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June 3rd

Date:   6/4/2007 11:21:23 AM ( 14 y ago)

Woke up with the same headache i went to bed with,drunk some water that was by my bed and it cleared within a few minutes.Strange.I was relieved as i thought i was going to have to put up with it all day.Did some more juicing (carrot,apple etc)and layed off the master cleanse today as i didnt fancy it.Stayed in and rested as i needed to just chill out and get used to this way of life.

No real hunger pangs.Not looking forward to work tomorrow as there will be lots of food temptation in the big wide world.I live alone and havent really seen anyone since Friday so i am bit worried about getting grouchy with people.Also tried some lax worked.

Ooh almost forgot one of my eyes was quite blood shot in the morning.Detox i guess?

Overall i feel pretty good already and less bloated.This site is brilliant by the way!

Wieght 16st 4 lb


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