUESTION Is it better to take the colema before or after supplements?
ANSWER Take supplements after the colema.
QUESTION What is the best time of day to take the colema?
ANSWER In the morning. If this isn’t possible, take it at night, but take it once a day.


I work with the purest ideas possible, the best foods possible, the best processes possible, and in working with these ideals, we work with the reversal process. As you have built up the disease through the acute, subacute, chronic and degenerative stages, we reverse and correct these conditions as we go back over our past problems. As you have built up conditions in the body through foods, pollution, overwork, enervation, life style, etc., we have to learn our lesson and go back over them and relive them, so to speak. You can expect all of these problems to return as you get well. This is best described in my book DOCTOR-PATIENT HANDBOOK. If you truly want to get well, this process must be followed. We find that “Hering’s Law of Cure” appears in the reversal process as healing takes place. In this process the body eliminates iatrogenic symptoms and diseases, those things.90 caused by treatments that were suppressive in nature and usually involved a drug of some kind. Latent settlements of any foreign accumulations leave the body mainly through the bowel as a liquified form of mucus or catarrh. For example, we had an asthma patient who received much relief from the tissue cleans-ing treatment but developed an extreme uterine abscess which broke shortly after the treat-ment and discharged the foulest material possible and continued for a month after. She lost extreme weight and will not gain until after the discharge culminates. She needed the assistance of a tissue cleansing treatment to bring on an elimination. This latent tumor or abscess was suppressed. Discharge from lungs, bronchials, head, ears and nose for 17 years, and of course, always suppressed it with some form of drug. I have said so many times-if you suppress or don’t allow a discharge to continue until you are clean inside, you will develop a growth-and she did just that.


I believe skin brushing is one of the finest of all baths. NO soap can wash the skin as clean as the new skin you have under the old. You make new skin every 24 hours on the body. The skin will be as clears as the blood is. Skin brushing removes this top layer. This helps to eliminate uric acid crystals, catarrh and various other acids in the body. The skin should eliminate two pounds of waste acids daily. Keep the skin active. No one can be well wearing clothes unless they brush their skin. It is the greatest method to remove the scurf rim as found in the eye, which denotes an underactive, poorly elimi-nating skin. Use a natural bristle brush with a long handle. It is not an expensive brush.


Use this brush dry, first thing in the morning when you arise before putting clothes on and before any bath. Use it in any direction all over the whole body except the face. You can use a special face brush for the face.


Make a habit of applying the following General Diet Regmen to your everyday living. This is a healthy way to live because when followed, you do not have to think of vitamins, mineral ele-ments or calories. I will give you more specific instruction for your troubles after you have made this daily regimen automatic. The best diet, over a period of a day, is two different fruit, at least four to six vegetables, one protein and one starch, with fruit or vegetable juices between meals. Eat at least two green leafy vegetables a day. The foods you eat daily should be 50-60% raw. Consider this regimen a dietetic law.


1. Do not fry foods or use heated oils. 2. If not entirely comfortable in mind and body from the previous meal time, you should miss the next meal..91 3. Do not eat unless you have a keen desire for the plainest food. 4. Do not eat beyond your needs. 5. Be sure to thoroughly masticate your food. 6. Miss meals if in pain, emotionally upset, not hungry, chilled, overheated and during acute illness.

GOOD THOUGHTS, GOOD WORDS, GOOD DEEDS The Formula for Healthy Living)

Learn to accept whatever decision is made. Let the other person make a mistake and learn. Learn to forgive and forget. Be thankful and bless people. Live in harmony-even if it is good for you. Do not talk about your illness. Gossip will kill you. Don’t let anyone gossip to you either. Gossip that comes through the grapevine is usually sour grapes. Be by yourself every day for 10 minutes with the thought of how to make yourself a better person. Replace negative thoughts with uplifting, positive thoughts. Skin brush daily. Use a slant board daily. Have citrus fruit in sections only, never in juice form. Have only a limited amount of bread (with a lot of bowel trouble, no 3read). Exercise daily. Keep your spine limber. Develop abdominal nuscles. Do sniff breathing. Grass and sand walk for happy feet. No smoking, alcoholic drinking, spitting or cussing. Keep away from unclean people. Bed at sundown, 9 pm at the latest, if you are at all tired, fatigued or unableto do your work with vim and vigor. If you are sick, you must rest more. Sleep out of doors, out of the city, in circulating air. Work out problems in the morning, don’t take them to bed with you.


1. Natural food-50-60% of the food eaten should be raw. 2. Your diet should be 80% alkaline and 20% acid. Look at the acid/alkaline chart page 131. 3. Proportion: 6 vegetables daily, 2 fruits daily, 1 starch daily and 1 protein daily. 4. Variety. Vary sugars, proteins, starches, vegetables and fruits from meal to meal and day to day. 5. Overeating. You can kill yourself with the amount of food you eat. 6. Combinations. Separate starches and proteins. One at lunch and the other at dinner. Have fruits for breakfast and at 3 pm..92 7. Cook without water. Cook without high heat. Cook without air touching hot foods. 8. Bake. broil or roast. If you eat meat, have it lean, no fat, no pork. Use unsprayed vegetables if possible and eat them as soon after picked as possible. 9. Use stainless steel, low-heat cooking utensils.


Upon rising and at least ½ hour before breakfast, take any natural, unsweetened fruit juice such as grape, pineapple, prune, fig, apple or black cherry. Liquid chlorophyll can be used, 1 teaspoon in a glass of tepid water. You can have a broth and lecithin drink if you desire. Take 1 teaspoonful of vegetable broth powder and 1 tablespoon of lecithin granules and dissolve both in a glass of warm water. Between fruit juice and breakfast, follow this program: Skin brushing, exercising, deep breathing or playing. Shower. Start with warm water and cool off until your breath quickens. Never shower immediately upon rising.


Stewed fruit, one starch and health drink or two fruits, )ne protein and health drink. (Starches and health drinks are listed with he lunch suggestions.) Soaked fruits, such as unsulphured apricots, prunes, figs. Fruit of any kind: melon, grapes, peaches, pears, berries or baked apple, which may be sprinkled with some ground nuts or nut butter. When possible, use fruit in season.


Reconstituted Dried Apricots Steel-Cut Oatmeal/Supplements Oat Straw Tea Add Eggs, if desired OR Sliced Peaches Cottage Cheese/Supplements Herb Tea


Fresh Figs Cornmeal Cereal/Supplements Shave Grass Tea Add Eggs or Nut Butter, if desired OR Raw Applesauce and Blackberries Coddled Egg/Supplements Herb Tea.93


Reconstituted Dried Peaches Millet Cereal/Supplements Alfamint Tea Add Eggs, Cheese or Nut Butter, if desired OR Sliced Nectarines and Apple Yogurt/Supplements Herb Tea


Prunes or any reconstituted dried fruit Whole Wheat Cereal/Supplements Oat Straw Tea OR Grapefruit and Kumquats Poached Egg/Supplements Herb Tea


Slices of fresh Pineapple with shredded Coconut Buckwheat Cereal/Supplements Peppermint Tea OR Baked Apple, Persimmons Chopped raw Almonds/Acidophilus Milk/Supplements Herb Tea


Muesli with Bananas and Dates Cream - Supplements Dandelion Coffee or Herb Tea


Cooked Applesauce with Raisins Rye Grits/Supplements Shave Grass Tea OR Cantaloupe and Strawberries Cottage Cheese/Supplements Herb Tea.94


Reconstituted Dried Fruit: Cover with cold water, bring to boil and leave to stand overnight. Raisins may just have boiling water poured over them. This kills any insects and eggs. Whole Grain Cereal: To cook properly with as little heat as possible, use a double boiler or thermos-cook. Supplements: (Add to cereal or fruit). Sunflower seed meal, rice polishings, wheat germ, flaxseed meal (about a teaspoon of each). Even a little dulse may be sprinkled over with some broth powder. 10:30 am. Vegetable broth, vegetable juice or fruit juice.


Raw salad, or as directed, one or two starches, listed, and a health drink. Get salad suggestions from Dr. Jensen’s cookbook and f ood guide, Vital Foods for Total Health.


If following a strict regimen, use only one of the first seven starches daily. Vary the starch from day to day.


Tomatoes (citrus), lettuce ( green leafy type only such as romaine), celery, cucumber, beansprouts, green peppers, avocado, parsley, water-cress, endive, onion (s) and cabbage (s). (s-denotes sulphur foods.)


Yellow cornmeal, baked potato, baked banana (or at least dead ripe), barley (a winter food), steamed brown rice or wild rice, millet as a cereal), banana or hubbard squash, steel-cut oatmeal, whole wheat cereal, Dr. Jackson’s meal, whole grain Roman Meal, shredded wheat bread (wholewheat, rye, soybean, cornbread, bran muffins, Rye <risp).


Vegetable broth, soup, coffee substitute, 3uttermilk, raw milk, oat straw tea, alfamint tea, huckleberry tea, papaya tea or any health drink.


Vegetable Salad Baby Lima Beans, Baked Potato Spearmint Tea


Vegetable Salad with Health Mayonnaise Steamed Asparagus Very ripe Bananas or Steamed Unpolished Rice Vegetable Broth or Herb Tea


Raw Salad Plate w/Sour Cream dressing Cooked Green Beans and/or Baked Hubbard Squash Cornbread Sassafras Tea.95


Salad w/French Dressing Baked Zucchini and Okra Corn on the Cob Rye Krisp Buttermilk or Herb Tea


Salad Baked Green Pepper stuffed with Eggplant & Tomatoes Baked Potato and/or Bran Muffin Carrot Soup or Herb Tea


Salad Steamed Turnips and Turnip Greens Baked Yam Catnip Tea


Salad w/Lemon & Olive Oil Dressing Steamed Whole Barley Cream of Celery Soup Steamed Chard Herb Tea


Use plenty of greens. Choose 4 or 5 vegetables from the follow-ing: leaf lettuce, watercress, spinach, beet leaves, parsley, alfalfa sprouts, cabbage, young chard, herbs, any green leaves, cucumbers, beansprouts, onions, green peppers, pimientos, carrots, turnips, zucchini, asparagus, celery, okra, radishes, etc. Vital Foods for Total Health, Nature’s Own Cookbook by Bernard Jensen, DC, is a com-plete food guide. Tables for vitamin and mineral guidance, acid and alkaline tables-with com-plete instructions for perfect combinations to assure you a correct daily balance, designed to get you well and keep you well. This book shows how to cook, prepare and serve foods healthfully. 3:00 pm: Health cocktail, juice or fruit..96 PHOTOGRAPHIC DOCUMENTARY On the following pages you will observe the very unusual results we have obtained from the Ultimate Tissue Cleansing Program. Please note that these specimens are not all from the same body, but represent the flushings from several individuals. If a photograph was ever worth a thousand words, surely these are, for they speak for themselves. I have not experienced any other method that can consistently and as thoroughly match this one in results. This is truly a major step forward in the battle to overcome toxemia and autointoxication. On the first three pages you will see the results of the 7-Day Cleansing Program as it reversed a stubborn case of ulcerated feet and ankles. For more details, please refer to page 112, Chapter 9, Patient 1 in our case histories. On all three pages, the first photo was taken on Day 1 of the treatment; the second photo was taken on Day 4; and the third photo was taken on Day 7 of the cleansing program. The results are remarkable. On the following pages, you will witness the shocking effluence as it was gathered from the colema flushing. Who would guess that such things could accumulate inside the human body? Could this substance be the source of disease, illness and poor health? This accumulated material ranged from jelly-like to hard as truck tire rubber; clear to black as tar; fresh to morbidly old; fragments to 3- and 4-foot long ropes, and all with the odor that only speaks of very rotten things. Notice the mucus lining taking the shape of the bowel, complete with haustrations, stria-tions, strictures and diverticula. This is truly an amazing phenomenon. Please note that these specimens are not all from the same body, but represent the flushings from several individuals..97 

DAY 1 DAY 4 DAY 7.98 DAY 7 DAY 4 DAY 1.99 DAY 1 DAY 4 DAY 

PAINFUL PSORIASIS IN ACUTE STAGE SYMPTOMS RETREAT FOLLOWING TISSUE CLEANSING TREATMENT HEALING AND REJUVENTAION FOLLOWING DETOXIFICATION.106 Hering’s law of cure is clearly illustrated in the following photographs. Here we can see the results of the tissue cleansing treatment as it is combined with good nutritional support. This insulin-dependent diabetic was able to maintain a lower-level blood sugar for the extent of the tissue toxin elimination diet with much less insulin. This patient has had psoriasis for the last 7 years, diabetes for the last 4 years and arthritis for the last 2 years. As you can see, the psoriasis is leaving, as are all the other symptoms. The most recent afflictions are leaving more quickly while the older ones are retreating more slowly, as in the “reverse order.”.107


Raw salad, two cooked vegetables, one protein and a broth or health drink if desired. Cooked vegetables: peas, artichokes, carrots, beets, turnips, spinach, beet tops, string beans, swiss chard, eggplant, zucchini, summer squash, broccoli (s), cauliflower (s), cabbage (s), sprouts (s), onions (s) or any vegetable other than potatoes, (s- denotes sulfur foods.)


Vegetable broth, soup or health beverage.

PROTEINS Once a Week:

Fish-use white fish, such as sole, halibut, trout or sea trout. Vegetarians: Use soybeans, lima beans, cottage cheese, sunflower seeds and other seeds, also seed but-ters, nut butters, nut milk drinks, eggs.

Twice a Week:

Cottage cheese or any cheese that breaks.

Three times a Week:

Meat-use only lean meat; never use pork, fats or cured meats. Vegetarians: Use meat substitutes or vegetarian proteins.

Once a Week:

Egg omelet. If you have a protein at dinner, health dessert is allowed, but not recommended. Never eat protein and starches together. (Notice how they are separated.) You may exchange your noon meal for the evening meal, but follow the same regimen. It takes exercise to handle raw food, and we generally get more after our noon meal. That is why a raw salad is advised at noon. If you eat sandwiches, have vegetables at the same time.


Salad Diced Celery and Carrots Steamed Spinach Puffy Omelet Vegetable Broth


Salad Cooked Beet Tops Steak, broiled or Ground Beef Patties Cauliflower Comfrey Tea


Cottage Cheese Cheese Sticks Apples, Peaches, Grapes, Nuts Apple Concentrate Cocktail


108 Salad Steamed Chard Baked Eggplant Grilled Liver and Onions Persimmon Whip (optional) Alfamint Tea


Salad w/Yogurt & Lemon Dressing Steamed Mixed Greens Beets Steamed Fish w/Lemon Wedge Leek Soup


Salad Cooked String Beans Baked Summer Squash Carrot and Cheese Loaf Cream of Lentil Soup Fresh Peach Jell-0 w/Almond Nut Cream


Salad Diced Carrots and Peas, steamed Tomato Aspic Roast Leg of Lamb Mint Sauce


The immune system is made up of a system of specialized tissues, cells and antibodies, in addition to that aspect of immunity that we think of as represented by healthy, chemically-balanced organs, glands and tissues in a body with active, clean elimination channels. External to the body, the skin is our first line of defense against toxins, germlife and viruses. Tears in the eyes and skin perspiration have bacteriocidal properties. Internally, mu-cous membranes lining the nose, throat and lungs prevent most unwanted microbes from entering the body. Sticky mucus captures the great majority of germs and viruses, which are ejected when the mucus is eliminated. Most germlife taken in food is destroyed by hydrochlo-ric acid in the stomach. Bacteria and viruses that manage to enter the bloodstream or lymph.109 C O NS T I T U T I ONA L S T R E NGHT P A R E N T A L B A C KGR OU ND GE N E T I C I NHE R I T A NC E E XCE LLE NT GOOD INDICATION IN IRIS STAGE ASSOCIATED SIGNS SYMPTOMS IN BODY CATARRH-ACID LEVEL (TOXIC ACCUMULATION) £ WHITE £ £ LIGHT GRAY £ £ DARK GRAY £ £ BLACK £ ACUTE SUBACUTE CHRONIC DEGENERATIVE Inflamation, Pain, Sensitivity, Fever, Discharge, High Activity JUST BELOW SURFACE WELL BELOW SURFACE COMPLETELY RECESSED ELEVATED Toxic absorbtion, Low Metabolism Weak Condition, Less pain Low Metabolic Activity, Toxic buildup, Lack of Vitality No Sensation, Circulation. Tissue Decay Poor living habits contribute to the infiltration of catarrhal buildup and the begining of toxic settlements. Junk food, devitalized foods, poor dietary habits, polluted environment - toxic settlements begin to build. Heavy accumulation interfere with cellular activity.

Limit of toxic settlements body can tolerate; breakdown of life- giving activity. Vital force at lowest ebb.



Diseases such as syphilis, Diabetes, Alcoholism, Chemical Shortages. Drug Accumulations (B. C. pills. Thali- domine, Tranquilizers, etc.) X- rays.


Accidents,CHILDHOOD Contagious diseases, Catarrhal accumulations. Poor diet, Pesticides, Sprays, Drugs, Coal tars, Tobacco, Caffeine, Food additives, Weather and Climate conditions. Poor elimimination (Bowel, Lungs, Kidneys, Skin, Lymph), Nerve depletion, Anemia, Oxygen starvation.

A healing crysis develops on the path at approximately the same point as the original aliment.

Healing Crisis and Reversal Process as shown in the color of the iris. (WHERE ARE YOU ALONG THIS PATH?)

(BIRTH) 2 Years 11 Years 28 Years Any age (DEATH) TOWARD ILNESS AND DISEASE Healing:

Catarrhal elimintation


Coal tar, drugs, nostrums, aspirin, etc.


Fatigue, enervation are first to appear (get rid of cold feet)


Next to appear


Eyes change color

FLU Healing:

elimination healingCatarrhal crisis Sprays,vapors,Supression: synthetic chemicals


Discharges from nose, eyes, vagina. Boils.




: Elimination, of chemical balance,restoration healing crisis in the reversal process


: penicillin, antihistimines, sulfa drugs, tranquilizers


Healing: Tissue cleansing, toxic elimination, Supression: Cortisone, chemo- therapy, radiation, heavy drugs. TUMORS ARTHRITIS GANGRENE EMPHYSEMA HARDENING OF ARTHERIES TOWARD HEALING/ REJUVENATION







Dis- eases cannot be cured in anyone who practices degenerative lifestyle habits. There is no one specific cause that produces any specific dis- ease nor is there any of the treatement that will correct any one dis- ease. Man is a wholistic being composed of body, mind and soul. Treatements should be noninvasive, nontoxic, wholically oriented  such as nutritional homeopatic, naturopathic, osteopathic, massage, structural, exercise, reflexive, accupuncture, hydrotherapeutic, physiotherapeutic, herbal, vibrational (music and color, etc.) geographic, climatic, spiritual, philosophical, etc. These treatmens are designed to promote the retracing process to attain higher health levels. All the wholistic treatments strive to re- establish balance and equilibrium to develop light in dark places. This is the path of Hearing’s Law of Cure. When the body is treated properly, we come out of defeneracy (darkness) to a lighter eye and good health. Iridology leads the way in demonstrating the principle. In iridology we change all dark places to light. Goethe’s last words were: “God give mand light”. Four factors to regain and maintain good health: Nerve supply (mechanical and chemical), Blood supply (cleansing and building), Circulation and Overcoming Enervation. What prevents a dis- ease will cure a dis- ease. All chronic and degenerative diseases follow the same path of enervation and chemical depletion along with supression of vital nerve force. All healing starts with the elimination of toxic wastes and removing the darkness found in the iris. True healing is a cleansing and building process. Cure is an ideal that we must constantly strive for. Without ideal we become sick, aged and die prematurely. Always welcome a catarrhal discharge. It’s nature’s way of elimination. It all depends upon the path you take. Hipocrates: “Give me a fever and I’ll cure any disease.” • Henry Lindhair: “Give me a healing crisis and I’ll cure any disease.” • Bernard Jensen: “Nature cures, but she must be given the opportunity.” For an in- depth description of the reversal and healing crisis procrdd, refer to Doctor- Patient Handbook by Dr. Bernard Jensen.


ACCORDING TO HERING’S LAW OF CURE: “All cure starts from within out, from the head down and in the reverse order as the symptoms have appeared.”


The chart illustrates the correlation between the natural light of the iris and good health versus the darkness of the iris in proportion to the degree of degeneration of the body. 


This chart Illustrates Hering’s law of cure by showing the paths that lead to disease and revltalization, as they are one and the same. This concept is vitally important to the understanding of the “reversal process” and the amazing phenomena of the healing body as it responds to natural, pure and whole remedies. Full color chart measuring 11 by 17 inches is available from the publisher, see last page for address.




 are unable to get through most healthy cellular membranes, and they face almost certain destruction by other parts of the immune system. The four elimination channels (skin, lungs and bronchials, kidneys, bowel) play an impor-tant part in immunity by ridding the body of food wastes and metabolic wastes that would otherwise support the growth and multiplication of harmful germs and viruses. The liver detoxi-fies the blood as a “backup system” for the elimination channels. The immune system, strictly speaking, is made up of the lymphatic system, including the spleen, tonsils and appendix and some breast tissue, but also the tnymus gland, the Kupfer cells of the liver, and Peyer’s patches in the small intestine. The lymph system produces several types of specialized cells capable of destroying bacteria and unwanted foreign matter, white blood cells called by such interesting names as polymorpholeucocytes, phagocytes, B-cells and T-cells. Kupfer cells, lining the spaces of the liver, consume bacteria from the blood as it is filtered. The cells of the Peyer’s patches, in the small intestine, operate in a similar way, preventing destructive bacteria from attacking the intestinal wall. Special cells in the spleen destroy old blood cells. The lymphatic system has thousands of miles of lymph vessels in the body, paralleling the blood circulatory system. Along these lymph vessels are found nodes ranging in size from a pinhead to a pencil eraser, and clusters of these nodes are found in the groin, armpits and neck. Lymph nodes filter out bacteria and foreign matter from the liquids of the body. Specialized white blood cells circulate in the blood and lymph, destroying undesirable germlife and toxic waste as they go along. Antibodies and a chemical substance called interferon work together to protect the body against viruses. Interferon is a chemical secreted in response to viral invasion, which protects cells and slows viral action. Antibodies are proteins whose job is to identify and destroy harmful viruses. In a complex series of actions, special cells first learn to identify the “weak spots” of harmful viruses, and then antibodies are manufactured which are able to track down these vi-ruses, attach themselves directly to them, and destroy them. When the elimination channels are underactive, toxic materials enter the blood and lymph systems too rapidly to be cleaned out by the liver and immune system functions. These toxic materials settle in the inherently weak organs and tissues, either directly causing under-activity, or inviting infection by viruses or bacteria. The immune system becomes increasingly underac-tive, leaving the body more and more unprotected against germlife, toxic wastes, and various chronic and degenerative diseases. The strongest natural defense against disease is a clean, rested body, chemically balanced with the proper foods, with healthy, active elimination channels..111