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Here is a simple way to enjoy the mind-body benefits of early morning sunlight

Date:   4/4/2007 8:26:38 PM ( 15 y ago)

According to Ayurveda, daily exposure to early morning sunlight--the first rays of the rising sun--is a powerful health enhancing technique. It is deeply nourishing for the mind, body and emotions, and it has a balancing influence on hormonal system and nervous system.

Here are some basic tips to benefit from this free wellness gift from Mother Nature:

1. Ideally, weather permitting, you should be doing this barefoot, with your feet touching the earth.

2. Expose your total body for about 5 minutes, then soles of the feet and hands for about 4 minutes, and neck and back for 3 minutes.

3. If you have time, take a walk afterwards.



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