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Lemon to the power of 4

Date:   4/14/2007 12:13:42 PM ( 14 y ago)

I woke early ready to go and did the salt water flush and the results were great. Ive done the salt water flush before and always am happy with the amount of elimination. I dont get the gagging and vomiting that Ive read other people experiemce for which I am thankful, granted its not pleasant but Id rather drink slat water then that bulk cleanser...So I got to work and made a 4x batch of lemonade to get me through my first 4 8oz. I spilled some of the lemonjuice...of course and had already measured out the syrup, so I just went with what I had, and I definitely OD'd on cayenne but I'll get the hang of it. I have to go buy a little lemon reamer, I think that would make things a little easier. I feel hungry, but am unsure if I feel hungry because I am or becuase I should be...hmmm. I think strength of mind is terribly important and I know I have it in me, I just have to prove it to myself and get through this 10 days. So far so is very, I dont mind. My sister did decide to do it! yay!


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