Day 44... still fasting by catyrpel .....

The fast is on! So on... I feel tired...

Date:   7/15/2007 10:05:11 PM ( 14 y ago)

Today I feel as if I may not make it to 56 days. Truthfully I am just bored with not eating. I am almost under 200 lb. It has been so long... wait, no, it hasn't been that long. I was under 200 about 3 years ago. Feels like forever. I haven't been sleeping well but I hear that is usual. I haven't been experiencing any signs of potassium deficiency, but I was consuming enough potassium before beginging the fast. I just read that most people in the Americas do not consume the RDA of potassium, but consume on average less than half what the body needs to function normally. I went so far as to total up sample diets in my nutrition text books and even those supposedly ballanced diets were lacking in potassium! Ahhhhh! To get the RDA of potassium you'd have to eat at least 20 oz of spinach (that's a lot) + 2 bananas + 3 tomatoes + 2 whole cups of lentils.... you could just eat 40 oz of spinach. You might think "just take a supplement". Aha, but the FDA made it illegal to sell potassium supplements over 3% of the RDA over the counter. I had hoped to supplement my drinking water with liquid potassium, magnesium, sodium and calcium, but I would indeed need a perscription for a calcium supplement. I got so used to giving people potassium supplements in the hospital that I didn't think of how difficult it would be to get without a perscription. G'night, I'm sleepy. Oh and I haven't been online much (my excuse for not posting). I am trying to avoid the computer, tv, and radio for a while. A media fast! I recommend it above a water fast.


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