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Low morale....

Date:   7/12/2007 1:35:35 PM ( 14 y ago)

Weight - 129

Boo weight. Although I wasnít surprised, because I didnít feel like Iíd lost much. Still, it doesnít help morale much.

I woke up again this morning feeling not great. Just tired and low energy. Also doesnít help morale.

Got all of the saline wash down this time, without too much trouble, actually.

So bored of this diet. Keep thinking of how long Iíve got to go, and how many things sound so delicious. Itís going to be hard not to go overboard once Iím done with this thing.

My plan is, and really always has been, to go to Saturday morning and see how itís working. If Iím not losing about 1 pound per day, than itís just not worth it. Right now thatís where I am, so Iíll keep it up, although if I donít lose any weight tomorrow itíll be hard to last. But Iíll go through until Saturday a.m., just to give it a good shot.

Ok, itís afternoon, and Iím feeling a bit better about things. I really want this to work. I have to remember itís only 10 days (and Iíve almost done 3!) and that I can deal with anything for 10 days.

Evening now, and feeling even better. Seems like the difficult part is getting through the afternoon.

Stupid juicer broke. Darn it. I still have the receipt, but not the box. Hope they take it back....


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