By BERNARD JENSEN D.C., Nutritionist



Publishing this book has been somewhat difficult due to the nature of the subject matter. Bowel management is virtually an undiscussed topic in our culture and Western society. It’s not nice to talk about. Somehow the unspoken idea has crept upon us which implies that the bowel will take care of itself. Also along with this erroneous belief comes another which implies that anything we may buy in the supermarket or prepare in our kitchen will be received with gratitude by the gastro-intestinal system. Dr. Tom Spies, recipient of the American Medical Association’s Distinguished Service Award has said, “All the chemicals used in the body-except for the oxygen we breathe and the water we drink-are taken in through food.”

Unfortunately, the selection of poor foods and improper preparation methods often lead to bowel problems. Specifi-cally, researchers have shown that regular use of refined carbohydrates and a lack of fiber in the diet increase the transit time of bowel wastes and stimulate production of putrefactive bacteria in the bowel. Both of these factors have been linked not only to bowel diseases such as colitis, diverticulosis and cancer but also to chronic disease elsewhere in the body. Fortunately, what medical scientists call the “irritable bowel syndrome” can be prevented or reversed in most cases by following the program described in this book. There are methods, however, such as proper diet, which will lead to the same results but over a longer period of time.

The response to the first edition of this book has been wonderful. We have received many suggestions and com-ments which have led us to make revisions and additions to make this book more responsive to your needs. It often takes an act of resolution and courage in order to get out of the bowel situation in which so many people find themselves. There is no better way than taking positive, affirmative action. The instructions given in this book will give you the opportunity to take greater responsibility over your level of health and well-being. Improving the condition of your bowel will give you worthwhile dividends in renewed health, energy and vitality, an investment well made. The program outlined In this book is just the beginning of a new path. Once the bowel is cleansed of accumulated waste material, the next step begins. Giving up old habits is a very difficult thing for most people but is absolutely essential to regaining full health. The building process begins when correct, life-giving attitudes and habits take over. We can regenerate the body when we have clean tissues that are able to draw all the nutrients and chemical elements we need from the foods we eat. Coffee and donuts will not do the job; sugar and white bread won’t either. If old habits are not given up, only temporary “flash” results will be experienced. This book has been made available for the person who wants to take greater responsibility for his or her own health and well-being. The 7-day cleansing program described here has been used by many in their own homes with safety. Rome was not built in a day, nor are the dividends of effective bowel management always evident right away. It can take months or even years to correct problems that have taken many years to come about. Developing proper elimination is half the job. The other half is rebuilding damaged tissue.


I want to make clear that the program described in this book is not being represented as a cure for any disease or ailment. It is simply a method of cleaning out the bowel and of restoring regular bowel habits, which leads to a cleaner body through more efficient elimination of wastes. The program described here will seldom conflict with any other therapy or treatment, but if you are under a doctor’s care, it is best to discuss this program with him and seek his counsel and support. If your doctor is interested in natural and preventive health care, he will understand that a clean body is more responsive to any therapeutic measure he feels you need. Our program is not intended to supplant qualified professional health care. Not everyone needs this program, and we are not recommending it as a universal panacea. But, there are many who will benefit from it. We recommend that the seriously ill and the elderly go easy with this program, seeking the advice of their doctor in modifying any of its features to conform to their specific needs and limitations. We have attempted to make this book as complete and as clear as possible, to answer all potential questions and to avoid confusion. Questions and inquiries from professional practitioners are welcomed. If you suffer from a bleeding bowel or any severe bowel disturbance, it is imperative that a doctor’s supervision be employed..