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Date:   5/22/2007 9:23:00 PM ( 15 y ago)

Hello All! I am starting my 2nd juice fast this year. My very first one was 2 months ago and lasted 21 days. This time I plan on going 21 days or more. I was/am mainly doing this for weight loss, but I am looking forward to all the benefits I had last time...slept better, moods better, no acne break-outs, just an overall since of being healthier.

I started last time at 197 and got down to 174 (23 pounds) in 21 days. The bulk of the weight loss (20 pounds) happened in 12 days.

I went on a cruise and basically a 3 week vacation from home when I was done and left vacation 8 pounds more. 3 pounds I added the day after fasting, and the 5 from probably ALL the eatting on the cruise. The nice thought of it though is I have maintained that and not added in the last 3 weeks. Hopefully won't be going on any cruises after this one!

I am now around 182, but will offically weight in tomorrow morning.


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