Day 9: Home stretch by iamdacat .....

I think I am the flush master

Date:   4/25/2007 9:12:01 PM ( 15 y ago)

Well day 9 has ended and I will reach my goal of 10 days. I did 5 SWF's and the last one this morning was the toughest. I gagged that SW down,got 80% there and was done. Still had a great flush and am amazed what comes out. Can't say I will miss the SWF, but I know it did me good.

One surprise is how a fast affects you mentally. Certainly focuses my desire to make good food choices and helps me realize you are always stronger than you think. Everyone outside of CZ thought I was nuts to do a 10 day orange juice fast and all of them said they could not do. I tell them they could, but you have to have desire and a belief that you will reap great benefit.

I have been buying organic oranges from my local grocery store. They kinda seemed spindly, but seemed to work. I was in another part of town and stopped at another store to get some oranges and all they had in organic was Valencia Oranges. What a difference! These were bigger, juicier....much much better.

Trust that I was able to clean out some of the trash. I will do the proper MC protocol next time and maybe set the goal to go 15 days. Right now, I am thinking of breaking the fast with oatmeal. Will not do till tomorrow afternoon as that will give me 10 full days.

c ya


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