Day 2: Feeling Out of It by pretty bird .....

I have just started the cleanse, and have posted Day One and Day Two into the same post. I'd like to share my experience. I'd also like to post so that I don't quit. I almost quit on Day Two.

Date:   8/19/2007 11:30:14 PM ( 15 y ago)

So, I didn't post anything yesterday because I was away from the computer, so I'm going to re-cap.

I started the cleanse on Saturday, on a day when I was volunteering at a benefit event. The day before, I ate really lightly. The night before, I drank Smooth Move. In the morning, I woke up really early and had a BM. I followed that with the Salt Wash, which worked in an hour, like clockwork. Very liquidy. I kept a 64oz. bottle of the lemonade in a portable cooler bag with ice packs, to keep it nice and fresh. I find it pretty tasty, but then I love Cayenne Pepper. I cook with it often. It's really hot where I live, so I've been sweating a lot. Trying to drink as much water as possible, as well.

My first task as a volunteer was to pick up two large vegetarian lasagnas and drive them to the location. The benefit event was chock-full with yummy delights: almost entirely vegan, all of it delicious sounding. I say "sounding" because I didn't let myself look at it...and I volunteered to check guests in at the door, so I didn't have to deal with food or drink most of the night.

All day, I felt very clear and wide-eyed about things. But also pretty "spacey". I found that at the end of the night, around 8pm, I finished off the lemonade, but had to stay at the event a lot longer. I started to feel really dizzy, pretty out of it, and a headache came on right between my eyes (third eye?) that didn't go away until I fell asleep. I had to drive about 45 minutes on the way home, and that was pretty gnarly. Before bed (about 1am), I made the Smooth Move tea again, and drank it. Sleeping felt awesome and I noticed more vivid dreams than usual.

This morning I woke up, had another BM, and then had the Salt Wash for a second day. I noticed that my skin looked different, and my face was more "sucked in". This time, after waiting for the Salt Wash to take effect, I got really dizzy and cold, and felt like I might throw up. A little while before the Salt Wash passed through me, I was sitting on the toilet, afraid I'd be having a BM and vomiting at the same time, which would have been a nightmare. It took a little longer to work, and when it did, I was totally relieved. I had to run some errands and during that time, I started to get hungry - even though I had the lemonade with me and drank whenever I felt hungry. I think it's my brain going "What the heck? Where's the food, lady?!" I also noticed myself being irritable towards my husband. He was warned about this, and I think he kind of forgot because he sort of complicated things a little bit. Afterwards, we talked it out and we agreed that we should keep things simply for a couple of days.
It's about 9pm now, and I'll be in bed within the hour. I'm sipping on some mint tea right now - it's nice to have a different taste in my mouth. It's soothing. Tomorrow's DAY THREE, and I hear this is the worst. I plan to include naps and some physical activity in my day, just to keep my mind off things. Maybe some laps in the pool will do me good.


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