Day 10: Decided to keep going by iamdacat .....

My flush master title has been revoked

Date:   4/26/2007 8:02:24 PM ( 15 y ago)

Well, I planned on ending my oj fast today, but decided to keep going another day. Had a great sleep last night....even slept thru the urge to p%$s. I drink so much water, that I was getting up 1-3 x's a night..not last night. Also had some vivid dreams. Just had that sense my body is in repair mode, so I'll keep it going till tomorrow.

I did NOT do the SWF today, but did drink the lax tea last night. What a surprise this morning in that I had a semi solid was mucous like. Amazing. Also had a BM 5 hours later.

Day 11 is on the clock and we'll see what happens.


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