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This will give readers an idea of what I deal with on a daily basis-and some of my thoughts, and treatments

Date:   7/19/2007 9:52:41 AM ( 14 y ago)


July 19th- I have just gone through a few very bad days, culminating with nausea that lasted from Wednesday the 17th in the early afternoon when I had a bowel movement and began to feel very spacey until last night at about midnight when the attack ended. Of course the spacey feeling did not continue for the whole attack it transformed into pain which was diffuse but made me feel very irritated , sick, and confused. My body seemed to sweaty and clammy quite a bit of the time. Now it is summer , but yesterday was cool and rainy. it is unclear why this somewhat violent nausea attack began. I really can't see any difference in my diet or life.                                                                                                                                     

July 12th--nausea today after 2nd stool this time it only last about 3 hours, where as the last attack lasted until yesterday evening. I am expirementing with Manuka Honey, as I believe that some of my problems may be bacterial in nature. Does anyone have any expeience with Manuka Honey and has it helped in any specific situations that you know of? I am also looking into Hypnosis and Biofeedback as methods of pain control. Again I am interested in anyone's experience with either of these therapies.

July 11th- after almost two weeks of milder nausea, yesterday the nausea came and stayed after my second bowel movement of the day. I am writing this 24 hours later and still I feel sort of sick, pain in the solar plexus area, but overall, I feel irritated in my body and the pain is somewhat diffuse and definitely less than yesterday. But what is strange for almost 2 weeks this type of nausea attack did not occur and here it is again

July 5th-- lately nausea has been milder, there has been little or no change in my lifestyle. The only thing I have been doing is more affirmations, more positive energy towards wellness. The nausea is not coming on the second stool of the day all the time, but I still have bad days.

June 13th
And then out of the blue, no nausea. The whole day. I call these my days off. This is what it is like to feel normal, no weird pain, no sickness, no solar plexus aching, no dealing with spaciness, just an average day, like it used to be. And for the life of me I cannot explain why these days occur. But you can be pretty sure that tomorrow will not be like this. Once in a while I string a few days together that are normal- what I call normal. But most days are not. It is great to have this day but I have no idea why it came or how to make it repeat. Hopefully the testing and analysis I am planning on doing will shed some light on this.

June 12th
Today started off differently that other days but it has all happened before. This time pain came after the first bm of the day. Not spaciness, but pain in the gut, pain that is diffuse all over the body, as if someone is pinching me or shoving knives in me. It makes me feel, irritated, and short tempered, which I control - but there is a major effort involved. This is what I mean about my situation the pain seems to move, manifest in different ways, but the bottom line is there is a strong connection to the pain and moving my bowels, although that is not the only way it shows up. Today I go see my naturopath and we will do a comprehensive digestive analysis through Genova Labs, formerly Great Smokies. I believe that with more data I may pick up something that I have missed and perhaps begin to treat the roots of this problem. The pain lasted till around 4pm , I had a iced coffee at Starbucks and then it faded, probably no correlation but it is so weird. I feel completely different now, relaxed, no stabbing feeling in my gut, mentally clear. The difference is tremendous and there is no predictable pattern.

Again day started off fine, first stool solid and felt good. 30 minutes later I felt my bowels loosen and I had another very small stool, almost pellet like, completely opposite to the first one. I mention this because I find these patterns unusual and I believe there may be some connection regarding my problem. Of course within a few minutes after this stool I was stoned, totally different energy, as if again, I had smoked or ingested some sort mind altering drug. Plus my body felt irritated and I did not want to be touched and I had all the usual symptoms I have previously described. This went on for about 2 hours and then disappeared. It is now 2pm my time and I have had coffee and I feel my bowels loosening, not sure if anything will happen but this seems to be the effect of coffee on my system and other thing , raw veggies, fruit. There seems to be no clear pattern, I am not sure if this is some form of irritable bowel or early crohns. I have been trying Manuka honey in my coffee as I heard it has strong healing powers and though coffee and manuka honey maybe a contradiction in terms, I am testing to see if it helps me in any way. I am also considering giving up coffee, alcohol and processed sweets. I had done this previously for almost 4 years and still was very sick--- however my last parasite tests came back with parasites being gone-- so I am wondering if these substances are perhaps causing or part of the problem now. It is all guesswork, and that is why I am going to have a fully digestive analysis by Geova labs, and see what they come up with.

JUNE 9TH-2007

This morning I feel fine, had a very firm and well formed stool and had no nausea following it. Many times the nausea does not come until the second stool. 9am had second stool, small pieces completely different that initial stool, what followed was very spacey feeling as if I have smoked marijuana, which after 1 hour modified into mild spaciness and pain in my solar plexus, which is many many times where the pain seems to center. It is as if the actual bowel movement has caused somesort of chemical to be released into my bloodstream which affects me. Why it happens most times on the second or third stool of the day, is unclear, but perhaps it has to with some sort of disbyosis-leaking from the intenstinal wall and particles of something are entering my bloodstream. By 12.30 spaciness is fading, pain is sort of diffuse throughtout my body,I have applied one of those herbal patches over my solar plexus as I have notice that they have helped a bit lately. Feeling irritable and in pain and I feel panicky, decision making is very difficult, a small problem can quickly get blown out of porportion as my mind and energy are so off balance. I know this sounds like and is a psychological issue, but the roots are physical in nature. After 2 hours must remove herbal patch as it does not seem to be helping today- it helped the first two times I used it , but did create a rash on my solar plexus, and this time, the nausea is persisting and the rash is itching. This is very common when I am delaing with this problem, something helps for a few days and then it stops working- almost a placebo effect.3.30- nausea seems to be fading, feeling less edgy in my body, still a bit spacey, but overall better. By 6pm I feel excellent, all edginess gone , body relaxed, energy good. This is an example of a fairly good day, it can be much worse than this.

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