By BERNARD JENSEN D.C., Nutritionist





There are many detoxifying agents which may be useful under various circumstances, but we need to approach detoxification from a ďwhole bodyĒ perspective. We need to do more than just take care of the bowel or liver. We must have the right chemical balance for the body. It is not sufficient to use a drug to provide a chemical stimulus to ďdriveĒ the body to work right. Rather, we must repair, rebuild and regenerate the body as we go along. Proper breathing is important to get oxygen to the organs and tissues of the body. Exercise is good to get the blood and lymph circulating but too much exercise in a toxic-laden body is only stirring up muddy waters. Lymph drainage is important. Drainage can be increased through the use of protomorphogens or through the use of herbal substances such as blue violet tea. Stimulating increased lymph drainage, however, is not sufficient to carry off toxins that may be pouring into the lymphatic system via a stagnant bowel holding five or six meals before elimination takes place or from a bowel pocket holding a mass of putrid material which is being reabsorbed into the body. We dilute the God-given power of our body when the bowel does not eliminate eigh-teen hours after each meal.


Rather than restating work that I have written in the past it would be beneficial for the reader to study four of my previous books. These give a good background for the work that is presented here. For instance, if you really want to know how to take care of colitis, you should know about the liquefied salads. They allow bulk to get into the bowel in a liquefied form that is more easily digestible. Unfortunately people do not chew well enough-some have dentures or missing teeth that make mastication difficult-others are just lazy. Liquefied salads are a way to get the food reduced to an easily-assimilable size. The book Blending Magic tells how to prepare delicious foods that retain their full enzyme and nutrient values. Doctor/Patient Handbook describes the reversal process and the ways of taking care of the colon through that process. Nature Has A Remedy is a book that covers the ways of building the body wholistically through the use of herbs, sunshine, fresh air, water and the right mental attitude. When we take care of the ďwholeĒ body with these natural, God-given remedies, every tissue and system is revitalized. A New Lifestyle for Health and Happiness gives a complete program for aligning the body, mind and spirit to the good life. Complete with menus, diet control and comprehensive, self-check analysis..56 In an effective bowel management program, you will need to drink at least three glasses of liquid before breakfast every morning. Keep in mind that cold water will stop at the stom-ach, but warm or hot water will go directly to the bowel. If you want to go on an elimination program, you can use the Veico 77 or 79 bulk and clay water. Follow directions, and use it three times a day with meals over a period of 30 days. You can add more juice to your diet during that time, and you should always take juice after the bulk and clay water. If it is pos-sible, get into some extra bowel elimination through enemas, perhaps using clay water and coffee instead of plain water. This is a kind of elimination program you can use while still working at your regular job. There are other ways to help the bowel, and I have mentioned taking care of the mental attitudes as well as conditions in the body. Both are very important.


The second thing I emphasize in the bowel management program is the taking of four alfalfa tablets with each meal. As far as I am concerned, this is almost a panacea. Some health profes-sionals may think Iím going a bit overboard, but I want to tell you that alfalfa tablets provide an excellent natural fiber bulk, and by stimulating the bowel to work against the fiber, we begin to compensate for inherent weakness, by building better tone. Juice is not suitable for this purpose because pulp or bulk is necessary. Some will say that you should take the alfalfa tablets along with additional chlorophyll; I donít find this necessary, because there is chlorophyll in the alfalfa tablets as well. Chlorophyll is a great deodorizer, a great builder, a great acid neutralizer and one of the greatest foods for feeding acidophilus bacteria. I use alfalfa tablets mainly to get into the bowel pockets. I am sure this approach is right, because since beginning to use it, I have ob-served more healing signs associated with the bowel from my iridology analyses than anything I have ever used. Of course, Iím kicking a lazy dog; Iím kicking a lazy colon. Now, we may encounter a few minor problems. There may be more gas, more disturbance and when we have more gas, what can we do? We have to neutralize the gas, so I suggest adding a good digestant. The digestant should be a whole digestant that takes care of starches, sugars and proteins. It is made of pancreatic substance and a little betaine hydrochloric acid. It is an all-around good digestant, but vegetarians might prefer to use the herbal digestants avail-able. For vegetarians we recommend a substance called D&F, short for digestion and flatulence (gas), because we may begin to stir these up when we get into the bowel pockets. I know of patients who began their diets and reported they had more gas than ever before. This is sometimes to be expected. Some people practically live on coffee and donuts, and they find they donít have gas, but they are worn out. They have no energy. You have to ďrough it outĒ through this initial period of regeneration-this period of making new tissue-before your diges-tive system will normalize. A certain amount of gas is normal for the average person. I donít believe anybody has a perfect bowel. I think a little gas will be produced by anyone, and every farmer knows that when you give a lot of fresh alfalfa to a horse he has more gas than usual. Is that horse getting worse? No, it is in better condition. We find that it has a better bowel. So I believe alfalfa tablets and the digestant are very important. We find that the acidophilus culture, given morning and evening, is an excellent way of developing good bacteria in the bowel. At the Battle Creek Sanitarium, researchers found that meat was very detrimental to the bowel because it is very putrefactive. It is best to cut meat to a minimum in the diet and to upgrade the intake of vegetables. More greens will help to develop acidophilus bacteria. Chocolate,.57 tea (not herb teas), white sugar and coffee break down acidophilus bacteria so we must eliminate or minimize the use of such substances. A successful bowel management program requires that we go a different way. In following a program for the bowel, there are some excellent corrective exercises. There is an exercise to use on the slant board which involves vigorous tapping of the abdomen while stretching the upper torso from side to side. This exercise gently pulls the bowel down in the direction of the shoulders while upside-down on the board. Iím interested in getting the bowel in the prefer position. I believe we have been crowding the bowel. So we must go to work on it. Doing the bicycle pedaling exercise while up-side down on the slant board is a wonderful exer-cise. For another type of exercise, lie down and take a rubber bailor tennis ball and rub it around in a circle on your abdomen. The round surface of the ball gets right down into the bowel and gives it an internal exercise, more so than rubbing on the outside. There are other exercises to lift the bowel and manipulate the prolapsus back into position.

SLANT BOARD EXERCISES (For Prolapsus and Regenerating the Vital Nerve Centers of the Brain)

When there is a lack of tone in the muscles, we can expect prolapsus of the abdominal organs. The heart, lacking tone, cannot circulate blood properly throughout the body. Likewise, arteries and veins cannot contract to help the blood fight gravity and get into the brain tissues. There are some people who apparently have tried everything to get well, who still find all organs working under par. Many people do not realize that the quickening force for every organ of the body comes from the brain. People whose occupations require them to sit or stand con-tinually are unable to get the blood into the brain tissues because the tired organs cannot force the blood uphill. If we deny the brain tissues good blood in the proper amount, eventually every organ in our body will suffer. The heart gets its start from the brain and continues its everlasting pumping because of it. No organ can do without the brain. I attribute the success of my healing work to the very fact that I definitely recognize that the brain must be fed properly. Slanting board exercises are absolutely necessary to regain perfect health.


There are many cases where the board is contra-indicated. It is best in most cases to get professional advice, for some people have had unhappy experiences due to the very fact they started too strenuous a program to begin with. If you havenít done much exercising of the ab-dominal muscles, it is best to take these exercises slowly and gradually increase them as you get stronger. Do not use the board in cases of high blood pressure, hemorrhages, some tubercular con-ditions, cancer in the pelvic cavity, appendicitis, ulcers of the stomach or intestines or preg-nancy, unless under the care of a physician. The slanting board exercises are practically the same as any other lying-down exercises. The most important exercise is to hold on to the sides of the board bringing the knees up to the chest. This forces all the abdominal organs up toward the shoulders. While in this position, twist.58 the head from side to side and in all directions, thus utilizing the extra force to circulate blood to congested areas of the head, especially bringing the stomach and abdominal organs up toward the chest while holding the breath. Slanting board exercises are especially good in cases of inflammations and congestions above the shoulders, such as sinus trouble, bad eyes, falling hair, head eczema, ear conditions and similar troubles. Slanting board exercise is needed and has helped more than any other treatment in cases of heart trouble, fatigue, dizziness, poor memory and paralysis. The average person should maintain the foot end of the board at chair height for all exercises, but if dizzy at first, the foot end of the board should not be raised quite so high. Exercise only 5 minutes a day. Gradually increase time spent on the board. The average patient should lie on the board 10 minutes at 3 oíclock in the afternoon and again just before going to bed. After retiring, lift the buttocks to allow the organs to return to a normal position.


1. Lie full length, allowing gravity to help the abdominal organs into their position. For best results, lie on board at least 10 minutes. 2. While lying flat on back, stretch the abdomen by putting arms above head. Bring arms above head 10 to 15 times: this stretches the abdominal muscles and pulls the abdomen down toward the shoulders. 3. Bring abdominal organs toward shoulders while holding breath. Move the organs back and forth by drawing them upward, contracting abdominal muscles, then allowing them to go back to a relaxed position. Do this 10 to 15 times. 4. Pat abdomen vigorously with open hands. Lean to one side then to the other, patting the stretched side. Pat 10 to 15 times each side. Bring the body to sitting position, using the abdominal muscles. Return to lying position. Do this 3 to 4 times, if possible. Do only if doctor orders.


5. Bend knees and legs at hips. While in this position: (a) turn head from side to side 5 or 6 times; (b) lift head slightly and rotate in circles 3 or 4 times. 6. Lift legs to vertical position, rotate outward in circles 8 or 10times. Increase to 25 times after a week or two of exercising. 7. Bring legs straight up to a vertical position and lower them to the board slowly. Repeat 3 or 4 times. 8. Bicycle legs in air 15to 25 times. Relax and rest, letting the blood circulate in the head for 10 minutes..59.60


There are many eliminative regimes, and they all accomplish about the same results, through the fact that the body is given less food, simpler foods and simpler combinations, more watery foods-so a greater transition can take place in the cells of the body. This Eleven-Day Elimination Regime can be used by most persons in health, and for those who want to overcome the average physical disorder. Those who are weak or feeble, however, should not follow the plan the full eleven days without supervision. Those with tuber-culosis should have both supervision and assistance. Variation, as to the length of time and the manner in which the foods are to be taken, may be adjusted to suit the history of the patient. Examples: fruits, vegetables and broths can be taken for 1 day; or 1 day of just fruit; or 1, 2 or 3 days of vegetables only. Vegetables, taken in the form of broths, gently steamed vegetables and salads are a safer routine for the average beg inner than citrus fruits. A hot bath should be taken every night during this diet regime. Enemas may be used the first four or five days, then discontinued for natural movements. Nothing but water and fruit juices, preferably grapefruit, should be taken into the body for the first three days. Drink one glass of juice every four hours of the day. The next two days fruit only-such as grapes, melons, toma-toes, pears, peaches, plums; dried fruit such as prunes, figs, peaches, soaked overnight or baked apple. In the six following days, breakfast should consist of citrus fruits. Between breakfast and lunch, any other kind of fruit. For lunch, have a salad of three to six vegetables and two cups of vital broth. When hungry between meals, fruit or fruit juices may be taken. Dinnershould consist of two or three steamed vegetables and two cups of vital broth. Fruit juices can be taken before retiring, if wanted. Rigid adherence to the diet is an absolute necessity for anyone attempting to regain good health. Eat plenty, but not to satiety.


2 C. carrot tops; 1 clove garlic; 2 C. potato peelings (1/2Ē thick); 2 C. beet tops; 2 C. celery tops; 3 C. celery stalk; 2 qt distilled water; Ĺ tsp Savita or Vegex. Add a carrot and onion to flavor, if desired (grate or chop). Ingredients should be finely chopped. Bring to a boil, slowly: simmer approximately 20 min-utes. Use only the broth after straining. When finished with the above regime return to Dr. Jensenís Daily Food Regime. The above elimination regime should be followed whenever a person changes from the old ways of living and begins to live right. As a rule, it is wise to follow the elimination regime in any and all of the following cases: as a general cleanser two or three times a year; at the time of crisis; when reduction of weight is desired; when hips get too large; when joints get stiff; when the skin breaks out; when constipation is present..61


This is a diet of just plain water, preferably using distil led water, and using one teaspoon of a liquid chlorophyll to one glass of water every three hours. You can also use vegetable juice, but this is a diet where we are adding iron, gathering all the oxygen we can while we are breathing, and burning up the toxic waste by using the iron as found in liquid chlorophyll. Liquid chlorophyll is usually made as an extract from alfalfa leaves, which is one of the highest things we have in potassium iron, which will attract the oxygen to the body. Doing this for three or four days is a wonderful preelimination diet to fasting or to any other type of dieting. I consider this to be the master-cleansing diet for all catarrhal conditions. In the presence of greens, we find that catarrh is eliminated best from the body.


There are times during the watermelon season that we can use watermelon as a good elimination diet. Going on watermelon for three, four or five days is a wonderful kidney el iminant, a diuretic. We find that it helps to take out a lot of the debris in the colon and the extra water picks up toxic materials and carries them off.


On a one day a week fast regime you can be on a juice diet or a fruit on the one day-and rest. Many people like to go on a fast one day a week. This is perfectly all right if you will rest that day-but you


rest! You cannot expect to get the good yielded by a rest without food by using all of your energy and leaving yourself depleted by working on a day that you do not eat.


Fasting is the quickest way of bringing about elimination in the body and the fastest way of getting toxic materials out of the body. This is done through complete rest-physical, psycho-logical and psychic. As we let the body rest, it develops tone and vitality, more than is possible by any other procedure. I believe rest is a cure because it gives us the vitality we need to throw off toxic material and to eliminate the debris that has been accumulated over a period of years. We can literally withdraw toxic accumulations through a fast. We find that there are many ways to fast. I think the better way is to take a half glass of water every hour and a half throughout the day. If it is a hot day, you may need more water and it is all right since you perspire more. Be sure not to take big gulps of water at one time. The water should be cool but not ice cold. Take daily enemas the first few days, then reduce this to every other day or every third or fourth day, depending upon the length of time you fast. While you are fasting you should rest as much as possible. If you hike or walk, do it on level ground. Do nothing to the point of tiring. This is important in fasting..62


I donít think itís any particular juice that will cure anything-but I believe the rest you give your body allows it the opportunity to reverse the disease and recover your health. Itís the rest from food and the simple diet that does the trick. The lack of too many food mixtures and less demand made on our digestive and eliminative systems help us to overcome disease. The carrot juice diet involves taking one glass of carrot juice every three hours or more if you like. You can do this for ten days, twenty days or even longer. I had one man on carrot juice for a whole year. That is a long time! This particular man lived in Monrovia and had an extreme condition of the bowel but through the carrot juice diet, he got rid of it. Dr. Kirschner, who wrote the book on juice therapy, came here to talk over this manís case because he found out how I had kept him on juices for so long a time. The man passed off mucus and catarrh continually from that bowel. It was almost unbelievable what was elimi-nated- being even black at times. This was simply accumulated toxic material that was nec-essary for him to get rid of.


In breaking a fast, if you go five, six or seven days on water, then go one or two days on juices, either vegetable or fruit. Take one 8-oz glass every three hours. You have eliminated the enemas one or two days I beforehand and you are starting in to work for good bowel move-ments now. I After the two days of juices, start the first thing in the morning on ďĒ the third day with sliced or peeled oranges. The bulk of an orange is probably one of the finest things for the bowel. If you do not want to use oranges, you can use a finely shredded carrot that has been steamed or wilted for one minute. This acts to help clean out the toxic materials. You can do this for breakfast and lunch. Then for the evening meal, you can start out with a small salad. Have a glass of juice at 10:00 am and again at 3:00 pm. The next day you can have fresh fruit for breakfast along with juice. Have juice at 10:00 am. For lunch, you can have a small salad and juice. Have another glass of juice at 3:00 pm. At the evening meal you can have a salad, one cooked vegetable and juice. The next day you can have the same as the day before, except that you could have an extra vegetable at noon and again at night, if desired. You may also have an egg or a table spoon of nut butter for the morning meal. The next day, you will start on Dr. Jensenís Regular Diet, except for no starches. The day following, you can have both starches and proteins in your diet.


Here is a simple thing for you to remember when considering the basic requirements for good bowel management. Your food should in some way contribute to the BLM in the bowel. BLM is Bulk, Lubrication and Moisture. These three combine to provide an ideal bowel environ-.63 ment. Bulk creates the mass whereby good evacuation is assured. Lubrication provides an easy flow of materials through the digestive tract all the way to the anus. Moisture prevents the drying out of feces and constipation from developing. If your food item does not contribute to BLM, then donít eat it!


Four pounds of grapes a day is a good amount for a grape diet and you should average a pound or so every three hours. These grapes should be the grapes that have seeds since these are the most vital of all grapes. Man has gone to using hybrid foods too much. Those foods that were brought to us in the beginning are the foods that have lots of seeds. They are the vital foods. So I believe the grapes that have seeds are the best. The Concord, Fresno Beauty, Red grapes and Muscat, all are good grapes to use. I donít say that you have to use the seeds. You can chew them finely if you like. A good thing to help eliminate catarrh is found in cream of tartar which surround the seeds. So make sure you get all the material off the seeds when you are eating them. When chewing grape skins, youíll find that they are very bitter but that bitterness is high in potassium. Potassium is a great cleanser in the body. Gayelord Hauser made his name with potassium broth. It is a great cleanser and detoxifier in the body. Especially in the beginning of the grape diet, I think you should use enemas. Toxic mate-rials accumulate and it is well that we keep things moving along. You can go on grapes five to ten days without any supervision, but if you stay on them longer, it is well to have someone around who has been used to giving the grape diet. That person should be able to take care of you with any reaction you might have that may be strange to you. Many times these reac-tions are nothing more than a healing crisis or an elimination process.


Sitz Baths. Water should come up five inches on the body. The feet are never in the water. The baths should only be for the pelvis and the pelvic organs. This is wonderful for congestion in the pelvis and sluggish bowels. These baths are best taken in the evening just before going to bed. However, they can be taken the first thing in the morning before going to work. The cold sitz bath is an effective, though violent way of stopping bedwetting. Take cold water, sitting in it four to five minutes every morning before going to school or before beginning the daily program or routine. This will help with bladder and prostate, problems in general. A gentler approach is to take two sitz baths every morning. The first for one minute, hot; the second for one-half minute, cold. Do this for five changes, going from one to the other. The treatment should continue for a period of three months.


Enemas can be beneficial in restoring healthy bowel regularity. This is why I believe en-emas should be used every day for a year by those who have problems with a sluggish, irregular or underactive bowel. Many ingredients can be added to enema water to increase its effective-.64 ness in some specific manner. Coffee enemas help detoxify the liver. Flaxseed tea enemas relieve inflammation in the bowel. Bentonite, a clay water, when added to enema water assists in absorbing and mobilizing toxins from the bowel wall. Acidophilus culture taken orally is helpful in detoxifying the bowel and in building friendly bacteria. Acidophilus implants can also be in-serted rectally over night. I believe that each of the many health professions and approaches to health care have a special value. I do not believe, however, that any therapeutic method-no matter how sophisti-cated- can effectively overcome disease in atoxic-laden body. The toxins must be eliminated first. Nor do I believe that any drug-based therapy can restore or rejuvenate tissue damaged in the course of chronic disease. Only nutrients from foods can do that. I believe when we work with nature, we get the results nature intends us to get. A clean body nourished by natural foods and uplifting thoughts will put anyone on the path to right living that brings health as a natural conse-quence. It is interesting to note that the famous beauty queen, whom I knew, Mae West, was agreat believer in the benefits of the enema. She started every day with a morning enema. Iím sure that this simple practice greatly contributed to her unusual vitality, bright mindedness and long lasting attractiveness, as true beauty is but a reflection of the beauty within.


Colonics, as administered today, vary greatly in their effects due largely to the expertise of the colonic technician. We feel that in some respects colonic therapy is taking advantage of people by making them believe that long and costly treatments are necessary. Also water applied under pressure is potentially hazardous. Those individuals with known or suspected serious bowel problems should approach pressurized colonic treatments with extreme caution. Those practitioners who administer colonic therapy properly are offering a useful service to the public. This service can be greatly enhanced with the addition of sound dietary counseling so as to eventually overcome the need for colonic therapy. Without this knowledge, the colonic recipient is merely digging holes and filling them again-a net zero toward building a better health quality. Many professionals giving colonies today are getting successful but temporary results. The reason for this is that just getting rid of the toxic waste in the bowel is not the complete answer, although it is the first step along the correct path. Unless proper exercise, diet and right living are practiced, good and lasting results will not be achieved. We must be interested in making bowel tissue changes.


This is a broth that was used during my sanitarium work dealing with very sick people who had to be nourished back to health. It is very easy to digest..65 Use 5 or 6 of these non-gas-forming vegetables, such as: Beets, carrots, potato peeling, celery, parsley, okra (if possible), chayote pear or any squash.

Do not use

any of the sulfur vegetables: cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli or onions. Add: 1 C. cut up vegetables; 1 pint water; 2 tablespoons Soybean Milk Powder. After either liquifying, blending or shredding vegetables, place in a pot with other ingredi-ents and let simmer 3-5 minutes over a very low flame. This is only to break down the fiber and release enzymes. Strain and use..



By BERNARD JENSEN D.C., Nutritionist