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Day 7 of juicing..

Date:   4/17/2007 9:18:51 AM ( 15 y ago)

Hi everyone! i just wanted to say how wonderful it is to find a community so supportive of juicing and fasting! i am currently on day 7 of a juice fast i am hoping will last 30 days but i have made mini goals for my self so as not to birthday is tommorrow and my husband is throwing me a big party this weekend and its going to take crazy willpower to get through that but i am already preparing my mind and most of our friends all know this is my regular time to fast but i have never been trying for a long longest was 10 days and i felt wonderful as i always do after fasting so i figured i would go all out this time and just do it! i have about 25lbs of "baby weight" left to lose (yeah right! my son is two!) and so far i have lost about 5 lbs i think...i am not going to weigh everyday as mostly i am doing this because i like to cleanse and do it twice a year anyway..this time i just have the weight as a little more incentive...anyway, just wanted to say the support i have seen everyone give to others is wonderful and good luck to everyone that is fasting!


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