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I wonder if i could trick myself into thinking hunger feels good? lol

Date:   6/18/2007 7:47:40 PM ( 15 y ago)

So today was day one of my fast.. not so bad, a horrid headache this morning.. but thankgod it has went away.
I am not looking foward for cooking for hubby!
I am currently 193lbs this am. and tomorrow I will do body measurements and weight in also.I hate being fat, but I know im fat. I should eat more healthy and workout. I think working out is more of my problem. It is so hard when you work 50hrs a week and have a 1yr old.
And what makes it even more hard is that I leave for work at 7am, and get out around 6pm, hubby works at like 3pm-10pm. So its not like I have an option to just go to the gym when i get home from work. But I do go for walks with my daughter and take her to the playground. I would say I walk atleast 12000 steps a day, easily. I walk to the subway, transfer in the subway. walk to work from the subway. then im constantly getting up from my desk and running around the dealership. then I go for my walks after work with the baby. I have light weights that I should start using. my arms do not look as pretty as they use to. my upper half use to always be my skinny half, but pregnancy with my daughter deff changed things...
well time to head to the kitchen to whip something up for hubby!
wish me luck!
be back to post again tomorrow.. woohoo for day 2!



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