Day 7: and rolling by iamdacat .....

3 SWF's in a row!!

Date:   4/23/2007 9:21:16 PM ( 15 y ago)

Well, end of day 7 and start of day 8. Most weeks seem to go by fast, but this one was a little slow. Last night was tough. My wife is out of town for 2 weeks (which makes it easier to do a fast), so my 15 year old son was trying to suck up to 'ol pop after he did $700 worth of damage to my he wanted to fix me dinner (he has no clue I am on a juice fast). He made this spicey chicken dish. Thank goodness one of his friends called and he went upstairs just after it was ready. I quickly put it in bag and threw it away.....hated doing that, but I told him the meal was great :)

Another SWF this morning...3 in a row! Again I was able to get all the SW down in about 20 minutes and then 30 minutes later the fun began.

Well still feel light headed, a little weak. I have never gone this far on a fast. I have only ever done one fast back in college in the 80's. My roomate did a water fast and I did one with him. I wanted to drop about 8 lbs. I thnk I lasted 4 days...never ever thought about BM's, eliminating toxins etc. I was clueless. I think I lost some 10 lbs....

Right now it is just one day at a time. One thing I now want to use this fast for is to jump start me to eating better. I am not a bad eater, just really not a good one (need more fruits and especially veggies). Have always believed in excercise and being a runner, felt like that has always given me a free pass to eat anything I want. Just not true anymore.

Hopefully I clean out some body trash and going forward eat better and continue to excercise and set the goal to do the proper 10 day MC.



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