Day 4... by catyrpel .....

Nothing truely interesting... about 10 lb down so far.

Date:   6/4/2007 10:28:20 AM ( 14 y ago)

This is going well so far. I have these strange ideas of using olive oil and one-a-day vitamins after about 40 days of fasting. If I do I'll explain it, but I will not bother with an explaination now. My sister was in town this past weekend and it was TERRIBLE to begin the fast. We took her to my favorite resuraunt, my mother made all our favorite foods including a strawberry-black-bottom pie and some wonderful looking cheese cake. *sigh* And I sat there with my water... my mother insisted that I at least sit with them while they ate. :( My sister also explained to my mother that someone chosing to fast for a period of time is not the same as being anorexic, though anorexics are often fond of fasting too. Enough for now. I will post again in about a week unless something interesting happens.

SW: 280
CW: 252
GW: 120


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