Day 3: Started Okay, but I'm not so sure about the Salt Wash by pretty bird .....

I'm going to keep going but this is intense.

Date:   8/20/2007 2:11:56 PM ( 15 y ago)

This morning, I had a very liquidy BM after having the tea last night. Seemed pretty normal. I didn't get around to the Salt Wash until around 11am today, and about 15 minutes after I drank it, I threw it all up (just clear liquid, a little bit of yellow - from last night's lemondade).

I think I'll just stick to the lemonade for now. I feel really weak, and I'm not sure if I will continue.

6pm: Okay, so I'm keeping with it. I recovered from the earlier episode, did not take any more Salt Wash. Been drinking more lemonade and trying to keep my energy up, as I have a lot of mental work to do.

I am sad that I can't prepare/eat meals with my husband this week. We're both working from home, and we really love to make healthy vegan meals together. He's being really sweet, and sneaking around when he eats his food so I don't have to see it. But, it's such a huge part of our relationship and bonding, and having it missing is an emotional blow.

I keep craving his veggie burgers, my vegan tofu tikka masala over brown rice. Even some brown rice with a little bit of seasoning would be amazing.

I'm not doing this for weight-loss reasons, I'm doing it for spiritual reasons, an excercise in willpower and detachment. And its just a real challenge. Luckily, my husband is very supportive. He's telling me that I look really good, really happy, really clear. I only feel KIND of happy/clear. It's strangely psychological what's going on inside me.


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