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Detox Outside The Box
by Rita Ellithorpe [edit]

Detox Outside The Box
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Living healthier, better and longer with the newest chelation therapy.

By Rita Ellithorpe, MD
Robert Settineri, M.S, & Deborah L. Barwick

Chronic degenerative diseases flood the American healthcare system with sufferers. In spite of modern medicine's ability to reduce symptoms of many illnesses, their fundamental causes-and cures-still elude traditional practitioners. Because toxic heavy metals are associated with our two biggest challenges, cancer and heart disease (as well as many other severe disease states), the etiology of heavy metal toxicity must be recognized and addressed. Chelation is the answer. A therapy whose time has come, chelation should now be defined and understood as a 21st century modality of choice for removing a variety toxic metals from the body.

Intravenous chelation has been recognized for decades by the United States Food and Drug Administration as the treatment of choice for lead poisoning. Since intravenous chelation is time consuming and expensive, I've been administering chelation in the form of a Detoxamin, and believe it is a revolutionary advancement. I've seen excellent results for over ten years with thousands of my patients and within the last three years I decided to study Detoxamin calcium disodium EDTA suppositories. I have now published proven results of its safety and efficacy in approved clinical trials.

Working with a combined approach that repairs cell membrane damage caused by oxidative stress and revitalizing cell membranes with targeted nutrition, suppository chelation works to improve and sometimes halt disease conditions.

Expand your view and learn about this breakthrough technology by reading "Detox Outside the Box" It will forever change your perspective on today's paradigm of practicing medicine.

Rita Ellithorpe, MD, Author
Medical Director, Tustin Longevity Center

Rita Ellithorpe (Biography)

Dr. Ellithorpe is a graduate and guest faculty member of Capitol University of Integrative Medicine, Washington, D.C. since January, 2001. There she taught anti-aging medicine and natural hormone replacement therapy for women and men. She is a Diplomat of the Board of Anti-Aging Medicine as well as the founder and medical director of Tustin Longevity Center. A national speaker on the topics of Oxidative Stress and Anti-Aging, she also has published her research in several peer reviewed journals. She participated in cancer investigations with Dr. Stanislaw Bruzynski at his research institute in Houston, Texas and was later published as a co-author in literature describing his unique therapy. A staff physician and Director of Women’s Studies at Whitaker Wellness Medical Clinic in Newport Beach, CA, she went on to help in the development of natural medicinal therapies at Great Smokies Medical Center in Asheville, North Carolina. Dr. Ellithorpe holds a second doctorate in integrative medicine focusing on health at the cellular level.

With a determined commitment to her patients’ nutritional road to health, she regularly reviews modalities and documents results. This is done in an effort to share, through journal publications, research of successful interventions. Dr. Ellithorpe provides a practice rooted in a functional approach which integrates the best of standard, western medicine with effective, natural therapies.


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