Wednesday 9/5/07 - day 5 of juice fast by #85773 .....

Day 5

Date:   9/5/2007 12:40:54 PM ( 15 y ago)

Today is sooooo hard.
I am extremely hungry. My stomach is growling. So I had 2 cups of watermelon juice that I brought to lunch. I can't stop thinking about eating. But I won't give in. I keep telling myself that my desire to cleanse my body is stronger than my desire to eat. I have to look forward to when the fast is complete and how good I will feel. I toyed with the idea of eating food today and told myself that 4 days was good. But that's not good enough. I must keep moving forward. So many of you on this board have stayed the I too must stay the course. I can't wait to get off of work so I can go home and go to bed. At least when I'm sleep I can't think about food. I hope tomorrow is better.
Lost a 1/2 lb yesterday.


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