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Day changes are many

Date:   11/1/2006 8:44:37 AM ( 15 y ago)

It is morning and things are ok. Amazed what a change in diet can do to the bowels. Eating fruit, veggies, juice has changed everything, so far. On my old "diet" I could eat a quart of icecream, pizza, and all sorts of stuff and never go. Hmmm....

Well, I checked into the Dorn Method for my aching back and found some relief for my sacrum. Sceptical that it will last but thankful for not being curled up in a ball. As for my upper back, it may have stirred things up. I have two old healed fractures that were discoved this past year and had alot of scar tissue remove. I have to strengthen this area.

Anyway I am starting day 3 of my pre-fast. It is going well. Had my ex boyfriend come over with a cooked pizza and ate it in front of me. I told him no thanks and tried to explain what I was doing. He didn't get it. Living in the populess (is that a word?) midwest, I am probably the only one in this area who has ever done a fast for health reasons.

Was pretty hungry yesterday (or was it nerves) but drank water ate the right foods but today I feel stronger about what I am doing. I have a full day of work and have prepared a supply of food for work to leave there so I don't get famished and head toward McDonald's on the way home. Yes, I frequented fast food often due to being just tired after work.

I think that is what that kind of food does. It drains you vs. being fuel.

Well, off with my day. Need to add some light exercise today....yes, I haven't done anything for ages. I guess you could say this is a total make over.



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