Day 4: Almost brokedown today by bonniegirl .....

Day 4: Almost brokedown today

Date:   4/17/2007 7:11:35 PM ( 15 y ago)

But I didn't. Started the morning with that euphoric feeling. Even sorta looked forward to my SWC. But after buttpissing for a good hour - it occured to me that it must be really strange that I haven't had a regular BM in 4 days. I ran an errand and along the way smelled the sweet scent of pizza and curry and thai and omigod - I want to eat again!!

I didn't. I just can't understand what the BM issue is with me. I got home from running errands and realized that I hadn't been steeping the tea. I just put the tea bag in and drank it when it cooled down. I reread the instructions on the box that said seeping the tea for 10-15 mins is critical for "success". Hmmm....okay, I'll try that tonight.

Tongue is still white - I cancelled a dentist's appt. as a result.

BTW, I didn't weigh myself at the beginning of this cleanse because, although It'd be a nice side benefit of the cleanse - it is not why I am doing it. I was afriad stepping on the scale everyday might make me lose sight of that.


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